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Boom Pam

Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
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As the story goes, Dick Dale helped invent surf music by borrowing from traditional Middle
Eastern melodies thanks to his Lebanese dad. Boom Pam, located down the coast in Tel Aviv,
help bring it all back around, showing themselves to be one of those spirited "try anything
once" groups in the vein of such legends as Mano Negra and Babasónicos. But groups like
Croatia's Bambi Molesters would be a closer comparison, combining their love of surf with
Eastern European as well as Mediterranean styles and creating a unique new stew. The killer
ace in the hole for Boom Pam is a slightly unexpected instrument -- tuba, which can get a
bad rap in the States for its ungainly size and association with bad high-school marching
bands. But Yuval "Tuby" Zolotov rocks on that thing, providing the hyperspeed basslines that
drummer Dudu Kohav matches, on top of which guitarist/singers Uzi Feinerman and Uri
Brauner Kinrot go to town. One could easily imagine Mike Patton wanting to recruit these
guys for a backing tour just because they have all the freneticism and skill needed to do the
goods. One song aside, all the tunes are originals (the one cover being "Gross," a traditional
number that sounds like a groovy self-playing home organ instrumental from the late '60s
reclaimed and powered up); while specific lyrics are the exception rather than the rule, the
singing on songs like "Otto Chiconi" and the saucy "Let Me Touch" is strong and vibrant,
suiting the music. Some moments are so great that to describe them removes the charm, but
hearing things like the crystalline guitar breaks on "Souvlaki #3" and the brawling tuba kick
on "Dalida" is just wondrous. Smoother songs like "Weijl" and "Love Song" cut back the
tempos for an equally good time for the slow dances. ~ Ned Raggett, All Music Guide - Billboard

It’s hard not to fall in love with the music of Boom Pam. A rock band from Tel Aviv that names its second album Puerto Rican Nights? The goofball title is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a Balkan surf rock band with tuba instead of bass. Here the band tweaks it all once again, taking 10 covers from its live sets and serves them up with an agenda no bigger than fun. Highlights include a serious send up of “Marylyn Jones,” featuring Dror Romem (one of four guest vocalists here), and the galloping version of the Greek pop song “Boom Pam,” which is the band’s theme song (more bands should have theme songs!). There are traditional Balkan tunes like “Ushest” and “Krai Dunavsko” as well as a traditional Turkish tune “Longa Sultaniyegah.” Things are rounded out by a version of Dudaim’s “Shayeret Harohvim,” featuring Maor Cohen, and two versions (instrumental and vocal) of “Ay Carmelo.” All in all, serious good fun. - Global Rhythm

"...when they slide in and out of 'middle eastern' scales and in to waltzes that ride the tuba bellowing um-pa-pa um-pa-pa, the dance floor goes nuts galloping along the beat and jumping up and down like pogo sticks. after two encores BOOM PAM leaves the stage with a 'lehayim'."
{re: a live show @ the Frankfurt Schauspiel in Germany}
- Fader Magazine (March 2005) - Fader


Boom Pam - Essay Recordings 2006
Puerto Rican Nights - Essay recordings 2008



Tel Aviv based band Boom Pam was formed in 2003, plays a mixture of Mediterranean, rock and surf music in a format of a unique power trio consisted of Electric Guitar, Tuba and Drums. Boom Pam have been playing in Clubs, Bars, Live Venues and Music Festivals.
Their live act was an immediate success in all forms and scale raging from a tied Concert Halls to wild alcohol soaked parties. Playing in Tel-Aviv and all around Israel, the show took place in venues of all sizes, from private houses to the Philharmonic.
Highlights were warming up for both the reunion show of legendary band "Minimal Compact" and Emir Kusturitza's "Non Smoking Orchestra" and showcasing at WOMEX 2006 (the World Music Expo) which all launched they're worldwide touring career.

Boom Pam's debut album was recorded in Frankfurt for the German label "Essay Recordings". The band co-produced the album with DJ Shantel. This LP was released during the Spring of 2006 and is being distributed throughout the World. The album went straight into the top ten list of the European World Music Charts.
Second album "Puerto Rican Nights" was released on 2008 by "Essay Recordings" as well.

Back in Israel, the band kept being involved in numerous artistic collaborations. Amongst others: Working with the "Bat-Sheva" Dance Ensemble, releasing several Israeli hit singles, recording music for films and collaborating with the New York based band, the Balkan Beat Box. Recently played a concert with the Israeli philharmonic orchestra.

Their debut show in North America was at the globalFEST 2007, held in NYC. Afterwards they have toured throughout the USA and Canada, opening for the legendary VENTURES in California, playing in the Winnipeg folk festival and the Montreal Jazz Festival.

In late 2009 Boom Pam recorded their 3rd album which planned to be release at mid 2010 by Tel Aviv based label "Audio Montage",
followed by appearance at SXSW and European Spring Tour.

Boom Pam have been playing together for 7 years and have been touring extensively around the globe (Europe, U.S.A., Canada, Mexico and South Africa), continues to blend magic Surf Guitars kicked by Tuba and heavy Drums on an ecstatic mediterranean spicy trip.

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