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Washington, DC | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Washington, DC | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Jazz Soul




"One Track Mind: The Peace & Body Roll Duo BOOMscat’s The West Wing Project Live EP"

Standout Track: No. 6, “Your Lover,” a seductive duet that floats gently through sonic space. “Take a step back,” singer Asha Santee moans softly, “let me see my options and possibilities.” Group member Jennifer Patience Rowe sings the hook: “You’re the only one, I hear your whispers loud and clear, say ‘baby come.’” It’s a come-hither line on a project full of direct advances.

Musical Motivation: Like everything else on The Peace & Body Roll Duo BOOMscat’s new EP, “Your Lover” takes its time—a good thing, given the boot-knocking subject matter. “It’s simply about having a deep conversation with somebody, just past the physical,” Santee says. “It’s about the confidence it takes to please that person.” And the track is personal: “I was feeling a connection with somebody,” Santee says. “It was a process of getting into the feelings I had for that person.”

Wait for It: Driven by keys and emotive singing, The West Wing Project moves through seven songs over a sprawling 40 minutes, and Santee and Rowe say there’s order in the chaos. “The EP tells an intense and emotional story,” Santee says. “It all makes sense when you listen to the end.” - The Washington City Paper

"The Peace and Body Roll Duo : BOOMSCAT releases EP, The West Wing Project"

Officially known as, The Peace and Body Roll Duo: BOOMSCAT, due to some over water likeness possibilities, these young ladies have essentially broken the sound barrier with the creation of a new sound. It's acoustic, it's introspective, sexy and inviting while being forward and a little bit shy. The sound is simple, a few keys, an unmistakable voice, and a slight percussion of the cajon. Yes, there are some surprise elements like the voice of the percussionist, a beat boxing element, the concise writing and distinct choice of texture and simplicity makes the project a pleasurable experience.

Photos to enjoy the experience…
Photos to enjoy the experience…
The West Wing Project EP
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The Peace And Body Roll Duo: BOOMSCAT presents The West Wing Project EP
The West Wing Project, their first full EP, is a collection of independently penned and produced tracks from the talented duo, who got started as just a poet and a rhythm. But when two brilliant minds collide in the studio, a eclectic percussionist/producer with a multi-faceted vocalist and storyteller, the magic is undeniable. Asha Santee, the skilled producer, and Jennifer "Patience" Rowe, the lead voice of the duo, gave an in depth listening party at the Topaz Hotel a month ago and let us into their writing and producing idiosyncrasies, today you can find their music on any major music outlet worldwide. Check out the full project on bandcamp, iTunes, or Amazon, but until you do, check out our track by track play and synopsis.


The project is comprehensive which is more than we can say about a lot of music projects on the market. The CD starts off in contemplation about the struggle to love someone versus loving one's purpose; sometimes they blur together, but oh what I would give to love anything else as much as I love you. After realizing that life is a constant rat race, and after every fall someone will NOT be waiting on you, the duo forces you to look deeper. After that feeling of emptiness, a simple word like Hey could breathe life into your being, and with that breath, hands connect. So we all know what happens after hands and minds intersect, yourlovers and love are in the air and before you move on closure is key.

Track 1 - MoreThanAnything

Have you ever had the feeling that loving someone could change your life? Have you ever wanted to love something, anything else as much as you loved that person, just so you could get them out of your head? Yes, this track goes right to that place. Do I want to love something in that place…or do I just want to love them in that space?

Track 2 - RunningOnE

"She's been in the same place for so long, she thinks she lives in misery. She's made her residence in so much pain, you'd think she lives on Pain Street. Its so hard for her to move on, she thinks she cannot let go. Her heart is stuck in bitterness, sometimes she does not know….Sometimes that girl is me." So when you are running for so long, you rarely take a look in the mirror. Brilliant writing, "She's so full of love, life, grace, joy."

Track 3 - CatchMe

Most of us pride ourself on the fact of knowing there will always be someone to catch us. But this song is a trip down the road when you find yourself falling and no one is there to catch you. Do you ask what happened to the hand, or find a way to get out of that rut?

Track 4 - Hey

At the bottom of that pit of loneliness, sometimes one syllable can bring you out and make you feel desired, loved, and loving. So on that down night, when you have taken your last sip and you feel a tap on your shoulder or an extra lingering eye….you would take one of those drinks and a steamy conversation, definitely!!!

Track 5 - Hands

Yes, the ladies admit their songs are lengthy, and emotive, but this is the interlude. While it still lasts five minutes of pleasure, I can tell exactly what part of the body the hands are touching in this steamy transition of a melody.

Track 6 - YourLover

This is where the heat turns up. This project jumps from introspection and life to the thing that creates more life. After getting to know the deeper parts of a significant other, its easy to get enthralled. The question is, "Can I Be Your Lover-ah? Let my hands wonder-ah, underneath the covers-ah."

Track 7 - Closure

So to end this heavenly experience, we must be able to talk about it and grow, or at least identify when we can do it again. But its deeper than that. This track, possibly the eldest of the duo's writings, simply asks for answers and patiently waits for the response, because to ask and wait is more important than demanding. At the end of the day, you just want answers, so you know how to move forward.

The listening experience captured in this project is one that provokes a journey of self investigation, life realization, relationships and even the grown-up. These ladies have given valuable insight to the dichotomy of love and the complex intricacies of life, with just a few words and melodies. While this is their first full EP, I can see there is much growth and expansion in store, this is just the beginning of a movement. Gone are the days of "turn up", these ladies pride themselves on music that will make you peaceful and dance slightly, while also encouraging you to "turn sideways," preferably close to a loved one with this EP on repeat. - The Examiner

"BOOMscat Just Called To Say ‘Hey’"

Rising soul duo BOOMscat have a little something smooth and sexy to offer up and you totally don’t want to miss out on it. The Washington, DC native Queens of “Peace and Body Roll” have unleashed a brand new EP that highlights their best features as they conquer original material in a live setting. The West Wing Project Live EP brings music lovers into an intimate listening space as Jennifer Patience Rowe and Asha Santee break it all the way down on this seven-track ride. One of the strongest moments of this sensual release comes along during the eight-minute long number entitled “Hey,” where the duo go from accosting a possible love interest to uttering a familiar line from Usher’s Confessions groove “Can U Handle It?” With Asha handling the instrumentation (“boom”) and Jennifer’s finessing vocals (“scat”), these two have conjured up quite a soulful and alluring combination that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Feel free to head over to their Bandcamp page to see just what you have been missing. -

"Next Time By The R&B Duo, BOOMscat Will Give You Goosebumps"

This Washington, DC-based duo integrates the BOOM, keyboardist/drummer/producer Asha Santee and scat of vocalist/songwriter Jennifer Patience Rowe. Together, they infuse a sound that ignites vulnerability, elevation and self-reflection. Their newly released EP, No Life Jacket debuted on iTunes Top 20 R&B albums and was birthed after just one week of coming out as part of House Studio’s Artist Grant Project. As they say the mind requires emotional meditation and BOOMscat gives you just that. Check out their submission for the NPR Tiny Desk featuring their song Next Time.

The first time I heard this track I was blown away and I know the next step is definitely seeing these young beautiful sisters perform live. Also, be sure to check out the snippets from their NOLIFEJACKET Album Sampler below. Whenever a beautiful sister sings her eyebrows on fleek and it sounds sexy you know it’s a good track.

Also, be sure to follow BOOMscat / Website, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, -

"Boomscat – No Life Jacket EP"

Check out this awesome DC-based duo Boomscat, and their EP “No Life Jacket.” Boomscat consists of The Peace and Bodyroll, who teamed up as a part of House Studio Records‘ AGP (Artist Grant Project) that gives artists Free Studio time, Production, Recording, and mixing. The project hit #17 on the iTunes R&B Charts and reviews have been stellar from people all around the country. Boomscat is going on a mini tour during March and April, including SXSW! - One Love Massive

"The Peace & Body Roll Duo, BOOMscat, Releases Their No Life Jacket Album Today"

BOOMscat never disappoints, so what are you waiting for? Cop the No Life Jacket album now on iTunes. They have already set foot in the Top 20 of iTunes R&B. Purchase it, listen, and you’ll see why.

This is the NOLIFEJACKET Album Sampler. Full download available at iTunes and Google Play.

No Life Jacket Tracklist:
1. Simple Things ft. Ra the MC
2. Private Show
3. Karma
4. Alright ft. Joe Maye
5. Next Time ft. Manny Wellz
6. Magic in the Moment

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The FACTS: BOOMscat released their debut EP “The West Wing Project

Available on Itunes and

Price: $7 – $12

Rating: Awesomesauce

It has been a great month for music lovers! And we are excited to announce the release of the long awaited EP from the Peace And Body Roll duo, BOOMscat. Asha Santee and Patience have created their own genre of music for the music lover in you.

What is very unique about BOOMscat is their ability to create such a strong and mesmerizing sound with few instruments. A dynamic two woman band.

I had the opportunity to speak with Asha to get some insight into the brilliance that is BOOMscat.

The BOOMscat group was formed a little over a year ago when producer and instrumentalist, Asha Santee, met Patience performing at a poetry event. Soon after, the two had the opportunity to perform together, and the rest was history. The two have been performing all over the DC area: Asha simultaneously playing the keyboard and “cajon” (a drum that you sit on) while patience hits notes taking you back to the Erykah Badu and even Anita Baker days.

After about a year of live shows and creating, the team has put together a seven track love story. This is the perfect thing to play in a chill, romantic setting where you and your significant someone can relax, appreciate time, appreciate experiences, and even appreciate real music. Their music can’t really fit into a genre, “but if it had to be given one, it would be neo soul or soul music”

Asha expresses that the music is for “anyone who loves music and the diversity in music. We’ve coined our own genre, The Peace And Body Roll Genre”

You would have to check out one of their performances live if you’re not sure how to body roll.

Even though the EP only has 7 tracks, the songs are surprisingly longer than average. “we want to inspire people to take time with music. Some songs have structure and some don’t. It encourages patience in the music (I dont know if there was a pun intended here lol) Music gets broken down for radio purposes, and sometimes the essence is lost. Let the music finish when it’s done.”

photo 3 photo 2

With the blessing of long-time friend and radio personality, Dez The Prez, the group recently had the opportunity to rock the stage at Howard Theatre, in Washington, D.C.. The awesome audience, professional sound, and new fans gave the duo a wonderful glimpse at the future.

When asked ‘what is the future’ ? Asha says they’re just looking forward to performing and spreading their music to more people, big shows or small.

Also an Eracist, Asha has been sharing her talent and energy with the youth for some time now. In the weeks to come, she will be speaking at Kenmore Middle School and Oak Crest Community Center. “We’re going to talk about passion, dreams, dedication, sacrafice, enthusiasm, and believing in yourself” – #Respect -

"TAG DMV Artist Spotlight"

It’s not often that you hear music that creates a mindful inner peace, AND makes your outer body roll in the process. If that’s the case, you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting The Peace & Body Roll Duo themselves. Well, here’s your opportunity: meet BOOMscat!


This amazing duo is comprised of keyboardist-drummer-producer, Asha Santee (BOOM), and vocalist-songwriter, Jennifer Patience Rowe (scat). BOOM is a native of San Francisco, but arrived in the DMV as a student at Howard University. Scat is a DMV native that attending both Wilson & Blair High Schools, and went away to attend Columbia College in Chicago. Both had already gigged around the DMV as respected artists in their own right & with other bands, before they came together in the fall of 2012.


The BOOMscat name is pretty simple; Asha is a drummer, whose beats often pack the bass of the rhythm, thus BOOM! Patience is a vocalist who uses her jazzy flair that often complements the rhythmic sounds of their music, thus scat! Together, their overall sound is familiar, yet experimental; powerful, yet soft & sultry.


BOOMscat initially released their first mixtape, The Trilogy, after their inception. In February of 2014, they released their first EP, The West Wing Project Live. They’ve most recently released their second EP, No Life Jacket, in December 2014. This project is a special one, as it is a product of their House Grant award, provided by House Studios DC. They have performed at several venues in Chicago & locally on their “Peace & Body Roll Tour” (including their most recent performance at the Baltimore Soundstage in December, opening for national recording duo, Kindred the Family Soul), and gained support from gospel music legend Richard Smallwood.

Here’s more from the ladies themselves:

Q: What part of the DMV are you reppin’?

A: BOOM – I’m originally from San Francisco, and I came to DC to attend Howard…so I’ve been here for about 10 years now & stay in Hyattsville; scat – I grew up NE DC, around Brookland area.

Q: What influenced you to engage in your talents/gifts?

A: B – I started making beats & drumming since I was 6., and I started drumming [as a gig] in 2011, because I broke my leg playing basketball; s – I’ve been singing all of life, and all of family are singers, also! I went to school in Chicago for radio production, and landed back here [in the DMV] and started singing around the area.

Q: How did BOOMScat come to fuition?

A: B – I started drumming behind Patience’s poetry, and many people found it difficult to sing over my beats. So, she started singing over my beats & we just started vibing out musically and creating songs. It worked out well since people already trusted us in our own lanes.

Q: How has your community influenced you, and vice versa?

A: B – We’ve received a lot of support from DC & Baltimore, in terms of pre-ordering, buying, sharing & playing our music; s – The DMV is such a very talented community, and being surrounded by the experiences is so different that it allows us to be ourselves without having to adapt.

Q: What was your process to achieving the House Grant like?

A: B – Our friend, Dez the Prez, made us apply, and it was one of those particular process. We went through a judging screen, and we had backing from our connections at Grammy WDC (and people knew us already from the other band that I’m in, Lowercase Letters Band).

Q: If there’s anything that you would want your peers & supporters to know about you (assuming that they don’t already), what would it be?

A: s – For me, the music is pretty transformative and it has made me grow. I know I’m grateful for [our supporters], their transformations and growing along with us. I’m also a poet. B – I’m very grateful for BOOMscat! It allowed me to breakout of a shell of being nervous as a singer, but it’s still growing because, in the beginning, patience told me to sing and I was very hesitant. Lol. I also paint, so people buy my paintings, which are displayed throughout my basement walls.

Q: What’s next?!

A: We just opened for Kindred the Family Soul (which was an amazing opportunity provided to us through our friends at Grammy WDC), and hopefully we’ll have more shows to come. People [our supporters] want a “Private Show” video, so we may do that, or “Simple Things” or “Alright”…we’ll see though. We also have a residency coming up at Joe’s Emporium, for a week [the first week in March], where we get a stipend, and the opportunity to host shows, work & create in their studio, and do a final show. Finally, we hope to get material together for a full album.

Continue to follow these awesome artists via their website (, or social media platforms: Facebook (, Instagram (@boomscatmusic), & Twitter (@BOOMscatMusic). Also, you can find their music on iTunes & Soundcloud (

– EMW -


Still working on that hot first release.



The Washington, DC based Peace & Body Roll Duo BOOMscat, consists of multi-instrumentalist/producer, Asha Santee (BOOM), and vocalist/songwriter Jennifer Patience Rowe (scat). Together, they create a sound that ignites vulnerability, elevation and self-reflection. Since their conception in the fall of 2012, BOOMscat has released three projects, and their latest release “No Life Jacket” EP, which was released in December 2014 reaching #18 on the iTunes R&B charts.

Currently, BOOMscat is preparing for the release of their first full length album in 2016. BOOMscat continues to break the mold, creating real music with real feeling. The mind requires emotional meditation. BOOMscat is the method. Press play.

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