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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
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"Rebel Lion"

AMG Rating: 4.5 Stars

In 1998, Boom Shaka joined the Shanachie roster with Rebellion, its most visible album up to that point and its most appealing. Quite a few reggae artists had been bending over backwards to appeal to the dancehall audience and were drawing heavily on dancehall and hip-hop. Shaka, however, acquired a small following in L.A. by taking a melodic approach that was greatly influenced by early Steel Pulse as well as Third World. The things associated with dancehall -- hard, electronic rhythms, a lack of melody, a macho "rude boy" attitude, gangster posturing -- are missing from this CD. Melody is the rule on soulful tunes like "Burden and Time," "Beggar in a Goldmine" and "Sunshine," all of which make reggae's R&B roots quite obvious. In fact, lovers of the great soul music of the 1960s and 1970s will find a lot to admire about this CD (which also boasts an impressive remake of Prince's "Sign of the Times"). Arguably Boom Shaka's crowning achievement, Rebellion was among the finest reggae releases of 1998. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide
- All Music Guide

"Freedom Now"

When Boom Shaka's third album, Freedom Now, came out on the Chicago-based Stone Mountain label in 1996, the reggae band wasn't huge, but it did enjoy a small following playing around Los Angeles. A few publications described Shaka as an "American reggae band," awhich was a bit ironic given that some of its members were from Antigua and Trinidad. Whether Shaka was American or Caribbean, the main thing was how good it was. Instead of going out of its way to appeal to dancehall audiences, Shaka recalls early Steel Pulse on such melodic offerings as "Western Town," "Chains" and "Rough." Although Pulse is a prominent influence, Shaka isn't as slick or overtly commercial as Pulse came to be and has an identity of its own. On this CD, knowledgeable reggae listeners will also hear the influence of Third World and occasionally, the earthy Burning Spear. The least enlightened tune on the disc is "Vatican," an example of hysterical Catholic-bashing. This type of hysteria is something reggae can do without. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide
- All Music Guide

"Fertile Ground"

If you're hungry for a reggae band that's got it all-great songs, strong messages, a big sound and a powerful live presentation-you need look no further: Boom Shaka is on the move with "Fertile Ground", one of the best reggae releases in this time. The band has an amazing history with major releases on EMI, Liberty, and Shanachie, but this independent set is their best album ever, packed with high-energy songs like, Ganja
Discrimination", "Rastafari Is The Future", and "World Affair" that take reggae music to the next level. Concious, cultural and concerned, Boom Shaka isn't content to follow that path but strikes out on a new one and encourages the world to come along.
Boom Shaka is a band that has traveled the high road and these songs are tested on the street, not just in L.A. where the band has long been one of the scene's strongest elements, but on the road in Ethiopa, Morocco, Brazil and at major festivals throughout the U.S. as they told me during a recent appearance on "Reggae Central". The band's distinctive sound has gained them many fans and advocates and this speaker-rattling set presents this driving modern roots outfit at their best. Check out "Creation", "Pretty Face", "International Diplomat", "Dis Road", "House Top"- in fact check out the whole CD because this is one of the best reggae bands playing today and this disc captures their essence like no other. Highly recommended.
Chuck Foster
- The Beat

"Fertile Ground"

Entering it's third decade, LA-based Boom Shaka is one of North America's most polished and accomplished reggae bands. Over the years they've changed some faces, dealt with certain adversities from record labels, and soldiered on. Although currently residing in the US, its members are from such diverse Caribbean backgrounds Jamaica, Antigua, and Dominica, so the roots are genuine. Founder and singer Trevy Felix draws inspiration from many artists who have gone before him, but the band feels that this album is divinely inspired, a sentiment articulated nicely on "Rastafari Is The Future," one of the sweeter tracks on this album. As the band notes on their website, although grounded in roots, their style is "difficult to pigeonhole," and you'll hear lots of subtle influences from other musical genres on this album. "Let Us Pray" has a hint of rock 'n' roll with its guitar work, and "Ganja Discrimination" (a great tune btw) has a sneaky dancehall edge in spots, whereas the title track has a nice mellow rootical vibe. They remind me a lot of Inner Visions (and that's a compliment!) in that the combination of musicians incorporates different elements into a cohesive sound- you can tell that the players of instruments such as the driving bass of "Bassie Felix," the keys of Binghi-I, the Santana-influenced guitar of Lester Fari, and cult favorite Shakaman (formerly of the Rastafarians) on drums- are true professionals. If you're looking for a diverse listening experience featuring timeless themes such as spirituality, justice and equality wrapped in a professionally-crafted package of original songwriting and true musicianship, you can't go wrong with this one.
- Creatio Steppin Radio

"Some of the best possitive Reggae"

This CD is some of the best possitive Reggae I have heard come out in awhile and if this CD dosen't make you feel better no matter what's going on in your life then I don't know what will!!

- Fan - Theresa

"Motivation to carry on in this world gone astray"

Fertile Ground carries a powerful message. The more people that hear this cd and ones like it...the more awareness that is raised and the closer we are to seeing change in the system.

- Fan - Steve USA

"Give Thanks Rasta - Jah Live"

Ganja Discrimination, Fertile Ground, International Diplomat..... Good things come to those who wait.

- Jah Daughter

"Lyrics and music that inform, and keep faith high in these tryin' times"

Sounds like music and words crafted by master musicians and poets. Honest vocals with ruf real emotion and deep meaning words and riddim jah dance. My personal favs: Pretty Face and Ganja Discrimination, but truly all the tracks are massive. Dis CD help carry you forward in da face of babylon



- E. Taho

"Fertile Ground"

“One never gets tired of listening to such consciously inspired and
beautiful music”.
- Fan - Theresa


Fertile Ground - Baga Style Records 2005

Creation - Celluloid, 1987 (reissued 2000)

Rebel Lion - Shanachie Records 1998

Freedom Now - Stoned Mountain Ent. 1996

Best Defenses - Liberty/Capitol, 1992




"If you’re hungry for a reggae band that’s got it all-great songs, strong messages, a big sound and a powerful live presentation-you need look no further”…Chuck Foster - The Beat Magazine.

Boom Shaka's music ranks with the best of contemporary Roots Reggae Music. These are true Reggae Ambassadors who have carried there Roots message worldwide, from Ethiopia, to Morocco, Brazil and China. Their unusual musical talent is matched by their conscious lyrics that address contemporary and universal issues. This is a band that has earned international recognition with a catalogue of hard top ranking alternative reggae hits.

Founder and lead vocalist Trevy Felix is an initiated descendant of Africans from the Commonwealth of Dominica. After having been immersed in Roots culture and Reggae music from early youth, Trevy gathered the best mixed talent to spread Roots Reggae throughout the world. The band members are from the Commonwealth of Dominica, Jamaica, Antigua and the US.

While many Reggae artists have been hugely influenced by the legendary Bob Marley, who changed a generation with his spiritual message of justice and equality, Boom Shaka reigns supreme among the inheritors of Reggae’s number one prophetic and revolutionary figures, the “African Ghetto King”, Peter Tosh. No other band can better illustrate the creative genius of Tosh's school of Reggae than Boom Shaka. Like Peter Tosh, Boom Shaka is uncompromising when it comes to the essence of Reggae music's message and its creative capacity. Unlike many Reggae artists who nowadays jump from one musical style to the other, Boom Shaka does not need another new fad to replace the inherent possibilities found in Reggae music. While many other classical “Roots” artists from Jamaica have inspired, and are greatly respected by Boom Shaka, only Boom Shaka chose to, and eventually assured their place as the true successors of Peter Tosh. The late Joe Higgs, (the Wailer's musical director), saw Trevy, the lead singer of Boom Shaka, as proof that the spirit and philosophy of Peter Tosh lives on. Boom Shaka has taken that spirit one step further; into the 21st Century.

Recorded at the famous Radio Recorders Studio in Hollywood, Boom Shaka is set to move people’s hearts and feet with their long awaited 5th CD, “FERTILE GROUND”. Boom Shaka has earned international recognition with a set of hard top ranking alternative reggae classics.

The themes contained in “Fertile Ground” are so in sync with current events, that the timing of this CD appears to be divinely inspired. Most Reggae experts, DJ's and the worldwide Reggae community agree that “FERTILE GROUND” is a historical album, containing international Reggae anthems for true Reggae lovers. Listeners will still be bumping and meditating to these time defying tracks well into the next century.
The first track, “Rastafari is the Future”, a spiritual meditation about JAH being the only possible future, and an unforgettable and irresistible Rasta chant about being positive in these primitive and brutal times of Babylon. Track two, "Ganja Discrimination", is a rallying call for mankind's freedom, especially in the case of agriculture. Both songs are delivered in a deadly groove package with uplifting lyrics containing hooks that will have listeners singing long after the music has finished.

This crucial combination of musicians is an integral element that gives Boom Shaka its edge. Each member brings with him a unique angle that throws a different spice into the Roots Reggae voodoo music pot.

Trevy Felix, Boom Shaka's lead singer and main composer, is, like Peter Tosh, a very dynamic band leader with strong, resonant, and compelling vocals. Trevy’s music addresses pressing issues, with a high sense of lyricism and vision. Trevy's interests range from the preservation of African history and traditions, to the preservation of the environment, and human dignity.

Jamaican underground roots legend, drummer and composer Shakaman, (from the famed Rastafarians), provides Boom Shaka with a
steady, energetic and edgy groove. Shakaman is one of the world's most gifted scientists in terms of rhythms and compositions. He is a highly respected sonic soldier of H.I.M. Haile Selassie. “Shakaman is a hidden holy mystic man, but will deny it if you ask him"..

Bass player, Ray “Bassie” Felix, is the brother of lead singer Trevy. Being that bass sound is the most crucial element of Reggae music, it is no surprise that “Bassie Ray”, as he is known by his fans, has been crowned by Reggae bass lovers with the highest of Bass Honors, calling him Top of the Bottom and Lowest of the Low. In bass language, that means the Highest.

On songs such as “Creation”, “World Affair”, and the Reggae inspired translation of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday ", lead guitarist, Lester Fari appears to channel the spirits of Roots Blues, a tradition which gave the world the names of Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker and Jimi Hendrix, to name b