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waves of black magic to your eardrums.


BOOMSNAKE is the musical creation of Gabe Rodriguez. Born in late 2007, BOOMSNAKE has two proper releases available (Give and Take LP - 2008) & (Vitamins EP - 2009). The band will be releasing a new EP / 7" entitled, Re/visions in January 2010. A new full length is to follow sometime during summer 2010.

*info on Re/visions release:

Boomsnake's new EP, Re/visions, is exactly what the title entails, the same old songs reworked. 6 of the 7 tracks on the EP are re-recorded songs taken from the bands previous releases (Give and Take LP 2008, Vitamins EP 2009). After their US tour in April/May 2009, Gabe Rodriguez and the rest of the band, then comprised of Nathan Aguilar, Cory Stier & Chelsea Hernandez, decided upon recording the set they had just played 40+ times across the country. The recordings were engineered/mixed by Adam Lathrum at Barn Studios in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

Carrying the same dark, eerie vibe from their previous recordings, Re/visions shows Boomsnake's big band side. The largest notable addition is the fickle clitter-clatter & tight rhythm section which fills out the previously intimate tracks. Additional harmonies and moody, atmospheric production create layers to the previously minimalistic songs.

The lone new track on the EP, Sample Demolition, further shows Boomsnake's new musical direction from once 2-piece minimal/singer/songwriter to a 5-piece indie/ambient collaboration.

The accompanying 7" will feature "Sticks, Stones & Animal Bones" and "Busy" from the Give and Take LP along with "Sample Demolition" filing side B.

Re/visions 7" / Digital EP is available 1/12/10 via Grizzly Records


Re/visions EP / 7"
released: 1/12/10
via: Grizzly Records

Vitamins EP
released: April 2009
via: Kraken Records

Give and Take LP
released: May 2008
via: Gnome Records