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Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Helladope, Boomzzilla (cd release), and City Hall at High Dive"

Posted by Emma Burchfield on May 4th, 2011 at 12:36 PM

Helladope, ?Boomzzilla, City Hall @ High Dive ?????| May 7 | 9:30 pm | 7$ get tickets | 21+

There is going to be some exciting hip-hop at High Dive on May 7th. Headlining this show will be Helladope whom some of us know as Tay Sean and Jerm. They have been a local duo for the last few years and have played many venues and with lots of other artists. Their sound is classic hip-hop, but these guys are ready to party. Helladope, like other Seattle groups, prove that the house party hip hop sound is alive and jumpin’!

Although Helladope is headlining, let’s not forget about the main event. Boomzzilla will be celebrating their double EP release, More Imaginary Friends/Ghetto Chef Beef Bowl. They’ve made a name for themselves with their signature rag-tag sound. Take rock riffs, electric vibrations, and some hip hop kicks, shake this mixture together (because it’s surely not stirred), and what do you get? Boomzzilla! This is music that makes you move your rump on any available space that can be conceived as a dance floor. Teenagers could have dance parties in space listening to this junk. It’s angry pop music that makes you think in bright frenzied colors. Boomzzilla has performed with many local groups including Death*star, Katie Kate, Continental Soldiers, and don’t forget about how they backed up Helladope at Bumbershoot 2010. Their new album shall be something to look forward too, and I wouldn’t miss this show. -

"Boomzzilla's "Vibratones" video Rocks and Shocks"

Local music video director Stephan Gray really out-does himself with this clip. Taking a cue from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (and other like-minded meditations on the human pysche’s penchant for necessary violence), the video for Boomzzilla’s “Vibratones” is another visual manifestation of the old idiom, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

Here, the three members of the electro/rock/rap outfit are werewolves in businessmen’s clothing. Literally. They ransack a diner for loot and a mysterious briefcase, the contents of which are…well, we won’t give it away here. But, needless to say, the video’s story arc is less about what’s in the case and more about what’s inside of these musicians and their muse, a mysterious woman accomplice with tattoos of spades on her legs. This is one of the most provocative, vibrant and well-crafted music videos out of Seattle in a minute. - Seattle Show Gal blog

"Boom Zzilla “beat go boom”"


Boom Zzilla “beat go boom”

My background is hip hop/R&B. I don’t claim to be a know-it-all of any other genre of music and even with that in mind I only claim to be a know-it-some when it comes to Hip Hop and R&B (even though some readers may believe I think otherwise).

There’s something to be said about someone who listens to something that isn’t necessarily their cup of tea and really giving it a critical listen. It’s pure. It’s not jaded by trends or by what’s hot in that genre at the time. It’s unbiased. It’s like meeting someone of the opposite sex for the first time. You say hi, you converse about the little things and without knowing that person’s past or future attraction may ensue. That’s how I felt when I popped in the Boom Zzilla disc into my CD player.

Electro/Indie/Pop bands have never been high on my list just for the simple fact I grew up in a Hip Hop/R&B/Gospel/Funk household – no knock to the music at all I just never was around it but Boom Zzilla made me if not a fan of their style of music, a fan of them. I could hit you with the statements that bands tend to love but no one else cares about phrases like “The band has great melodies and driving guitars. The band is tight and in sync and has undeniable chemistry. And they’re the coolest cats you’d ever want to meet (which, all are very true)” But save for the fluff, Boom Zzilla from the jump had me knocking hard to the songs on the latest disc. There are songs with outer space innuendos and those that urge you to dance, the band’s facebook page ‘about me’ section simply states: “Dance or be destroyed.” Pretty self explanatory I would think. Fans of Electro/indie bands should fall in love with Boom Zzilla right out the gate but if you’re like me and the style is say….out of your comfort zone? Get courageous, try something new called Boom Zzilla you will be rockin to the rhythm for sure.
- Q Dot's Megaphone (music blog)

"Boomzzilla Strikes Again"

Boomzzilla Strikes Again

If my first name was Boom and my last name Zzilla I would consider myself extremely lucky. If I'd been named after the band it would be even better.

I'm currently at Nectar in Freemont. Boomzzilla's nearing the end of their set and it's been like chocolate-covered-awesome since song 1. Dance Grenade is, of course a crowd pleaser, but if all those audience members weren't singing along with Monster Party and Vibratones as well, by golly.

Their electro-indie-rap forays smack of The Gorillaz...or really of any of the many European bands one might hear in a German discoteque. The clincher is that we can understand Boomzzilla's lyrics about Werewolf Love, Nascar on Saturn, Android Reincarnation...oh and the true story about being beat up by Russian prostitutes in Korea.

Yes, I would proudly answer to the name Boomzzilla, and so should they.



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Available Singles:
Shooting Stars
The Great Conflict

A few tracks are available for play at and our album is up at Rhapsody and iTunes.



Mike and Adam met in the digital audio program at a local college, and they met Walker shortly after. He was working the door at the Lynnwood Guitar Center.

Boomzzilla are set apart from other bands by a few things. Instruments on stage are traded from song to song...every member playing every role at some point. Boomzzilla has their own light person and a coordinated light show to the music.

With two college-trained engineers and one member that has been in garage bands from Guam to Korea to D.C. to Seattle, the sound is unique, yet ubiquitous....complex, but catchy.

The band has played numerous gigs around Seattle, and came in first in Seattle in the Myspace Rock the Space contest last year.