Boondock Brothers
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Boondock Brothers

San Diego, California, United States

San Diego, California, United States
Rock Blues




"Boondock Brothers"


The Boondock Brothers, a Rock n’ Roll trio consisting of Michael Schenk, Alberto Sandoval and Shawn Peters, are the best thing that’s happened to the San Diego music scene in the past ten years. These three young individuals embody a mature classic rock sound that clearly stems from idols such as Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Muddy Waters, Led Zeppelin and The Clash to name a few. The Boondock Brothers have been quickly creating excitement as they have announced the release of their first studio album recorded at Delirious Records, set to be released December 30th where they will be performing at the House of Blues main-stage at 9pm sharp. Having announced this, the band has released their first single, “Lady in Red”, currently playing on the Local FM 94.9. This group, formed in early 2012 by members Michael Schenk and Alberto Sandoval, has already played many notable venues in San Diego including House of Blues, Soma, The Ruby Room, Lestats, Soda Bar, The Griffin and more. They have also performed on live KSWT television in Yuma, Arizona. “We uphold a strong work ethic.”, says lead guitarist and vocalist Michael Schenk, “To us the only real substance in life is making music. We plan to make a career out of it.” The band is also scheduled to perform on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego a week before the big show. These boys plan to begin touring hopefully in the summer of 2013, claiming they want to “cover the map” with their blues-inspired tunes. Regardless of a hectic lifestyle, The Boondock Brothers take their work very seriously. According to bassist Shawn “Paul Jones” Peters(nicknamed “Paul Jones” after his biggest music influence, John Paul Jones.) “In the world of music there are three things absolutely necessary: determination, a mastery of your instrument and an absolute passion for writing music.” Lead guitarist and vocalist Michael Schenk describes his experience with the guitar as an elevating experience. “It is the most expressive state, no experience can compare”. He claims his drive to compose would not be possible without the support from family and friends. He also states his knowledge of the electric guitar was deeply influenced by local friends Edwin Coronado of Volumen and Jerry Olea. As for drummer Alberto Sandoval, who has been playing drums for less than a year, actually picked up the instrument the day the band was formed between him and Schenk. It became quite evident immediately Sandoval was born to play drums. “Playing drums is an incredibly riveting way of expressing oneself. This is why I play my instrument day in and day out. This is why I’ll never stop improving.”
According to those that have seen The Boondock Brothers perform live, they deliver “the raw, uncut side of blues-rock”. Many have dubbed the band as “the future of Rock n’ Roll”.

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Still working on that hot first release.



Boondock Brothers, born, raised and formed in San Diego, CA, is a rock act consisting of Michael Schenk(Lead Guitar/Vocals), Alberto Sandoval(Drums) and Shawn Peters(Bass/Keyboards/Mandolin). All three individuals deeply inspired by iconic musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Little Richard, Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes, CCR, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Alice in Chains, The Clash and much more. Boondock Brothers have played at notable venues in San Diego County including House of Blues Main Stage, Porter's Pub, Golden Acorn Casino, The Griffin, The Ruby Room, Soda Bar, Lestats, Tin Can Alehouse, The Shakedown Bar & more. They have also played live on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego, KWST 13 Yuma News. Their music is currently playing on FM 94.9, Rock 105.3 and SDSU KCR radio. Boondock Brothers represents the raw, uncut side of rock and roll and delivers an energetic, exciting show each time. They have been referred to by many as "the future of Rock n' Roll". Boondock Brothers was formed by frontman Michael Schenk and drummer Alberto Sandoval after meeting each other at San Diego State University. Schenk had done some solo performing before realizing the potential of a greater project, one involving a fuller sound. That same year he met Sandoval. They formed a strong bond both musically and through friendship that continues to this day. After several months of playing bars and other local music venues such as The Griffin and The Ruby Room, Peters joined the band as the bassist. Similar to Sandoval, Peters was new to his instrument, but soon developed a mastery over his instrument due to his experience from spanish finger-picking flamenco style of guitar playing. Shortly afterward, the band had their first big show at the House of Blues' main stage. With the added bass and refined playing from the other members the show gained them significant momentum in the local San Diego scene. Even though the trio share common interests in music, all three have their own distinct talents derived from different artists. Michael, for instance, is heavily influenced by Robert Plant's vocal talent and Jack White's unique guitar playing. Among Schenk's other major influences include Jim Morrison, James Brown, John Forgerty and Prince to name a few. In short, Sandoval is a powerhouse drummer. In many ways his style resembles and is influenced by various drummers such as John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Matt Helders of the Arctic Monkeys to begin with. His drumming style reflects his general personality as he can be rather aggressive. The last and most recent member is Shawn "Paul Jones". His nickname stems from the fact that his greatest musical influence is the legendary bassist of Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones. As his musical idol, he too plays several instruments including bass guitar, electric and Spanish guitars, mandolin, harmonica, ukulele, piano and keyboards. Another grand musical influence of his is the former keyboardist of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Billy Powell. Much of Shawn's music stems from his beginnings in flamenco guitar, which he played before anything else.