Northern fried rock.


Webster defines a boondoggle as a trifling or pointless project, one that often includes wasteful expenditure of public funds. It is also the name of the little ornamental leather straps that travelers of wide open western spaces would create in their down home on the range time, and later attach to their saddles. Wether we are the latter or the former, (still not sure how to get any legitimate government agency to fund anything we do, or even to return our calls), we are a band committed to the idea that we are no more or less a waste of time than any of the bands we hang out with, and will effectively use up any time given us by a public wanting or forced to be within earshot of our show. Furthermore, we will rely upon our own "original" music and rock concoctions, until said audience turns on us and we are forced to play various rock anthems and pop-rock candy until we can get back to our ornamental-leather-strap-on-saddle-art. We are Boondoggle; this is our mission.


Boondoggle, self titled demo, Also have an Ep of early works.

Set List

Typical is 10-12 song sets that are over an hour long. We can also carry on for a couple of hours at a time if the situation calls for it. We have many original songs and a wide variety of cover tunes by artist such as Dylan, Stones, Prince, ZZ Top, Bowie, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, and many more.