Boone Helm

Boone Helm


Boone Helm is a female fronted rock band backed by a female drummer and supported by innovative smooth riffs on the bass and guitar. Influenced by Black Sabbath U2 and Led Zeppelin and spun with a twist of grunge, we are sure to turn heads and captivate our audience with our talent and energy


Boone Helm was a member of the criminal elite in the Wild West. Running with the likes of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, he became notoriously famous, not only for his incredible physical strength and wicked temper, but for his tendency to cannibalize both his friends and enemies. He reveled in his ruthless ways, vicious sense of humor and taste for blood, and met his death with the same grinning indifference he had for his victims. He swung from the gallows pole with no remorse and no regrets.

Boone Helm the band is very much like the man. We revel in our cannibalistic Wild West namesake and give a wicked no-holds-barred performance. Only being together a year, we have come out the gate swinging and will be relentless about having our music heard.

Our music is different. We are not another face in the crowd. We do not sound like all the bands on the radio. Our music roots run deep and we are often thanked for playing rock 'n roll the way it was meant to be played, before it got tainted by today's standards. We are bound by our similar musical tastes, our creative drive, and our desire to bring rock ‘n roll back to its hey dey; a time where it was woven with blues, played with passion and sung with a purpose. We are Boone Helm, and this is our reason for waking up in the morning.


Bitch on the Box

Written By: Donia Sawwan

I wake up every morning, every single day,
Knowing what I want in life.
You say you want a lover, not a ball-and-chain,
So walk over baby,
Come over, baby.

You say that you’re cold-hearted, and you need some heat,
I got your medicine right here.
But be careful coz I’ll burn you if you come too near,
I’ll burn you baby,
Burn you, baby.

It said BITCH on the box when you bought it! X2
Yeah you like when I fight, and I scratch and bite,
It said BITCH on the box when you bought it, Baby!

Don’t complain that I hurt you, I don’t treat you right!
You give as good as you get and you know it.
And if you don’t like it you can leave till you do,
Get over it, baby,
You LOVE it, baby!



(Quiet verse)
You’re momma prob’ly taught you that you’re just the best,
Your girlfriends prob’ly spoiled you rotten.
You’re not prepared for all the trouble that you’re in,
But you don’t mind, baby.
Coz I’m your baby.


DirtBag Blues

Written By: Donia Sawwan

Things ain’t easy,
It’s touch and go,
My momma always told me,
I’d reap what I sow.

But damn! Did I listen?
No, sir, I did not,
I just like the hole in my soul, baby,
Yeah I like it a lot.

Dirtbag blues,
It’s you I could use,
So here’s the news,
Gimme dirtbag blues.

It ain’t you
or what you do,
Don’t you see, it’s all on me.

So don’t forget,
And don’t regret,
These are my ways and they are set.

Things ain’t easy,
And I don’t grow,
Some days are better than others,
Some days I just don’t know.

And I - ain’t a good person.
And I – ain’t no saint.
There are no guarantees of restraint.

Dirtbag blues,
Here’s the news,
It’s you I could use,
Won’t you be my muse?

Dirtbag blues.


Written By: Donia Sawwan

Walk on the dark side of life
You give me a book but I cannot use it
But if you give me a knife
I’ll know where to hide it and how to abuse.

Here in the dark side it’s War
It’s eat or be eaten, beat or beaten
Don’t ask me to see it your way
We both know you’re packing and fighting for freedom.

When the vultures come home to roost
What’ll you do when it’s your ride they boost?

It’ll come home to you!
It’ll come home to you!
The crime and corruption,
The death and destruction!
It’ll come home to you,
It’ll come home to you.

Say the we’re different it helps,
Draw a line of racial indifference between us,
We both know it’s money that talks,
So lets dance with the devil before someone sees us.

Here in the dark side it’s cold,
Many lines have been laid, many lives have been traded,
I don’t care who I kill on my way,
When I kill my own to get ahead, I’ll know that I’ve made.

When your mercenaries come home to stay,
What’ll you do for their pay and play?




Good Bye

Written By: Donia Sawwan

I think I might have dazed you
Might have been a big surprise,
When I brought you down and broke your crown,
Despite my two black eyes.

But baby it’s not big shock,
It’s no great big lie,
Guess you just can’t trust something that bleeds
For days but doesn’t die.

Oh you’ll never catch me alive.
No, no, you’ll never catch me alive.

Of course I’m going to miss you,
Of course if I have time,
Of course I’ll always be yours, baby,
Just like you’ll be mine,
I’ll always need a firm hand,
To keep me in line,
Till the time has come for me to run,
Till then we’ll be just fine.

Oh you’ll never catch me alive.
No, no, you’ll never catch me alive.
Oh you’ll never catch me alive.
No, no, you’ll never catch me alive.

Good bye
I’ll get bye. X4


We both know that you were only
Ever one of my nine lives
And I’m sure in some part of my little black heart
I might care if you survive.

So good bye
I’ll get bye.

Set List

1. Prodigal Son
3. Fight Song
4. Dirtbag Blues
5. Ballad of Boone Helm
6. Goodbye
7. Where Eagles Dare (Misfits Cover)
8. Pussyface
9. Britta
10. Bitch on the Box