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A Bootleg Tonic cannot be made without its two main ingredients Georgiana Trent (Texas, USA) & Eran Taviv (Tel Aviv, Israel). Their debut album showcases the band (with guests such as B-3 player Ivan Neville), their stories, & their bluesy-soulful sound.


What's a Bootleg Tonic?

Bootleg Tonic is a hot new band with a really tasty sound. A Bootleg Tonic cannot be made without its two main ingredients Georgiana Trent and Eran Taviv. The first Bootleg Tonic record showcases the band, their stories, and their bluesy-soulful sound.

Although Georgiana and Eran are from opposite sides of the world (Texas, USA, and Tel Aviv, Israel), their chemistry first began when they got in a room a few years ago and found that together they had a “sound.” They then decided to take that sound and bottle it up, by writing and producing the first Bootleg Tonic Record.

The album also has an added twist of flavor with guest friends like the amazing organ player Ivan Neville (Rolling Stones, The Neville Brothers), and drummer Jerry Krenach (Lou Reed, Chris Whitley).

The only thing tastier than the record is experiencing a live Bootleg Tonic show. The show has everything that’s on the album, but it is by far more intense and raw. "At heart we are both artists who live for the stage" says Eran, and Georgiana adds, ”Every song has come from real experiences, and we just hope you can feel it.”


bootleg tonic "VOLUME 1"

Set List

When it All Goes Down

Haven't You Heard

Give it to Me Slowly

I've Had Enough

Treated Me Good


Sometimes I Love You

Hard Times


Love You More

Sweet Lies

Please Baby

Fall Back

I'm Ready

This I Know

Our shows usually consists of 90 minutes of original music featuring songs from our debut album "VOLUME 1", as well as other unreleased material from our next album.
(Length of the show can vary according to event)