Booty Camp

Booty Camp


We are not just another cover band. Sure we play the covers to pay the bills but our hearts lie in originals. We are an in your face band; we get up on the bar, get out in the crowd and dance with you and we'll even let you come up and sing with us! We guarantee a rockin' good time!


Booty Camp, formed in December of 2006 out of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, debuted its powerful live experience in January of 2007. The band, consisting of Joey G. on bass guitar, "Bastard" on drums, and Brandon Reece on lead guitar and keyboards, provides a strong and energetic foundation for the phenomenal Jenny K, one of Central Pennsylvania's finest female vocalists. With the departure of Brandon (on guitar/vocals), we were on a search to find someone as talented to fill those shoes. In comes Mikey, this guys leads and jumping around on stage are sure to add some high energy to the show. If you haven't already done so, please welcom Mikey to the band! Performing music from the best of the 50's to today's hot 100's, Booty Camp covers all the bases. Be it classic rock or hip hop, new-age punk or funk-disco, 50's power-pop or country and modern top 40, there is virtually no style of music this extremely versatile and talented group of artists won't or can't handle. Booty Camp brings a whole new meaning to the word "party" and delivers a show that will leave you dancing in your sleep. The only question is, "Are you ready?"

The members of Booty Camp have defined themselves individually and will without a doubt make a new mark for themselves in this fresh collaboration. Undeniable talent, unexplainable energy, and pure, over-the-top entertainment are just a few of the ingredients in this band's home-brewed recipe. Once you have your first taste of Booty Camp there is no question as to whether or not you'll be coming back for more. The only question yet again is, "Are you ready?"


We are currently in the process of recording a new demo and some originals. Check back for updates.

Set List

We play the songs you can and want to dance to, everything from rap, hard rock, rock, alternative, funk, disco, and country. We typically give you 3-50 minute sets of body rockin' music that you want to hear. We do both acoustic and electric shows, if interested in an acoustic show, drop us a line and we will forward you our set list.
Our electric cover set includes; but not limited to the following:

Are you Gonna Be My Girl & Cold Hard Bitch- Jet
Highway to Hell & Shook Me- Ac/Dc
Dirty Little Secret & Swing, Swing -All American Rejects
Rock Star- Nickelback
Ready to Go-Republica
Anyway you Want it- Journey
Talk Dirty to Me- Poison
I Want you to Want Me- Cheap Trick
Semi-Charmed Life- Third Eye Blind
Ladies & Gentlemen- Saliva
Basketcase & When I Come Around- Green Day
My Own Worst Enemy-Lit
Small Things- Blink 182
Call Me When Sober- Evanescence
Fully Alive- Flyleaf
Bodies- Drowning Pool
Killing in the Name of & Bulls on Parade- Rage Against the Machine
Crazy B