booze brothers syndicate

booze brothers syndicate

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The Booze Brothers are what some call a Cypress Hill/Beastie Boys/House of Pain montage with a unique lyrical style that will rock the house. "Decible Addiction" struck a chord with the truth-hungry new breed of hip-hop fans fed up with mainstream radio, blending punk beats with a fresh wild style.


Cifer emerged on the hip-hop scene in 2005 with his first demo entitled "Tattered Frame" sparking a minor buzz in the underground circuit. Through self promotion he managed to capture the attention of each new audience with an emotionally charged and electrifying solo act. Defying the preformed notion of critics that you need more than a mic to enthrall an audience. His first hit "resilience of a woman" brought audiences to tears and helped sell over 800 copies hand to hand across Texas. Prompting him to record his next cd "Dosage" in 2005 witch in turn did even better.

During the same year KOB was hitting the local music scene in Austin Texas with MSG, a group of battle rappers and grafitti kids, who were quickly gaining notoriety for their independent unique style. KOB gained a cut throat reputation for his veracity and word play in mc battles and had just finished recording the second MSG compilation "Jobs are for the Birds." This was also Cifer's first appearance on an MSG album. So Cifer hit the road with MSG on a European mini tour hitting London, Spain, Amsterdam, Paris and Germany where they got to open for Sage Francis. MSG sold nearly 1500 copies of "Jobs are for the Birds" that year.

Once back home, KOB decided to move to Midland Texas, home of none other than Cifer. Nicknamed the booze bros for all the times they were kicked out and banned from the local bars they formed the Booze Brothers Syndicate. There they recorded "Decibel Addiction" an alcohol fueled-energy charged album reminiscent of the Beastie Boys and RUN DMC era with some punk roots. So in early 2007, not knowing how crowds would react to their unique style of music, they set off across Texas. Drawing energetic crowds of over 300 people and sharing the stage with RA the Rugged Man, Abstract Rude, and Sun Spot Jonz of the Living Legends with amazing crowd response. (Cifer)"We went to Corpus Christi, never even been there, and the whole audience sang our songs back to us word for word...that's inspiring." This album sold 1000 copies in 3 months and confirmed they were on the right track.
So in 2008 they will release their highly anticipated second album together respectfully titled "Booze Brothers Syndicate"


Tattered Frame 2004
Dosage 2005
Jobs are for the Birds 2005
Decible Addiction 2007
Mano Del Diablo 2008

Set List

1. See Dick Drink 2. Puzzle 3. Belly up to the Bar 4. Shapes and Size 5. Stoned to the Soul 6. American Dream 7. Radio 8. Resilience of a Woman 9. Sock it to me Baby
Typical set lasts between 45 minutes to an hour with a 5 minute DJ intermission.