Booze Monkey

Booze Monkey


A two-piece acoustic-blues band that combines components from diverse musical influences into a package that is entertaining, fresh & familiar.


Booze Monkey is a two-piece acoustic-blues band.

Former Sanity Check Musec, Inc. (SCM) solo recording artist/producer BLUE sings, plays guitar and a homemade "stompbox". Joel "Spyder" Ludwig plays a fretless acoustic bass and double-bass.

Prior to forming Booze Monkey with Joel, BLUE released eight independent solo records as well as two modern rock records with the band METAL MACHINE and two industrial dance records with his multi-media creation Church Of Chaos. BLUE is also an award winning filmmaker and the composer of many soundtrack works. He has worked in many musical genres over the years, however always found himself returning to the blues. With Booze Monkey, he has decided to stay there.

Joel Ludwig was the long-time bass player for BLUE's live band "BLUE & the JADED". The JADED performed live with many different artists in support of BLUE's solo records throughout the 1990s.

Joel is a graduate of West VA University, a published poet, a long-time radio broadcast personality and SCM remix artist. He has also acted in several short films produced by SCM.

The Booze Monkey bass parts are always written and arranged with great care; they are never an after-thought. They provide a very distinct and dimensional sound to Booze Monkey's music.

BLUE (his real name) switches between resonator guitars and standard 6-string, alternating between finger-style, bottle neck and flat pick techniques. As a long-time multi-instrumentalist, his influence on Booze Monkey arrangements is diverse and often complex, but the limited number of instruments prevents the music from becoming pompous or losing its' entertaining focus.

Booze Monkey's music, and in turn its' live show, combines components of jazz, rock, folk, country, americana, bluegrass and rockabilly into a package that is succinctly blues.

Booze Monkey's live set consists of songs from throughout BLUE's catalogue, a few traditional blues covers, covers of songs written by fellow regional artists, and new songs that are specific to the band.

Their show incorporates humor, assured musicianship, a relaxed confidence gained from decades of combined experience and most importantly a sincere respect for both the music and their audience.


Old Soul

Written By: BLUE

I’m an old soul baby, I have been since day one
I’m an old soul baby, I have been since day one
I seem to age in dog years, My day starts with a setting sun

I’m an old soul baby, I been old since I was young
I’m an old soul baby, I been old since I was young
Been tired since I woke up, my song’s already been sung

I’m an old soul baby with truth behind the eyes
I’m an old soul baby, there’s truth behind these eyes
Experience and wisdom, they mile-mark these cries

I’m an old soul baby with a fresh new set of toys
I’m an old soul baby with a fresh new set of toys
The questions are familiar, the answer’s in the noise.

I’m an old soul baby, I have been since day one
I’m an old soul baby, I've been old since I was young
I seem to age in dog years, My song's already been sung.

Block Away Friend

Written By: Joel Ludwig & BLUE

There’s nothing like a 5 AM beach town
No cars no tourists and no sound
11th floor ocean view with sleep in my eyes
a coffee cup balcony shakin’ hands with the sunrise

A block away 10th floor with her back to the sea
Her view is just the other hotels and me
I glimpse her silhouette, eyes linger on curves
Her light’s extinguished to the sound of the surf

There’s 2 cups, 2 sugars and 2 creams
2 hand towels, 2 beds and 2 teas
there seem to be 2 of everything but me

The street lamp glistens on the boardwalk below
The salt it adds an amber tint to the glow
The green lights, red lights and yellow lights dance
With no one to enjoy the show

I find myself pondering duality
And I feel a bit lacking as one
I move my baggage to the bed by the door and I
I return to greet the sun

Chorus -> There’s only one of me

I light up another Camel I
I couldn’t get me a smoking room
From the balcony I glimpse my block away friend
Lighting up from across the gloom

We form an unspoken partnership
I sense that she is thinking as I
I wonder if she is counting amenities
Somewhere in the back of her mind

Chorus -> There’s only one of me


Written By: BLUE

You’re my jawbreaker baby, & I’m your everlasting sucker - 2x
You’ve done me wrong all along
And though wrong I still long
I long to be your lover

You’re like a candy cane
Long and lean
With a spin to your sweetness
You’re like bubble gum
Sugar fun
A taffy pull toss on two feet mess
You’re my apple pie
Apple in eye
Peppermint confection
You’re my soda pop
Lemon drop
Double dip obsession


I’ve been chewing on this for a while
I need to get off of your sweets
I seem to be failing the trial
I’m consumed with consuming your treats
You’ve broken down my enamel
You’re working down into the bone
I’m sore to the core
And I feel completely alone



BLUE released 8 solo records prior to forming Booze Monkey.

Booze Monkey released its' debut CD "Good Luck Mr. Gorsky" in March of 2003. It is available through all major record retailers.

"Run Linux Run!" is a 17 song, 72 minute live album recorded on July 3, 2003 at Goodfella's in Hampton, VA. It is only available via the Internet and Booze Monkey shows.

"Savannah Colors" is the second Live Booze Monkey CD, like "Run Linux Run!" it is only available in "fan circles", but will be available soon from CDBaby. It was recorded in a smaller venue and has an even more intimate sound, released December 31, 2003.

"Cool Side of the Pillow" is the second Booze Monkey studio CD and will be released in the Fall of 2004. "Cool Side of the Pillow" will also contain a DVD featuring live performances.

Set List

Booze Monkey is an original band, their repertoire currently boasts 52 songs, only 9 of which are popular cover songs (BMo covers a few relatively obscure songs by close friends).

Most of the songs come from their debut CD "Good Luck Mr. Gorsky" and from their forthcoming sophomore record "Cool Side of the Pillow".

The band also performs songs from throughout BLUE's solo catalogue.

The cover songs employed by the band are; "Hoochie Coochie Man", "Red House", "Folsom Prison Blues", "Boot Hill", "Killing Floor", "Heartbreak Hotel", "Born Under a Bad Sign" and "Rain on the Scarecrow", all of which are heavily rearranged to encompass the Booze Monkey sound.