Bop Alloy

Bop Alloy

 Seattle, Washington, USA
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Baritone vocals, fluid flows, and honest lyrics over hypnotic melodies and pounding drums defines the Bop Alloy sound. A sound and chemistry that feels familiar yet, one-of-a-kind.


Bop -noun - a synonym for Jazz but more specifically refers to bebop: early modern jazz developed in the early 1940s and characterized by often dissonant triadic and chromatic chords, fast tempos and eccentric rhythms, intricate melodic lines punctuated by pop-tune phrases, and emphasizing the inventiveness of soloists. ~
Alloy -noun - a mixture. synonym: fusion

The term "purist" has no place in music, since one genre often influences or gives birth to another genre every few years. Jazz purists are sometimes displeased with the genre being sampled by Hip-Hop artists, but no one can argue that it has inspired a new generation of Jazz enthusiasts. Bop Alloy, comprised of Baltimore, MD emcee Substantial and the Seattle, WA producer Marcus D, is the name that best describes the brand of hip-hop (labeled "Jazz Hop" by today's listeners) made popular by legendary groups like Gangstarr and A Tribe Called Quest. Bop Alloy haven't set out to be the next group of artists with a throwback sound, but to "make quality music that anybody, from any walk of life can enjoy," says Marcus D.

After several well received collaborations, such as "Day In The Life," featuring Steph and "Enjoy Yourself," the two have officially formed a duo and are putting the finishing touches on their debut album entitled Substantial & Marcus D are Bop Alloy (SMDABA). The highly anticipated LP will debut mid-2010. Leading up to the debut, they plan to release several 7" vinyl singles in Japan. A 2010 Japan Tour and spot dates in the US are already in the works, although details on the release remain a secret. To heighten the anticipation, the pair plan to release an exclusive song on Substantial's promotional download mix Wink - Something Substantial, which will be featured on several popular blogs and Web sites. SMDABA features guest appearances by Edgar Allen Floe (Justice League), Cise Starr (CYNE), Mr. SOS (formerly of CunninLynguists), Kokayi, Gods'Illa, Niles, and Mello D. Steph the Sapphic Songstress contributes the most of all the guests with choruses and background vocals on half of the album, adding to the already soulful sound-scape.

Substantial & Marcus D first began collaborating in 2007, soon after Sub returned to Maryland after living in Brooklyn, NY for nearly 10 years. MD was working on his debut release, Revival of the Fittest, when he first contacted Sub. Substantial instantly noticed similarities in MD's sound to Nujabes of Hyde Out Productions, with whom Substantial debuted. Sub knew that if the two continued to work together, it would be well received by fans who missed the sound of the early collabs with Hyde Out. When describing what it is like to work with MD, Sub said: "It's the type of relationship you want to have with your producer. You want them to be equally excited about the project and he is. I don't have to push him to be productive, he just is." Eventually, Tsunetake Ito of Tamashie Creations/Elevation signed both artists to his company in Japan and quickly began promoting the two, leading up to the inevitable release of their debut album.

Baritone vocals, fluid flows, and honest lyrics over hypnotic melodies and pounding drums defines the Bop Alloy sound. A sound and chemistry that feels familiar yet, one-of-a-kind. Marcus says, "The musical chemistry between Substantial & me easily transcends the phrase "frequent collaborators," but I think the most unique characteristic of our group is our substantial (no pun) difference in age, but our ability to interact on the same level as human beings, business partners, and musicians." Substantial adds, "I have experienced a lot of things in the music biz that makes most folks bitter, where Marcus D is a fresh face with a somewhat different outlook. This allows us to find a healthy middle-ground which is ideal for our growth as a unit. Needless to say we plan on making a major mark with this endeavor."


Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D)

o 2010: Substantial & Marcus D are Bop Alloy [JAPAN EDITION]
o 2010: Substantial & Marcus D are Bop Alloy [DELUXE EDITION]
o 2010: prePAIRED

o 2009: "Day in the Life" ft. Steph the Sapphic Songstress
o 2009: “I’m Here” featuring Kokayi & Gods’Illa
o 2010: “Recovery (Hold On)”
o 2010: “Still Think Different” b/w “Save the Day” [JAPAN]
o 2010: “Why the World Weeps” ft. Mello-D & Steph the Sapphic Songstress b/w “Universe Works” [JAPAN]
o 2010: “Jazzmatic” ft. Steph the Sapphic Songstress

Marcus D

o 2008: Revival of the Fittest
o 2010: Revival of the Fittest [JAPAN EDITION]
o 2010: Shoshin

o 2010: Substantial “U Were There” [Marcus D Remix] ft. JsouL
o 2010: Shing02 “Luv (Sic) Pt. 3” [Marcus D Remix]
o 2010: “Parallel Universe” ft. Shing02
o 2011: Shing02 “Luv (Sic) Pt. 5” Melencolia Remix by Marcus D & Peter Lee Johnson


o 2001: To This Union A Sun Was Born
o 2002: Happy F**k You Songs (w/ PackFM, Session, Tonedeff a.k.a. Extended Famm)
o 2003: Substantial Evidence (Mix)
o 2006: Sacrificial Lambs (The Prequel to Sacrifice)
o 2006: Substantial Collaborations Vol. 1 (Mix)
o 2008: Sacrifice
o 2008: QN5 RMX Vol. 4 (Mix)
o 2009: Substantial/Burns (with Burns)
o 2009: Substantial vs. Samurai Champloo
o 2010: Wink – Something Substantial (Mix)

o 2000: "Lyrical Terrorists" (with L Universe)
o 2000: "Home Sweet Home"
o 2000: "Remembering Dave"
o 2001: "KalitWutchaWon2"
o 2002: "If I Was Your Mic"
o 2004: "CIM"
o 2007: "Move 4 Me" (with Chew Fu)
o 2007: "At the Club" (with Chew Fu)
o 2007: "Resurrection of the House Party b/w That Damn Good [Remix] ft. Fresh Daily"
o 2008: "It's You (I Think) b/w QT"
o 2009: "My Favorite Things” b/w “Day in the Life" ft. Steph (with Marcus D)
o 2009: "Destination Sky" (with DJ Deckstream)
o 2009: “I’m Here” ft. Kokayi & Gods’Illa (with Marcus D)
o 2009: “The Memo (Move Me)” (with Burns)
o 2009: “The W.W.K.Y.A. Tour b/w Kno Remix” (with Burns & CunninLynguists)
o 2009: “Don’t Stop”
o 2010: “Still Think Different”/ “Save the Day” (with Marcus D) [JAPAN]
o 2010: “U Were There” Remix featuring JsouL (with Substantial)


o 2007: "Resurrection of the House Party/That Damn Good (Remix) featuring Fresh Daily
o 2008: "It's You (I Think)"
o 2009: "My Favorite Things" featuring Steph


o 2000: Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme