Bop City Pacific

Bop City Pacific

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Bop City is a team of Berkeley/Oakland bred performers and producers devoted to music, entertainment, enterprise and education. Individually and collectively, we have traveled the globe. We’ve found that the soul of our music is in the soul of many countries and cultures.


Bop City’s mission is to capture life, politics, passion, angst, joy, pain, love and family witin the lyrics we write, the songs we produce and the performances we present.

What is Bop City?

Bop City, where we dwell: It’s a place where the neo-funk smellz. A place I can shout out loud while not offending the crowd. Bop City is not physical. It’s a meta-phyzical, spiritual, where artists get lifted, everyday folk come to kick it and get twisted. Bop City is a state of mental, where booty, beauty, politics and passion, a dash of joy, a pinch of pain, a lot a’ love and la raza are intertwined into the delicious…bopalicious.


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