Bop Social

Bop Social


Epic, Full to the brim, Poetic, Dark, Makes you want to move your dancing feet, Urgent,


It all started modestly enough. Tom and Piers had been knocking around south London writing songs together. Ex Trinity Jazz man Colin traded slide trombone for a pair of sticks and a friend of a friend put them in a room. Around about the same time a couple of drifters from higher climbs awoke to find themselves in the belly of the capital. They were Jonny and Bessel. Last September, on a drizzly night in a crumbling East London warehouse the five congregated around a two bar heater. Bop Social was born. A year on and the boys have a bagful of seriously big tunes, a few gigs under their belts and a few coming up. All the while brewing more Epic indie belters from their Brixton HQ. Looks like things are about to get a beautifully louder.


Lost Stars

Written By: Tom Leahy Bop Social

Come, come colour me in
I'm on a sugar comedown
And my cloud kicked in
I'm on the walk of shame again.

Love, luck paint me crown
Before the ring a ring roses
All fall down
A little pick me up
I can call on now

We are tipping scales
and I cant fit in
Top and tails
We're all touching skin
As the weight of the world
Squeezes in

Touch, touch me on face
Tell me your favouritist story
and your bestest place
How your talents exceed this place

Well I'm tired and I want to go home
Just think on myself upon the fall of Rome
I got fooled by these stars
To sell out on what I own

Now noons reeling its back to us now
and the full moon is a little bugged out
As the last supper is lacking in taste
The rabbit beat the tortoise in the rat race
I'm running as fast as I can
To get to you
To get to land
As we keep riding on beggars belief

Hush now child with child
Hush now child with child

We are at the last star
Waiting in line like a lost soul
Screaming out from the black hole
So listen for the coming


Bop Social first EP out on 21st feb via Itunes.