Box of Rocks

Box of Rocks

 Delray Beach, Florida, USA

Tired of loud obnoxious bands that scare your patrons away or somber boring strummers who put them to sleep? Its time to party with BOX OF ROCKS! The perfect fit when you need originality to rock your party or fill a bar with happy patrons. Box of Rocks... "The Best in Acoustic Rock And Beyond!"


"The Best In Acoustic Rock & Beyond!"

A band that plays all kinds of songs, all kinds of genres, from all kinds of eras sure sounds original. And with a line-up that combines acoustic guitars, sweet harmonies, bass, and percusssion to propel the music in a truly unique fashion many would agree. The thing that really makes "Box of Rocks" original though is the true enthusiasm with which they perform. On stage "BOR" (as their fans call them) share a commitment to having fun with every note they play... and it's this contageous devotion that has made them one of South Florida's hottest bar bands in recent years.

Maybe its their "focus on fun", maybe its their promise never to deliver a dull set list, or maybe its Box of Rocks call for fans to join them in one of their legendary "social drinks!" Whatever it is... Box of Rocks has earned a reputation for being THE band to call when a "typical cover band" will not do and you need a special acoustic oriented but rocking group of guys to make a private party one to remember or to fill a bar with happy cheering patrons. Original? You bet! Fun? For Sure! Whatever it is.. there is a reason those who have expereinced a Box of Rocks show have called them.. "The Best In Acoustic Rock..and Beyond!"



Written By: Berlo


Jessie doesn’t want to say goodbye.
She hates planes.
But she’ll take a ride on a train or a motorcycle any other day.
She doesn’t want to see the world from way up high.
She only wants to see the world blur by.
And every time I think of what she’s got I have to smile.

Little words become so simplified.
Shining like a little star. Shine away
Firefly light my way (Natural Light)
Firefly light my way

She don’t take no for an answer.
She’ll face the cold to go outside.
To spend some time inside her world would be just fine.

Natures course becomes electrified.
Shining like a little star. Shine away
Firefly light my way (Natural Light)
Firefly light my way


Firefly light my way (Natural Light)
Firefly light my way
Firefly light my way (Natural Light)
Firefly light my way


All For The Story (w/Berlo)
It's All About Progress
Live @ the Tree Fort
Live @ the Tree Fort II
It's All About Bill

Set List

BOX OF ROCKS – Sample Song List 2012

B.O.R. plays an eclectic mix of acoustic rock oriented covers from all eras and decades highlighted by a few select tunes showcasing some of our original music if appropriate. We have over 150 tunes in our regular repertiore so we can adapt our song selection to your audience's needs:

•Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More -Allman Brothers
•All Along The Watchtower- Bob Dylan
•All For The Story- Berlo
•Amazing -Josh Kelly
•Bad Moon Rising -CCR
•Bad Bad LeRoy Brown -Jim Croce
•Ballad of Curtis Lowe -Lynard Skynard
•Ballad of Jenny Rae -The BoDeans
•Blister In The Sun -Violent Femmes
•Bohemian Like You – Dandy Warhols
•Breakdown -Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
•Break-Up Song -Greg Kihn Band
•Brian Wilson -Barenaked Ladies
•Brown Eyed Girl -Van Morrison
•Bury Me -Berlo
•Can’t You See -Marshall Tucker Band
•Change Our Minds -Berlo
•City Of New Orleans -Arlo Guthrie
•Closing Time -Semi-Sonic
•Cool Water -Willy Porter
•Counting Blue Cars -