Bora Yoon

Bora Yoon


"a digital wonderwoman.." -- Sekou Sundiata


. : b o r a y o o n is a performance artist, composer, and multi-instrumental sound architect.

Innovating everyday found objects, ancient and traditional instruments, and electronics in various permutations and sound environments, she currently tours her experimental soundwork with poet Sekou Sundiata (the 51st (dream) state, BAM Next Wave Festival, Walker Art Center, Melbourne Intl. Arts Festival), tabla artist Suphala (protégé of Zakhir Hussein), and DJ Spooky (Subliminal Strings, Festival Sons D'Hiver) —and has performed with Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble members, guitarist Kaki King (Velour Music, Sony), members of Bang On A Can All Stars, NY Fringe, multimedia artist Luke Dubois (Harvestworks, Columbia), and beatbox artists Adam Matta and Taylor McFerrin.

Original works include live acoustic stereophonic sound-murals for 7 sopranos on bicycles in Brooklyn's 55,000 sq. ft. empty McCarren Pool for site-specific dance piece Agora II, the live sound score for aerial dance piece Rapture on Frank Gehry architecture with choreographer Noémie Lafrance, and has performed internationally from Melbourne to Paris to New York including the Guggenheim Museum, Carnegie Hall, Tonic, John Zorn's The Stone, Roselee Goldberg's PERFORMA Arts Biennial, MTV Networks, and universities across the country. She has curated performers for the experimental music/film SummerScreen series, premiered a new one-woman experimental opera by Paul Steven Ray, and has garnered awards from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Billboard, and the Arion Music Award committee.

Future plans include designing a site-specific choral piece featuring the acoustics of Lincoln Center Plaza, collaborations with Tod Machover (MIT Music & Media Lab), the Seoul Arts Festival in Korea, and forthcoming EP Sons Nouveau due for release in August 2007.

[BMI] [GRAMMY / Recording Academy Member]

"... she's like music...with a body." --Allison Sniffin (Meredith Monk Vocal Ensemble, multiphonic phonator)

"... a digital wonderwoman.." -- Sekou Sundiata

" new favorite thing in the whole world." -- Kaki King


Molten Lava

Written By: Bora Yoon

Driving past the horizon of Home
Watching the smoke stacks give birth unto the sky
Like Guinness, my thoughts sift and settle
to the bottom of the glass

The farther I drive, the farther the web
and the clearer the picture gets
But the more I drive away is
the more I feel at home
That's when they say, they say I fall away away..

But molten lava keeps running
down my heart unto the ocean floor
where the writing still keeps
and seeps into the paintbrush of voices
which call, call out to me
but I'm fine, I said I'm alright
I just haven't swam in awhile

The streets are laid out and mapped out like veins
and the stopsigns my pulse
All searching for the city of lights
where it all flows from

There's so much food on my plate that I cannot eat
and there's so much to say that i can only look
looking so far ahead that I can't even see
the windshield right in front of me

Am I holding on, am I holding it in?
Am I growing up or am i giving in
to the ceiling of Impossible?

The fluorescent lights and the big trucks and diners
I'd love to watch watches as they burn for awhile
cuz there are things you just think
and things you don't say
but i know, i love no less..

But molten lava keeps,
keeps running down my heart
unto that bathroom wall where
the writing still keeps and seeps
unto the thighs of my legs
cuz I know, I wrote it there

and if nobody sees, then it truly must be sincere
Then it truly, must be sincere.

Poetry vs. Coincidence

Written By: Bora Yoon

In the parenthesis of your thoughts
Look down, wise up
Reflect it, or refract it
To what you wanna see and what is really there
Cuz is it yours or is it just eye candy?

I almost touched you that day, like I
almost a work of art
Over your legs, your neck, your lips, legs and heart
As something revered as through
the window of lost but
a courtly kiss of the fingers
was just the cheap cost

So please, don’t act over your skin just for me
Cuz to me, I thought it was something
But to you I guess it was just anyday
But maybe I’m crazy, but you tell me please
Where do you draw the line between
Coincidence and Poetry..

I laid down the length of your piano that day
Like words sleep on music
And I looked up at the bubbles as they passed
Sifting and settling what it all meant as you played

But can you do this with her
You’re so safe with her
It’s so easy to be sensible, it’s so easy to be safe
But who will challenge you late at night
And who will fight back at you when you fight
Are you scared
Are you threatened
Are you up for the real thing yet

So please, don’t act over your skin just for me
Cuz to me, I thought it was something
But to you I guess it was just anyday
So maybe I’m crazy, but you tell me please—
Where do you draw the line between
Coincidence and Poetry?


Written By: Written by Jakobína Sigurdardottir, arranged by Bjork, adapted by Bora Yoon

Performed by Bora Yoon with NYC Melodia Women's Choir

Bærinn minn
bærinn minn og þinn
sefur sæll í kyrrð
fellur mjöll
hljótt í húmi á jörð
grasið mitt
grasið mitt og þitt
geymir mold til vors

Hjúfrar lind
leynt við brekkurót
vakir eins og við
lífi trútt
kyrrlátt kalda vermsl
augum djúps
útí himinfyrrð
starir stillt um nótt

Langt í burt
vakir veröld stór
grimmum töfrum tryllt
óttast nótt og dag
augu þín
óttalaus og hrein
brosa við mér björt

Vonin mín
blessað brosið þitt
vekur ljóð úr værð
hvílist jörð
hljóð í örmum snæs
lokar augum blám
litla stúlkan mín


Sound Nouveau [2006] -- soundscape EP -- Kaki King tour, December 2006

Proscenium [2003]*-- Award winning 2nd full-length solo album

apArtments [2001] -- local compilation of great and varied artists in Upstate New York.

JAAM [2000] -- Mutant Soul Records, Experimental jazz/trip-hop album, featured track w/ Access 58 (UK) and Gerd (Netherlands).

Bora Yoon [1999]* -- Debut solo album

* available at Apple iTunes and


.: 'Molten Lava' Music Video [Yellowbird Productions, NYC]
--broadcast on MTV Networks and MTV Labs.

.:Womyn Unsilenced: Award winning documentary on the lives of 5 women

H O N O R S & A W A R D S

.: Winner of the 2002 International John Lennon Songwriting Contest

.: Winner of the 11th annual Billboard Songwriting Contest (Jazz Division)

.: Arion Music Award recipient

Set List

Carnegie Hall, Isaac Stern Auditorium, NYC
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC
Angel Orensantz Foundation of the Arts, NYC
St. John the Divine Cathedral, NYC
The Gatehouse : Aaron Davis Hall, NYC
Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center NYC
Symphony Space, NYC

Black + White Gallery, Chelsea NYC
Museum of Jewish Heritage
Rubin Museum, NYC
Leslie-Lohmann Gallery
Stephen Weiss / DKNY Studio, NYC
John Zorn's STONE, NYC
Tonic, NYC

McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn NY
Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn NY
Monkeytown Art Space, Brooklyn NY

Spiegeltent, Bard College, New York
The Collective Unconscious, NYC
The Knitting Factory, NYC
Makor NYC
HERE Arts Center, NYC
The Rotunda, Philadelphia PA
Mahaiwe Arts Centre, Great Barrington MA
Zeiterion Theatre, New Bedford MA
The Hothouse, Chicago IL
State Theatre, NJ
West One Four, London UK
Acoustic Cafe, SoHo London UK
The Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London UK
Thor's Pub, Marseilles France
Melheur, Berlin G