We're a pop-punk band from Stoughton, MA.
We play music, we have fun, we hope to do it full-time someday.
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Don't Show Up

Written By: Borderland

I’ve come to my conclusions,
there’s no turning me around.
You’ve always been a ball and chain
to which my feet are bound.

So right now lets just face the facts,
your worthless with your senseless acts.
Your slant I never put to mind,
your tangled up in talk.
You’ve always been a waste of time I better
watch the clock.

Don’t ever think you knew what I’m all about,
you never cared before; with me you’ll live without.
I have things how I like them so don’t come my way.
You leave things torn apart, destroyed, in disarray.

So next time I’m on your mind,
don’t stoop to think of those times…
I cared for you, went out of my way…
You could give a fuck!

Don’t show up at my door step!
Don’t show your face around here!

Get In The Van

Written By: Borderland

up on the roof of canton high
talking about how we hate our lives,
all these shitty people that we can’t stand,
remember the time I almost quit the band,

I wonder if it’ll ever change
Or if we’ll fucking die this way
Alone in Massachusetts
With maxed out credit cards
that I’ll never pay

I don’t care where we go
I just gatta get away from here
and do what I was meant to do
Every dream I ever had
Is relying on the fact that we’ll never
Have to go back

I don’t stand a chance behind a desk
Working nine to five
Crunching numbers
In a suit and tie

This cant be all there is for me
Theres still so much I haven’t seen
Lets take this band
Get in the van
You’ll never see this face again


Summer 08' Demo (4 songs)
Borderland Sucks EP (8 songs, 2009)

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