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Hooksett, New Hampshire, United States | INDIE

Hooksett, New Hampshire, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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"Borderline Eleven: Read Between The Lines"

Borderline Eleven: Read Between The Linesby Joe Viglione February - 14 - 2011

It’s not an earthquake in Hooksett, New Hampshire, it’s the release of a nine-song CD by the area’s favorite sons, Borderline Eleven. Outside of some acoustics, as on the final track “2 A.M.”, the group offers a non-stop onslaught of heavy guitar battling spitfire vocals of Dan Charpentier (who also plays rhythm). The riffs are inventive and the four band mates – backing vocalist/drummer Andy Mason, backing vocalist/bassist Joe Campbell and lead guitar/backing vocalist Luke Mason – do have a sound that shows the potential to blossom in a great way.

“The Fight” is brash while “747” has nuances that cry out for stronger production. The lyrics are pretty good on this one too, and with anticipated jamming on the club scene that distinctness should be pushing through the rumblings…especially as they spend more time in the studio. The press kit says they’ve been jamming since 2005 and with six of the nine tunes coming in under the four minute mark they have the pop sensibility needed to keep that general audience which appears to have a more limited attention span clued-in on their gospel.

In 2006 they had a six song E.P., Pacific Wasteland, and though the music has remained intact the production a few years later is more refined. As they get their chops in the studio the works should improve even more.

When religion fuses with Rock & Roll it is more fun when it is understood but not thrown in your face. The Rolling Stones “Shine A Light” (said by producer Jimmy Miller to have been written by the late Billy Preston), even George Harrison’s extravagant-in-sound “Awaiting On You All” as opposed to being so overt with “My Sweet Lord.” I’d be more impressed if this group covered “Awaiting On You All” and toned down the religious rhetoric on the webpage…just an older critic giving a word of advice.

A song like “Before You Go” will have more impact when keeping church and state separate…just one opinion, for all its worth. But what do I know? Borderline Eleven is a band with much promise and a superb effort to launch things from.

Joe Viglione is the Chief Film Critic at He was a film critic for Al Aronowitz’s The Blacklisted Journal, has written thousands of reviews and biographies for, and produces and hosts Visual Radio. Visual Radio is a fifteen year old variety show on cable TV which has interviewed John Lennon’s Uncle Charlie, Margaret Cho, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, Felix Cavaliere, Marty Balin, Bill Press and hundreds of other personalities.

- Joe Viglione -

"Borderline Eleven - Review"


Borderline Eleven is a punk rock band from Hooksett/Boscawen/Webster, NH. They have recently released their album Read Between The Lines. There style is like a younger Blink 182. The songs are catchy and well structured. A nice tone on the guitar by Luke Mason with little "licks" here and there. The drummer, Andrew Mason, is not trying to reinvent a new drumming style, but he is doing exactly what is needed (sort of like what Ringo was for the Beatles) and that is perfect. The vocals delivered by Dan Charpentier have that blend of whinny and passion; a good mix for this punk lifestyle. Joe Campbell is brining in the low end and does a great job and could stand to be turned up in the mix.

I would bet 1000 bucks that Borderline Eleven would be very fun to see live. However, the recordings seem to have been recorded by someone who was slightly new in recording. The panning is done strangely, stuff seems to be hard panned left/right, or centered. The vocals could have been thicker. Despite the recording issues, this album is worth checking out. If Borderline Eleven have one, I would love to hear a live album. -

"I love this albummm!!! ****"

"I love this album and I love these boys. They put a lot of hard work and A LOT of time and patience into this album. Congrats. For a little band from NH, these guys will blow your mind! "
- B11NumberOneFan, iTunes Customer Reviews - "Read Between The Lines" (Jan 04, 2011) - iTunes Customer Reviews - "Read Between The Lines" (1/4/2011)

"Junior's Cave Music Interview with Borderline Eleven * Music Now Spotlight"

We are always thrilled to bring back great music like these guys. Borderline Eleven is a fan favorite of our publication. We just love their Pop Punk sound. In this follow up interview, we discover what the guys been up to and what new materials we have to look forward from Borderline Eleven. Enjoy!

Isaac: Welcome back guys!! The band has been quite busy since we last interviewed you at Junior’s Cave (click here to read our first interview with the band: ).

Isaac: For those readers who did not get an opportunity to check out the first interview three years ago, can you give us a brief history of the band and where the name Borderline Eleven came from? (There a cute history to the band’s origin.)

B11: We started out in November, 2005, after Dan and Joe finished playing freshman football, just wanting to jam for something fun to do in our spare time. We asked Andy to come in on drums and after playing covers for a while realized we needed something else to round out our sound. Andy said his older brother could play guitar, so we asked Luke to join us. After a few sessions, he decided that even as geeky teenagers we were cool enough for him, so he officially signed on. It basically took all of 2006 to figure out who we were and what our music would be like, even releasing our first EP from demo tracks to satisfy fan demand. In 2007, we won our school’s battle of the bands as well as a local battle, and that got us started with serious gigging.

As to the band name, we actually did our first concert in 2006 as "Turning Point", but when we researched the name to make it officially ours, there were too many other bands with the same or similar name, so we had to find something new. After a few weeks of brainstorming, we were sitting at practice one night throwing out more crazy ideas when we laughed about wanting to get so big that we could create our own amps with dials that would go past 10 all the way to… 11. So there it was! On a scale of 1 to 10, we are "Borderline Eleven".

Isaac: What do you think keeps the drive, determination, and heart alive to keep making the music that you guys are creating currently?

B11: It’s the passion to do something you love. When someone tells you that you can’t make it or you aren’t good enough, you can either give up or use that as motivation to push yourself. We think support from fans and family is the motivation that keeps us and any artist going. You just have to love doing the things that you work hard at, and we just have a passion for music.

Isaac: What do you think has been the biggest accomplishment that the band has achieved since we last spoke to you guys three years ago?

B11: Well, as we are still an unknown band, getting booked to play with major artists like ELEVENTYSEVEN, THE FOLD, THE CLASSIC CRIME, EVERYDAY SUNDAY, AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, JOHN REUBEN, BOBBY BISHOP, and RECYCLED PERCUSSION! And of course, signing with the record label to release our debut CD.

Isaac: One of the exciting things that is happening is the releasing of the band’s debut CD this winter. Walk us through the process of what it took to get to this point?

B11: Dan’s mom found a link to the record label online and requested an evaluation of our music. We submitted a rough draft of “Not Coming Back”, and they liked it. We actually didn’t accept the contract on the first go and continued on the path of self-releasing the CD. As the anticipated costs continued to mount and we felt unable to complete the project on our own, we revisited their offer and decided to sign on. It feels like it has been a long, long year working toward completion because there are just so many elements and decisions that go into something like this, not to mention endless forms, but we finally saw our debut CD, “Read Between The Lines”, released nationally on January 4, 2011!!

Isaac: If you had an opportunity to play live anywhere in the world, where would you play at and why?

B11: Hmmm… Europe has definitely always been a place we’d love to play. We think the UK just has such a fascination and diverse music scene, and to play a live show there would be a dream come true! (Mom would love to travel to Australia and get us booked at the Sydney Opera House -- it’s a cool venue in a very awesome place!).

Isaac: Where can we access more information about the band, merch, concert dates, and other important stuff?

B11: Our major online profile is which is constantly updated. Fans who want to receive our online newsletter can opt in here also. There is an EPK available at the record label’s site, and it can be viewed here: . Then there’s Facebook, MySpace... heck, just Google us and find us everywhere!

Isaac: List five reasons why you are thankful for the opportunity to be in a band and make music…

B11: Haha, well, we could give you an entire book as to why we’re thankful for the opportunity to produce our own music and perform on stage. Honestly, being able to reach fans with something they can relate to and enjoy is the most rewarding thing we’ve experienced. We’re so thankful for the ability to write music and express ourselves through it and have it as an escape whenever we need it. It’s helped us to meet people we never would have known within the music industry and in everyday life. We’re so grateful every time we step on a stage to perform. There’s nothing like seeing a crowd of people who came to see and hear what you’re about.

Isaac: Final thoughts for Borderline Eleven….

B11: Firstly, thank you, Juniors Cave, for your interest in getting the word out about us to your readers. Your support is awesome! We appreciate the fans that have joined our band family in the first five years and look forward to making new friends and fans in the years to come. We hope that people who purchase the CD will enjoy it and tell many friends about it. The success of this one will determine how soon our sophomore album can come about or if it will at all. Pre-sales are taking place directly with the label at , we have a supply on hand as well for our gigs, and then national distribution of CDs and digital downloads began on January 4, 2011. We wish to thank all who will hold the Sacred Disc of Awesomeness in their hands, furthering its quest for world domination. Word.

Also, we are on iTunes, and Amazon MP3, CDBaby and many, many other places on the WWW. Your readers can get lots of links from our profile at Reverbnation and also - Juniors Cave, 1/23/2011

"Rock 'N Ribfest celebrates its fifth year"

[Pertinent parts of this article are reprinted below. Visit link for full article.]

MERRIMACK – The Rotary Club of Nashua West will host its fifth annual Rock ’N Ribfest on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Anheuser-Busch in Merrimack. More than 20,000 people attended this family-oriented event last year.

...There will be entertainment all weekend long for children and adults starting with a Teen Band Competition on Friday at 4 p.m.

Eight area teen bands are honing their craft to perform on stage during the Friday night Teen Band Competition. Four of the eight bands performed in 2006, bringing crowds to their feet, playing both cover and original songs.

This year, the competition began in early March as bands began assembling their audition materials and submitted demo CDs to Rotary West’s selection committee. The bands were selected based on their sound, style, lyrics and the likelihood that they’ll get the Ribfest crowd rockin’. There won’t be any audience voting this year, however. Instead, representatives from the Nashua Pride and Nashua’s Summerfest will be on hand to book the performers for additional concerts during the summer.

Thanks to the generosity of Teen Band Competition sponsor Eaton & Berube Insurance, these talented musicians, ranging in age from 12-19, will be performing throughout the evening. The bands are Alter Insignia, Far Fetched, Bang Bang, Myself Falling Sideways, Stubblefield, Borderline Eleven, The Double Yellow and Card Castle Ruins.

Link to full article:
- Nashua Telegraph, Nashua, NH - Monday, June 18, 2007

"Spicy meat, grilled meat and saucy meat"

[Pertinent parts of this article are reprinted below.]

And now for the ‘Rock’
It just wouldn’t be a Rock ‘N Ribfest without the rock.

This year’s Rock ‘N Ribfest will feature a teen band competition, along with six other bands that will perform throughout the three-day festival.The stage will be covered allowing performances to continue regardless of weather conditions.

The teen band competition, on Friday, June 22, 4 to 8 p.m., will feature eight under-age, family-oriented bands: Alter Insignia, a rock and metal band from northeast New Hampshire; Bang Bang, an alternative acoustic rock band from Merrimack; Borderline Eleven, a Christian rock and punk rock band from Hooksett; Card Castle Ruins, an alternative and indie rock band from Nashua; Far Fetched, an alternative rock band from Merrimack; Myself Falling Sideways, an alternative jam band with hip-hop elements, from Merrimack; Stubblefield, an alternative classic rock and blues band from Hudson, and The Double Yellow, a rock band from Nashua.

For full article, visit - The Hippo Press, Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Junior's Cave New Music Now Spotlight:"

New Music Now Spotlight: Borderline Eleven

Published: January 04, 2008 10:41 PM EST
By: Isaac Joseph Davis Junior

Punk / Pop [photo tag]

Punk Music has never sounded better than with the Pop Punk Band Borderline Eleven. The group first came together in November of 2005 as a way to do something to kill some time but quickly turned into something that each member decided they wanted to pursue further. Now the Southern New Hampshire band is gaining fans in the Indie music industry with their melodic punk style of music. Check out a recent Q & A that I did with the band recently when I had a chance to review their EPK (Electronic Press Kit) on Sonicbids (Online Music Resource Community).

Isaac-Joseph: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview for the magazine. I wanted to first start off by asking you guys to announce the members of the band and your positions with the band.

Borderline Eleven:

Dan Charpentier—Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Luke Mason—Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
Joe Campbell—Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals
Andrew Mason—Drums, Sometimes Vocals

Isaac-Joseph: You guys were formed in 2005. What have been some of the biggest changes since you first began as a band in 2005?

Borderline Eleven: Our musicianship has gotten tighter, and our songwriting has definitely improved. Hey, the fact that we ARE seriously songwriting! When we first started, we did mostly covers and fooled around with our own stuff.

Isaac-Joseph: I really like the name Borderline Eleven. Who originally came up with the concept of the name and what is its meaning?

Borderline Eleven: We actually did one concert as "Turning Point", but when we researched the name to make it officially ours, there were too many other bands with the same or similar name, so we had to find something new. We were sitting at practice throwing out all kinds of crazy ideas when we laughed about wanting to get so big that we could create our own amps with dials that would go past 10 all the way to… 11. There it was! Soooo, on a scale of 1 to 10, we are "Borderline Eleven".

Isaac-Joseph: The Internet is an integral part of many new bands’ success. What role do you feel that the Internet has played in your own success of getting your music across to the masses?

Borderline Eleven: The Internet has been HUGE in our growth! From communities like MySpace, Celebrate, and FaithFreaks to all the .com radio stations, podcasts, and e-zines, it has been amazing. Who would have thought that a young indie band from New Hampshire could have their music played on stations based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cape Cod and elsewhere in their first year! As of this interview, we have been in the number one spot for requested songs on since December 15, 2007. We are also on as well as other stations, and we get requests for gigs through MySpace often. Having an electronic press kit that can be constantly updated, emailed or viewed online is so much easier to use than the typical hard kit. And e-zines like Juniors Cave give widespread exposure with the simple click of a mouse! We have only begun to learn about all the opportunities available to musicians on the Web, and more appear almost every day!

Isaac-Joseph: I read in your bio that you actually where invited to play in church on a regular basis anything that you guys wanted. How was that experience working and performing weekly in the church? What were some of the highpoints about performing for this type of crowd?

Borderline Eleven: Well, this is the church where we met each other. Once a month, they would host an open mic night, and that's where we started to try out our own stuff. We would do a cover or two and then play a song we had just finished writing and then end with more covers. People were actually very receptive to our own music and were very encouraging, telling us to keep going, that they liked our stuff. Each month we would add another new song, sometimes finished, sometimes still a work in progress, sometimes messed up in performance. But they were our testing ground, encouraged us, and kept saying we were welcomed to come back whenever we wanted. It was a safe and nurturing environment. They were very gracious through our mistakes and jitters. They really affirmed us. Not sure where we would have found the opportunities to test all this out to see if we had something people would like had it not been for them.

Isaac-Joseph: One of the reasons that I love this band is that you guys make a conscientious effort to have clean lyrics. How important are clean lyrics for you as a band?

Borderline Eleven: Well, we have our Christian backgrounds to thank for that. There are a lot of secular bands out there that we basically like, but there were a lot of problems for us with either their subject matter or the profanity in the lyrics. So we wanted to put music out there in the styles that we personally like but with lyrics and topics that would be positive and uplift, not embarrass or offend. We also are pretty selective with our covers. We listen very critically. If a song has profanity or even one line of reference to a lifestyle choice we don’t want to promote, we won’t do it, no matter how much fun it would be to play. Basically, if we proclaim that Jesus Christ guides our lives but then do raunchy or tasteless stuff, that's pretty hypocritical, dishonoring of Him and us; sets a bad example and makes our witness a joke. We're trying to show you don’t need dirty lyrics to have fun making good music.

Isaac-Joseph: In August of 2006, your first EP was released. What have learned as musicians since you released that EP and what responses have you received from fans about this EP?

Borderline Eleven: Our fans ate the EP up. In September of 2006, we let a friend borrow a rough copy and the CD circulated around her school. A few weeks later, they requested us to perform at an upcoming school event and we sold lots more that night. It was our first group following of any type, and it was pretty exciting for us that early on—another confirmation that we were on the right track. As musicians, we are constantly trying to figure out our style, as all four of us like different kinds of music and trying to blend them into our songwriting makes for some creative, crazy musical sessions! It's been over a year since the EP was released, and as it is our only CD to date, fans are looking for the new stuff that we've been doing in our shows over the past year. Between school, homework, sports, jobs, and gigs, getting into the studio has been a challenge. As has getting the moolah [money] we need for studio time and CD duplication....

Isaac-Joseph: What would you say has been the biggest achievement for Borderline Eleven in 2007?

Borderline Eleven: Considering that we are typical young American guys aged 16, 17, 18 & 22, it’s probably that we actually gelled as a band and got serious with the time for regular rehearsing, songwriting, and gigging with everything else going on in our lives. We thought we'd be doing great if we managed 10 gigs in the year. We actually finished in November with 30 gigs on the books, so that was pretty cool.

Isaac-Joseph: What advice do you have for others who are just getting started in the music biz?

Borderline Eleven: Well, as we are pretty much getting started ourselves, we don't have a lot of experience or advice. But just figure out what you want to do, get down to work and approach it seriously. If you’re looking to do it as a job, there is a lot to learn; and you really have to treat it like a job to make it anywhere. Keep your eyes open for any gigs possible, but do your homework on where and what the gig is. For your first gigs, it’s best to pick places where people will be forgiving of mistakes or nervousness—we've had plenty of both! And if you're lucky enough to have parents or others who support you and help guide you along the way, then respect their efforts and even listen to them once in a while. They can see you from a different view and might pick up on things you don’t. They certainly have your best interests at heart. Event organizers have actually been surprised to deal with us through a manager, and without her we wouldn’t be nearly as far along as we are today, so don’t be afraid to let a parent or adult friend help you with things like booking and merchandise. Dan's mom keeps us on track and does our booking so we can focus on the music and improving the elements of our show.

Isaac-Joseph: What can we look forward to in the year 2008 from the band?

Borderline Eleven: We are really praying that we will make it into the studio to record and release our first full-length CD. We are about half way there with the songs we need, so our songwriting needs to continue, too. We are always working on expanding our gig schedule, so we hope to at least match, if not exceed, the number of gigs we had last year.

Isaac-Joseph: This is what we call our Shout Out time. Give props to anyone and everyone that matters.

Borderline Eleven: Wow, there are so many people to thank! We've had some anonymous angels step forward this year to help us out financially, so we'd like to acknowledge them—they know who they are. Our managers and roadies Ron and Monica—how would we ever get to our gigs without Ron's van or be held together without his duct tape?! (We like the blue tape...anyways…) Then there are our families who are at as many of our shows as possible—the Masons and the Campbells. It’s always great to see their familiar faces in the crowds—especially when we play far from home, like Connecticut! Kudos to Oasis Christian Church who embraced and helped birth us; John P. and his great work recording our songs for the EP, Steve and Chris who stepped in as our unofficial official gig sound guys, and Ben who miraculously stretched some donated funds into an awesome sound system; Luke's new wife Sarah whose future as a band wife is yet to be experienced; sis Kelsey and friends Mandy and Mary who have manned our merch table so willingly and graciously, as well as friends like Nate who have tagged along just to help carry our stuff around; the event organizers who trustingly took us on for their events, had a great time and asked us to return, and local merchants who put our posters in their storefronts. And all our awesome friends and fans who have supported our efforts by coming to shows, buying CDs and t-shirts, taking concert pictures, and promoting us on their websites. It wouldn’t be nearly as much fun doing this without their excitement and support.

Isaac-Joseph: This has been the best Shout-Out EVER!

Isaac-Joseph: Shameless Plugs: Reveal any new releases, tour dates, guest appearance, or anything else that you would want us to know about...

Borderline Eleven: As we are coming out of a month of time off in December and with 2008 just beginning, we'd like to encourage your readers to stay in touch with our activities by visiting our websites regularly: and All our developing band news and updated gig schedule will be posted on those sites. Please tell a friend or two or eleven about our band, request us on the Internet radio stations, and tell more people about who we are and what we are doing! Drop us a note AND lots of hits and spins on MySpace which could just help us be a featured artist on the site one day!! We appreciate all the support as we grow. God bless everyone. Remember, following Jesus is the most punk rock thing you can do!!!!

Borderline Eleven's EPK on

Link to Article:

- Junior's Cave * Friday, January 4, 2008

"Keeping It Clean - Borderline Eleven offers up family-friendly shows"

By Erica Febre -

Music can carry a very powerful message — positive or negative — to its listeners.

Borderline Eleven is a group of young pop alternative punk rockers from Concord who have decided to keep their message clean for several reasons.

Borderline Eleven, a four-piece, is Dan Charpentier, 16, on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Luke Mason, 22, on lead guitar and backup vocals; Andrew Mason, 17, on drums, and Joe Campbell, 16, on bass and backup vocals. Monica Charpentier, Dan’s mother, acts as manager and “band mom” for Borderline Eleven.

“They want to promote a positive image. So, they keep those parameters that they don’t use foul language and they keep everything clean. It’s family-safe music that won’t offend anyone,” Monica Charpentier said.

Borderline Eleven may be aware of the message that goes into their music, but there’s more to it than that. Growing up in the church and starting their stage appearances at the church’s weekly open mike, they’ve also been raised in a Christian state of mind.

“We don’t want to keep it hidden that we are Christians and certainly don’t want to deceive anyone. We do write about a lot of other things, as most bands, and the Christian message isn’t overpowering in any of our music,” Andrew Mason said.

Borderline Eleven got its start in church but has since played a variety of shows with a number of bands, none of them really falling under the Christian rock label that Borderline Eleven prefers for itself.

They’ve played several battle-of-the-bands scenarios, at music venues and at local high schools and middle schools. Jam Solid Productions, which hosts the battle of the bands at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester on Sunday nights, invited Borderline Eleven back to perform (an actual performance, not a battle of the bands) on Sunday, June 3, as one of their top six favorites.

“We are aware that a lot of people don’t want to hear a Christian message, especially if it’s very prevalent in the music. If they find it offensive, then they don’t have to listen to it,” Campbell said.

“There’s also a lot that we don’t want to hear in their music. But we don’t have a problem tuning it out, just as we would think they don’t have a problem tuning us out. Which we do have to do, many times,” Luke Mason said.

Borderline Eleven, in the past year and a half since coming together, has written about 20 original songs and plays a number of cover tunes. At the moment, they’ll play about 10 of those originals, while the others are still in stages of development.

“We just like to have fun with our music but at the same time put a good message out there. Some of our songs are a little more on the serious side, while some of our songs are fun songs,” Dan said.

Borderline Eleven
When: Saturday, May 26, starting at 2:30 p.m. at PAL building in Manchester; and 6 p.m. at Merrivale Farms in Hooksett
Where: PAL Building, corner of Lake and Beech streets, Manchester; Merrivale Farms Ice Cream & Pizzaman, 254 Route 3A, Hooksett.
For more information: Go to for more show dates and music samples.

Link to article:
- The Hippo Press, Manchester, NH - Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Teen Talk/ Summer Kickoff 08"


Welcome to the "Teen Talk" area of the New Hampshire Catholic Charities website.

Review by: Matt Gennetti

On Friday, May 30, over 500 people packed into the auditorium of Manchester Christian Church to witness the third annual Summer Kickoff concert. As the lights began to dim, local Manchester punk band Borderline Eleven stepped onto stage, setting the concert off with a bang. Matching the energy of the two bands to follow, they blew through a number of fast, upbeat songs. After some issues with the microphone and a guitar strap malfunction, the band ended their set with a neat version of “99 Red Balloons”.

Up next, were Chicago rockers The Fold with an incredible performance of sophisticated alternative rock. From “Catastrophe!” to “Medicine”, The Fold progressed smoothly at a quick pace through their set, while never losing an ounce of energy. They did a great job of playing a good variety of songs from their debut album This Too Shall Pass, and from their latest album titled Secrets Keep You Sick, as well as throwing in a new song they recently wrote. Their superb musicianship was even further displayed when they slowed things down a bit for “Hey Rebekah” and “Faster Still”. The clarity and precision of the instrumentation is what really blew me away by their performance.

Last but not least, was Summer Kickoff favorite Eleventyseven with their energetic, pop-punk sound. Due to the lack of their usual robot/astronaut playing synthesizer keyboards, Eleventyseven found another way to maintain the techno/power-pop sound of their newest album, Galactic Conquest. Drummer Jon ducked taped a pair of headphones to his head in which he could hear the metronome that went along with the prerecorded synthesizer parts of certain songs. Starting off with a trumpet call and a robotic “charge”, the South Carolina trio played the high energy “Fight to Save Your Life”, full of catchy, intelligent lyrics and fast drumming patterns. It didn’t take long before the entire crowd was jumping on their feet and pumping their fists. Because no Eleventyseven show is complete without tons of humor and random craziness, the band was sure to incorporate the following into their set: a screamo version of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys, a hoedown, a fast, high-energy version of “Shout To The Lord”, random, high-pitched, glass shattering vocals from singer and guitarist Matt, numerous cartwheels and summersaults from the bassist Caleb, crowd surfing by drummer Jon, and yes—even the beavers from Narnia found their way into Eleventyseven’s performance. By the time “Anti-Adieu” ended, about a dozen fans (including me) had joined the band on the stage, ending the show with a loud, crazy bang that left all the fans anxiously awaiting the arrival of Summer Kickoff ’09.

[Photo] The Fold
[Photo] Borderline 11
[Photo] Eleventyseven

Link to view full article:
- NH Catholic Charities; Article by Matt Gennetti

"Client Testimonials"

Event: Celebration Night, Camp Harmony, Moultonborough, NH

My campers range in age from 7-14. All of the kids were so pumped up by this group. Even our counselors loved Borderline Eleven. The religious comments were especially important to me and my campers. This experience was truely a highlight of our camp. I totally recomment Borderline Eleven. I pray for their continued success and thank God for talented young people like this who can and will make a difference in the way young people take in music. Monica! God bless you for bring this all together with the encouragement and support that you have given this group. Borderline Eleven was fantastic. Our campers will never forget this experience. God bless you all.

Connie Bickford, Camp Harmony -

"Hooksett band plays for Connecticut benefit"


[Photo Tag: Hooksett band Borderline Eleven performs in Connecticut. From left are Luke Mason, Dan Charpentier, Andrew Mason and Joe Campbell.]


HOOKSETT - Borderline Eleven, a Hooksett-based, Christian teen pop punk band, performed in the “Live, Loud & Local” Music Fest ’07 at the Webster Theater Underground in Hartford, Connecticut on Saturday, August 25.

As a participation condition, the band was required to sell a minimum of 20 tickets to help defray production expenses. Since local fans for the most part would not be attending the show, it was decided to donate all sold, unused tickets to local youth organizations in Hartford to allow local teens to attend at no cost.

The band’s local fans rallied around the cause and 85 tickets were purchased. When the show promoter heard about the band’s intentions, he said no band had ever done anything like this in connection with any of his shows, and he wanted to fully support the effort by double matching the ticket sales--255 tickets were made available for donation to groups such as the Hartford Boys and Girls Club, YWCA and others.

Borderline Eleven wishes to publicly thank its fans for all their financial support that helped get them to this event.

Although there is no way to know how many people attended their performance due to this effort, the band played to a packed room and an enthusiastic audience.

A contingency of about 20 New Hampshire fans also made the trip down.

“They didn’t know what to expect for an audience or with the venue, but once they got there, they were pumped and psyched to play,” stated Monica Charpentier, the band’s manager and band mom.

The band is comprised of Hooksett friends Dan Charpentier on lead vocals and guitar, Joe Campbell on bass, and Boscawen brothers Andrew Mason on drums and Luke Mason on lead guitar.

They range in age from 16 to 22 and offer up clean, family-friendly musical entertainment in the southern New Hampshire area.

Borderline Eleven will be one of the featured bands at Hooksett Old Home Day on October 6 at Donati Park.

Keep up to date on the band’s news and gig schedule by visiting and - The Hooksett Banner * Neighborhood Publications, Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Christian Rockers Online CD Review"

March 2008
Artist: Borderline Eleven
Title: Pacific Wasteland EP
Style: Alt. Rock/ Pop Punk
Rating: 7.8 out of 10
By Senior Writer C.W. Ross

This New Hampshire band pulls on musical influences like, Hawk Nelson, Eleventyseven, Switchfoot, New Found Glory, Sum 41, and Relient K to achieve their blend of alt. rock meets pop punk sound.

The band's lineup is, Dan Charpentier (guitar, lead vocals), Luke Mason (guitar, background vocals), Joe Campbell (bass, background vocals), and Andrew Mason (drums, vocals). The guys range in age from their late teens to early 20's.

Pacific Wasteland started out life as a demo for the band but due to growing fan interest the band put it out as an EP for them.

What you'll find on this release is 6 songs that will give you a good feel for the band's sound that features solid guitar work and loud drum beats. The vocal parts are solid but still have a bit of growing left in them.

If your looking for a, 'God this, Jesus that' type release then this isn't the one, it's more built around positive messages. The band's press material states that- Seeing the questionable influences that secular punk and alternative rock bands have with their racy topics and foul lyrics, they wanted to create similar upbeat music but with positive subjects and lyrics.

Track-2, "Welcome to America," at first might seem like a song that's knocking America but after really listening to what it's saying you'll find out that it's really talking about the sad shape we've let this once proud country fall into.

Worrying so much about being politically correct that we've let our moral compasses go awry. And how we need to be pro-active standing up for what we believe.

This release had some of the small flaws like one might expect from a first effort, a muddy guitar sound here and a little squeak to a vocal there but with their Pacific Wasteland EP Borderline Eleven has set up a nice solid starting base for their music.

The band also has a full-length release in the works that should be out by the end of 2008.

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Pacific Wasteland (radio play)
Welcome to America
747 (radio play)
^ On Top of Everything (radio play)
Last Goodbye (radio play)

(^ Double award winning song:
- ISSO Christian Songwriting Competition Rock Category Winner 2009
- May 2008 Christian Category 2d Place - wins a showcase set at Soulfest 2008)

EP available at,, and SnoCap.

READ BETWEEN THE LINES (Full Length Debut - 2011)
* Parentheses (Hey! Hey!)
Wait Outside
Sweet Beginnings and Sour Endings
*+ Not Coming Back
The Fight
Before You Go
* Moving On
* 2 A.M.

(* Tracks receiving local and/or Internet airplay)
(+ First Music video)



** BORDERLINE ELEVEN - Debut CD "Read Between The Lines" nationally released January 4, 2011! Find it on iTunes and today! Music video premiered 2/26/11! **

** This is an ORIGINAL MUSIC, ALTERNATIVE ROCK, HIGH ENERGY PERFORMANCE BAND. We WILL put your event into high gear! **

"You guys ROCK!!!"
"Killer show!"
"Totally awesome!"
"I LOVE your music!"

These are the kinds of accolades heard by the band today, but five years ago, they thought nothing of such things....

Borderline Eleven began in November, 2005, when guitarists Dan and Joe wanted to start a band for something fun to do in their spare time. They asked another friend, Andy, to join them on drums. After working together for a while, they knew a key aspect was missing from their sound. Andy’s older brother, Luke, jumped on board on lead guitar, and the band's sound was complete.

Hunkered down in Dan's basement, the guys tinkered around for a few months covering some popular songs and trying their hand at writing their own material. They ventured out to play open mic nights at a local church, testing out songs and observing the response to their music. Everything was positive, and the church invited the band to play there whenever they wanted. This encouraged the guys to keep it going because they had a sound people liked.

Songwriting continued to flow, and by the end of 2006, they had 18 original songs and 6 covers. The guys produced their first six-song EP in the summer of 2006, “Pacific Wasteland”. Their sound is alternative rock with catchy beats and clean lyrics, and their influences are New Found Glory, Relient K, Hawk Nelson, and Switchfoot, among others.

Now with all four members in their twenties, they are transitioning into a fully gigging, legit adult band. Their debut CD saw national release on January 4, 2011, and their first music video (Not Coming Back) premiered on 2/26/11. BORDERLINE ELEVEN is on its way!!


* NOT COMING BACK music video premieres on 2/26/11

* January 4, 2011 - National Release of Debut CD "READ BETWEEN THE LINES"

* July 2010: Co-headliner with Tooth and Nail recording artist AND THEN THERE WERE NONE

* May 2010: Featured band with Inpop National Recording Artist EVERYDAY SUNDAY

* May 2010 - WINNERS of the MCA Battle of the Bands 2010

* "On Top Of Everything" wins the ROCK Category in the 2009 ISSA Christian Songwriting Competition, the song's second award since 2008

* October 2009 - Distribution contract signing with Tate Music Group of Mustang, Oklahoma to release debut CD in Winter, 2011

* October 2009 - WINNERS of Henniker Battle of the Bands

* June 2009 -- Opener band for THE CLASSIC CRIME in NH

* January 2009 -- FIRST headlining gig at Club Cannon, Peterborough, NH

* October 2008 -- Gotee Records artist JOHN REUBEN and BORDERLINE ELEVEN play The Black Brimmer in Manchester, NH

* August 2008 -- BORDERLINE ELEVEN performed their winning showase set at Soulfest '08 courtesy of winning song is "On Top Of Everything"

* May 2008 -- BORDERLINE ELEVEN opened for two national bands in Manchester, NH -- ELEVENTYSEVEN and THE FOLD

* March 2008 -- Repeat championship in annual high school Battle! First sophomore band in school history to win and first ever back-to-back Champs, all with peer/student voting

* January 2008 -- Featured in the "Music Now" section of Junior's Cave (see Press Page for article), a Sonicbids gig

* 2007 -- Selected through Sonicbids to receive airplay on Internet "Celebrate Radio!", "iRADIO LA", "Upbeat Radio Podcast", "PIXY 103 - Homegrown" on the Cape, and BandRadioLive.

* 2007 -- Out-of-state performances included the Loud, Live and Local Music Fest '07 at The Webster Theater in Hartford, CT and game night entertainment for the AHL Lowell Devils in the Tsongas Arena.

* 2007 -- Won three "Battles of the Bands" and earned a respectable third-place finish in a statewide Battle against several adult bands at the Hopkinton State Fair.

For guys between the ages of 20 and 25, they relate to their audiences in a way that eludes other bands their age. This band is just plain FUN to experience LIVE in concert!

If your event is family-, teen-, or college-oriented, make it a memorable one by booking BORDERLINE ELEVEN--you'll exceed all expectations for a great time!

See link below to pre-order debut CD, "Read Between The Lines". CD may also be purchased directly from the band.