Borderville marry theatricality, glamour and intricate, classically inspired arrangements to heavy walls of noise. Think Rufus Wainwright meets Birthday Party with a liberal dash of David Bowie. ‘Joy Through Work’, is their debut album; highly conceptual, flamboyant, gutsy and moving.


"Already creating a huge wave of hype in and around Oxford, they're a bunch of ragtag urchins who make raucous, inspiring indie." - NME

"Borderville could well be on a mission to save music." - The Fly

"And wow. We never guessed how scathing yet spastic a tale this was going to be. Five minutes in and we’ve seen visceral panic, ten and we’ve witnessed spasmodic-convulsive theatrics; fifteen, nervous pop; soporific nursery rhyme." Sound Screen

Borderville are a four-piece cabaret rock band who hail from the semi-fictional town of Borderville. Featuring a former drag-queen on vocals, an electronica wunderkind and member of Keyboard Choir on the keys, a conceptual artist who builds creatures out of bones and skin on the bass and a drummer stolen from the orchestra pit of a production of West Side Story, their current incarnation formed in early 2008 with the intention of marrying theatricality, glamour and intricate, classically inspired arrangements to heavy walls of noise. From support slots with Guillemots to Oxford’s acclaimed Truck Festival and regular show-stopping appearances around the country, their unique approach to performance calls to mind Jaques Brel, The Birthday Party and David Bowie.

‘Joy Through Work’, their hotly-anticipated debut album, was released across all major digital platforms on 7th December. Recorded and produced by pianist Tom Woodhouse, this heart-wrenching, confrontational concept album is a densely layered, widescreen affair, gloomily gothic and ebulliently glamourous by turn; epic, punky, gutsy and moving.



Joy Through Work - album released 05/12/09

Short Sharp Shock - single released 14/02/09

Waltziche - EP released 24/11/07

Set List

Borderville are currently performing their album in it's entirety from start to finish. This is 45 minutes in length, comprising the following tracks, all by the group themselves:

1) Lights I
2) The Protesters
3) Short Sharp Shock
4) Joy
5) Flights
6) Joy Through Work
7) Glambulance
8) Beast of England
9) Blood on the Kitchen Floor
10) Stage Fright
11) Work
12) Lover, I'm Finally Through
13) Lights II

This is obviously adaptable and can be cut as required.