A blend of European Melodic Metal and Hard Rock with clean powerful vocals.


Borealis formed in 2005 as a symphonic metal band with Matt Marinelli on guitar, Jamie Smith on bass, Sean Dowell on drums, Sean Werlick on keyboard and Siobhan O’Brien on vocals.
In January 2006 they entered in the Emergenza Music Festival without ever having played a live show, and finished 3rd in their region after placing 1st in 3 straight rounds of competition. Later that summer they recorded and released a demo titled “Eyes of a Dream”. September 2006 brought Borealis their first break when they got the chance to open for international artists Kamelot and Epica at Toronto’s Opera House. The crowd response was incredible and was described by the promoter as “the best crowd reaction he had ever heard for an opening band.”
Later in October, the band parted ways with Siobhan for commitment reasons and Matt became the full-time vocalist while remaining the guitarist. In September 2007, Borealis played their first show with Matt on vocals opening for legendary metal act Sonata Arctica. The crowd response was even greater than anything Borealis had ever experienced. After that show they knew the next step would be to record a full length album.
Sparing no expense, and after an expansive search, Borealis decided to record at The Recording House studio, run by successful recording artist Sean Gregory of Emerald Rain. With Sean’s help, Borealis was able to create a cd that was everything they had planned and hoped for. After recording, it was decided that to best recreate the CD sound live, another guitarist would be necessary. The natural decision was to ask good friend of the band, Kenny Fobert, who accepted the invitation to attend a jam session and see how well he would fit in. The practice was a success, and Kenny fit right into Borealis’ sound and style. There was only one thing left to do…get Kenny his own pair of leather pants.
Upon the release of the CD, and Kenny locating his own set of leather, Borealis planned a few shows, including another opening spot for a very successful international act, none other than Edguy. Again, Borealis was more than accepted by the crowd, with more and more people showing up with the sole purpose of seeing them put on a show.
They are now looking for any and all opportunities to bring their music and stage show to new audiences across Canada, North America, and eventually the world. Borealis is dedicated to making music their life and are committed to doing whatever it takes to reaching the next level and beyond in their career.


From the Fading Screams

Written By: Borealis

As I close my eyes one more time
See the same things I saw last night
Fall asleep to the sounds of screaming
Live my life as if I'm dreaming

Images of you pass by me
You never stood beside me
In the dark I can see your light
In this darkness I spend one more night

Oh, You'll never see what I see
Just in a blink of an eye
No, behind these eyes broken mind
Images never to die

Take me to a place where I feel this way
and erase this dark pain
Too much, of this sadness turns to rage
and a man gone insane

Lie awake, never sleep in this state
Darkness shows me things I can't take
Take control, show the world what's been done
From insanity I can't run

Spiralling, into the fire
Falling into the dark
Nevermore, will I suffer
Follow me never again.

The Dawning Light

Written By: Borealis

Hope is drowning slowly
In this lake of tears
Why would someone save me
Surrounded by my fears

Fall into this misery
I will be your company

Leave the door
The Dawning Light
Breaks through the night
Dark no more
The walls in me
I've broken free

Everfading lifetimes
Rise and disappear
Trapped inside this timeline
Answer's never clear

The Afterlife

Written By: Borealis

Condense this life into ash
It becomes in time
Will we ever find the path
Or keep on walking blind

The meaning hides deep in rhyme
We search on in vain
The time has come
I see the light we're now forever

To The Afterlife we fall
Take my hand and heed the call
You'll find the truth inside of you
I'm only a whisper away

The great divide will seperate
Me from you and now
Don't give in, resist the hate
Free your mind from all

Tomorrow holds a brand new life
Once again the sun sets
Look once more to the starry skies
Now we're together

Forget the Past

Written By: Borealis

Through all the pain
Through all the tears
Can you explain
Why you're still here

Forget the past
It's time to stand up and last

Fly away so we can say
Life's better this way
Times have changed, we're not the same
Life's better this way

Forget the times
We were as one
Your lies and rhymes
Your time has come


Borealis - Eyes of A Dream EP - 2006
Borealis - World of Silence (Full Length) - 2008

Set List

Approx. 30 Minute Set List:
(All Original)

Forget the Past
World of Silence
Lost Voices
From the Fading Screams
The Afterlife