Bored Nothing

Bored Nothing

 Kingsbury, Victoria, AUS

Bored Nothing is a melbourne dude who makes washed out 90’s guitar music on a little 4-track. here's other writers descriptions.
"young aussie breathes new life into bedsit indie rock" Uncut
"the tunes and fuzz of early Sebadoh. Special." Rough Trade Stores AOW
"incredibly refreshing" Pitchfork


Bored Nothing is certainly a strange phenomenon, mainly as it doesn’t have a hub and it only recently became a band. Backtrack a few years and teenager Fergus Miller had no fixed address, and no plans for musical successes. He just recorded homemade tapes and demos while on the road and gave them to people he met along the way. Maybe it was his personal CV, maybe it wasn’t.

He met many intriguing people on his travels: train conductors, hoteliers, record store clerks. Forward track a few years and the 20-something Fergus has a fixed address, and calls Melbourne home. He’s also made four of those tapes, and the project has moved from a talking point to a full-blown release – full blown in the sense that people can soon buy the album across a few different formats, rather just from Fergus’ famed Bandcamp page.

It’s also transformed from a solo project into something that now resembles a band. But don’t think that band is filled with pro bass-slappers and Johnny Marr-esque hired hands. Fergus has assembled a line-up of friends who he’s currently helping to master their parts.

The self-titled record has five new songs that have never appeared elsewhere: its opener, ‘Shit For Brains’, ‘Darcy’, ‘Bliss, ‘Echo Room’, ‘Build a Bridge and its closer, ‘Dragville, TN’.
The rest were from his first three EPS, which were never officially released anyway.
Fergus played all of the instruments on every track, excepting for two small collaborations with friends. Sonically, there’s mixing and matching of sounds of that same era, from shoegaze and sludge-metal to loner folk and riot girl.

The album has had some wonderful reviews and radio play. Triple J added the first single “Shit For Brains” upon release and in January made it a feature album. It also received album of the week on FBI radio in Sydney and received strong airplay on RRR, 2SER and RTR. The Age, Rolling Stone, Who Weekly and Courier Mail in particular wrote gushing reviews. The Sydney Morning Herald in it’s four star review said: “ Occasionally fuzzy of guitar and voice, very often sweet and always highly melodic, these songs are unimpeachably attractive and so very easy to get hooked on. It’s pop music, really appealing pop music”. The highly influential Mess & Noise website said “Bored Nothing is the best album that Matador (Records) failed to produce in 1994”.

A run of headline shows were booked in January (following supports to Beach House, Bleeding Knees Club, Jeff The Brotherhood and Best Coast). They were all very well attended and there’s WAY more shows coming up. The album was released in April via co-op/pias in Europe, North America & Japan. There's been some great highlights, including reviews in Uncut & Pitchfork and a Rough Trade Record stores Album Of The Week. Shows have now been booked for a European tour this October.


Bored Nothing (self-titled LP/CD/Digital) 2012