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We have many more releases by members of our group, as vocalists and producers on other groups and artist's projects...

Bored Stiff- From the Ground Up (LP/CD) 2007
Equipto- Hurts So Good (CD) 2002
P-Way- From All Angles (LP/CD) 2001
Equipto- Like There's No Tomorrow (LP/CD) 2001
Bored Stiff- Ghetto Research (LP/CD) 2001
Equipto- Vintage Volume Won (LP/CD) 1999
Bored Stiff- Conspiracy Theory 12" 1998
Rules of the Game Compilation (LP/CD) 1998
Bored Stiff- Timeless (EP) 1996
The Peoples- Excude the Static (Cassette) 1995
The Peoples- KFOF (Cassette) 1995
Bored Stiff- Explainin' (EP) 1994
Bored Stiff- Therapy (song on Bomb Hip-Hop Compilation) 1992
3 Shades of Rhythm (pre-Bored Stiff) 1991



Bored; tired of and slightly annoyed by things that are not interesting, exciting, or entertaining.

Stiff; strong or potent in effect, showing determination and resolve.

Bored Stiff is internationally known for their classic underground, raw and original sound. Their lyrics and production center from a style that captures and blends ideas and sounds like a collage. Bored Stiff also known as B.S. or The Stiff was formed in 1992 in the Fillmore, lower Haight Street section of San Francisco. Made up of 12 members including Equipto, Big Shawn, TD Camp, Mint Rock, Mic, Dubstar, P-Way, Jules, and more, The group recorded countless tapes through the 90's, and released records like "Explainin'”, "Timeless,"(now high priced collectors items), an album entitled "Ghetto Research"(look out for bootleg vinyl in Europe), and appeared on numerous compilations.

Rocking shows throughout the Bay Area, West Coast, Europe, Cuba, and Japan the group built a strong reputation and fan base. Although they haven't released much music as a crew lately, the group has branched out with most of the members releasing successful projects to this day. Coming together to record a new album, B.S. decided it was time to give the public a taste of what’s missing in Hip-Hop. Their new promo CD (3 songs) is a prime example of what Bored Stiff stands for… Stuck in a Rap scene full of people scared to be themselves, B.S. makes music with the confidence to be different. Their new album “Buildin’ Our Building” is due in May of 2007, and promises to give listeners a refreshing combination of interesting and original production with content that is sincere, unique and long over due.

Lookout for Bored Stiff to come together and take their place among Hip-Hop’s finest...