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Explainin, Ghetto Research, From the Ground Up, The Sad Truth, International,



The San Francisco rap group Bored Stiff was formed in 1990, made up of 12 friends, including: Equipto, P-Whaley, Big Shawn, Mint Rocky, MIC, Dubstar, Jules, and more. Bored Stiff is internationally known for their classic underground rawness and originality, the group recorded countless songs throughout the 90’s, where they were huge contributors of a small but vibrant underground scene in the Bay Area, which included groups like: Hieroglyphics, Hobo Junction, Mystic Journeymen and Homeliss Dereliks. They helped broaden a Hip Hop scene that was filled with a standard “gangster” sound into a wide open art form. Bored Stiff built a strong reputation for themselves by rocking shows in the Bay Area throughout the West Coast, the Midwest, and overseas in Europe, Japan and Cuba.
The groups first EP was released on cassette and vinyl in 1992 entitled “Explainin”, and followed up in 1996 with the EP “Timeless” (now a high priced collectors’ item). In 2000 their third project was the full length album “Ghetto Research”, which was so popular overseas, that the vinyl was bootlegged and sold for $50-$100 in Germany and Japan.
After 2000, the group (in a whole) fell on hard times… although some members had the chance to go to college… one member was killed, other members went to jail… and only a few stuck to making music.
Equipto released three solo Vintage” albums on CD and vinyl, that are still in high demand to this day. In late 2001, Equipto was sought out by Bay Area legend Andre Nickatina, after Nickatina heard Equipto flow on some Bored Stiff tracks… Together, they would go on to record four albums, the most notable being the “Horns and Halos” collaborations, selling over 30,000 units independently.
Another member of Bored Stiff, Big Shawn (of the production company PimpTaps Movement) who is responsible for countless Bored Stiff tracks, has grown to work with many top nationwide artists,
Members, Mint Rocky and P-Whaley also stayed busy in the studio dropping solo projects that Hip Hop collectors still search for today.
In 2007, Bored Stiff, after realizing that the music game has been missing the true Hip Hop underground sound, reunited,,, and came out strong, with the notables: Del The Funky Homosapien and Sunspot Jonz. The album revived the groups’ popularity to new heights, which lead to the German company HHV.DE to release choice songs along with bonus tracks under the EP “International”.
Three music videos were featured on from the EP which received over a quarter of a million views. High off the buzz of success, Bored Stiff completed their most recent album “the Sad Truth” in December 2008, which featured powerhouse underground artists: The Grouch (Living Legends) and The Jacka (The Mob Figaz), as well as, OG classic artist Mike Marshall (Timex Social Club) which assisted in solidifying Bored Stiff’s diverse style.