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Hip Hop is not dead it lives through B-Orion's style of music called "New Age Hip Hop Hop". This a fuse of hip hop melodies with a modern age spin. Whether your looking for meaningful hip hop lyrics over catchy beats or breathtaking R n B flow, B-Orion continues to showcase just that!


October 5 1989 at Mount Senai Hospital, downtown Toronto Ontario was the date and birthplace of Andy Oscar Owusu best known as B-Orion a.k.a Mr.Constellations. B-Orion was raised by two parents. A mother who was a nurse and a father who was a dj, until the age of 11 in the year 2000; when B-Orion's father decided to part his ways and abandon the family. B-Orion was then divulged into a life of crime and drug dealing which led to many close calls.

Throughout his teenage years B-Orion was hurled in and out of child services and grew up away from his brothers, sisters and mother. Having an unstable upbringing led B-Orion to learn to adapt to his surroundings and the art of survival by ones self at such a young age. At 16, B-Orion had moved back home with his mother. As a result of the move his mother relocated the family to a low income housing unit in the west end of Toronto. B-Orion and a couple of friends in the local area later formulated a rap group. Together they would write and record music at a friends house using a cheap computer microphone to record with low quality equipment. It was at this time B-Orion took refuge in the magical art of music. He used this as a release mechanism from the stresses of having to grow up without a father and living a street life.

Although trying to focus on making music, B-Orion still found himself deep in the thick of the streets. It was the drug dealing and gang life-style that consumes the majority of young black teens growing up in the poverty of Toronto streets. In August 2008, B-Orion was shot and struck by a bullet alongside 3 of his friends as a result of an ongoing beef between rival neighborhoods. Almost meeting death at the age of 18 was a turning point for B-Orion. He realized that he might end up dead or in jail. Over the next two years B-Orion found his escape through music by expressing his life and events he's been through, in the form of poetry and cleverly devised lyrics.

In 2010 B-Orion decided to move to Vancouver,British Columbia to pursue his dreams as a musician and mogul to Canada and the rest of the world. It was in 2011 on December 31st New Years eve when B-Orion sat down with his manager and devised a plan to take his music career to the next level. B-Orion decided to name his debut EP "Bright Future Dark Past" as tribute to the life he survived and the life he strives for. Now residing in the west coast of Canada, B-Orion is the perfect combination of a musician with amazing east coast lyricism and west coast creativity.

B-Orion's musical influences consist of Notorious BIG, Tupac, Pimp C, Jay-Z, lil Wayne and Drake just to name a few. B-Orion takes you on a ride through his life with vivid visuals and stories. He creatively succeeds at this by expressing his talent through clever wordplay, cachy melodies and outstanding vocals.

B-Orion believes that at this time in his life the stars are finally in alignment and his art can be most compared to the constellation "Orion", it’s to hard not to notice. The name B-Orion a.k.a Mr.Constellation best signifies what this young, ambitious, thought provoking creative superstar brings to the music industry.

His debut mixtape/album entitled “Bright Future Dark Past” will be released July 28 2012.Complete with phenemonal sound and production from one of the music industries best “KE on the Track” B-Orion is sure to heat up the summer with quality music and memorable lyrics.
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"Bright Future Dark Past" EP released July 28,2012