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"Show Review Homes for Our Troops Benefit"

by Stacy Bloch

Local Bellingham band The Tread Abraham and some Storm Troopers in BellCon '08

Who: 10 bands

Where: Boundary Bay

When: September 15th

What: Home for Our Troops Benefit

On one of the warmest Saturdays we’re likely to see in a while, one of the year’s biggest collections of local bands gathered at Boundary Bay for the second annual “Homes For Our Troops/Hearts Toward Home International” benefit. For a mere $5 donation you could get a crash course in Bellingham’s music scene. Once again, Boris Budd had assembled a powerhouse of bands, speakers, and sponsors to raise funds for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The proceeds went to two veterans charities: Homes For Our Troops, a group who both builds new homes and refits existing homes for severely disabled vets; and Hearts Toward Home International, a Bellingham based organization which provides mental health services to active duty branches of the military, reservists and Washington State National guard troops. Dr. Bridget Cantrell, Hearts toward Home’s director, was on hand as our keynote speaker and spent the evening talking to vets in attendance and their families.

The show itself was a marathon of epic proportions. Kicking off the afternoon were Shawnee Kilgore, Crafty Bastards, Jenni Potts, Big Sur, Johnny Schocker, and David Weiss. All of who played super sets to an appreciative audience basking in the sun while enjoying Boundary Bay’s tasty food and libations.

As the afternoon turned to evening, a nearly full moon rose along with the volume of the bands. Sweaty Sweaters took the stage at 7 p.m. I’d never seen these guys in spite of having seen their name on marquees about town. They play an eclectic mix of musical styles and should be checked out by all. A nice bridge between the mellow afternoon and the rocking evening to come.

The man who organized the event was up next. Boris Budd and the Waterboarders delivered a blistering set of homegrown, punk rock protest. I’ve known Boris for some time but I had no idea what a guitar-smashing madman lurked within his gentle frame. Backed by former Dt’s/current Loyal sinners Scot Greene and Phil Carter, with Phat Ron on bass and the lovely Claudia Budd on back up vocals, they energized the crowd and set the tone for the rest of the night.

The next band, Fortune 500, gave a raucous set that delivered the goods to the growing throng. Sugar Sugar Sugar, a band so great they named it three times, followed and got the masses moving. Every time I see them, I like ‘em more!On the side stage, Gabriel Mintz, wild-haired accountant/rocker wunderkind cleared our collective palette with his smilin’ enthusiasm and infectious grooves.

The Loyal Sinners next took the stage, with Scot, Phil and Terry proving once again that they’re one of our burg’s best. Scott’s songwriting gets better and better and those boys know a thing or two. Their set left the crowd pumped up and wound tight for the main event.

As Dylan burr sang an emotional “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” on the side stage, the headlining Black Diamond Heavies set their gear up and prepared for their set. Words cannot describe what the packed house experienced next. But I’ll give it a try. Rev. James Leg (AKA John Wesley Myers) wailed on dual keyboards and growled like a man possessed. Van Campbell’s drumming was some of the best I’ve ever seen (and Philthy Phil Carter had already played twice that evening!). I’ve seen groups with three times the members who have one-tenth the energy. These dudes are a scene! People all around me craned their necks to see where they were hiding the guitar player. But the guitar player was Rev. Leg’s keyboards. They worked the crowd like a rib, their mix of blues, soul, gospel and funk gnawed at our bones. The religious fever spreading amongst the audience was just peaking as their set came to an all too soon conclusion. These guys are worth traveling long distances to see. Let’s hope they grace our little corner again soon.

Ya know, it wasn’t all just a rock ‘n’ roll monster that night. Between bands, representatives of various organizations who assist or support veterans spoke to the crowd, including Drinking Liberally, Iraq Vets Against the War, Veterans For Peace and Whatcom Peace and Justice Center, as well as discussion with Dr. Cantrell. Also on hand to record the whole affair was the crew of “Protest Nation,” a documentary being made about music’s role in protest during the Bush era. The local business community stepped up and showed their support too, with a number of local establishments contributing, most especially Boundary Bay Brewery.

Thanks are also due to Sam, boundary’s tireless, always on top of it, always-positive soundman, as well as Scott and Phil, who not only did double band duty but served all day as sound and drum techs. And our super capable volunteers, Amanda, Maggie, and Lisa (who was MVP).

As I left the show, basking as much in the “post show glow” and I was the moonlight, I thought about what had just happened. An anti-war, pro-peace, pro-soldier benefit. Ten bands, tremendous community support, passionate activist/speakers. A huge turnout. And I flashed on what my friends father-in-law, a veteran, said: “Ya know, things sure have changed since the 60s” Maybe so, maybe not. As Robert F. Kennedy said, “Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” There were a lot of ripples in Boundary’s beer garden that night.

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Newest Issue

December 2008 Cover

- What's Up!

"CD Review-Boris Budd for President"

CD Reviews Oct 08 - Boris Budd & The Waterboarders
Budd for President

by Russell Jander

October, 2008 What's Up! Cover

If you enjoy the musical diversity of bands like The Real Tuesday Weld or maybe the predominately governmentally focused lyrics of the Ramones or The Clash, then you’ll easily fall for the new album Boris Budd for President from Boris Budd and the Waterboarders. The album is an all-around solid collection of varying styles with a common theme: the “true axis of evil” which is made up of, “big business, religion, and politics.”

For a hugely political album, Boris Budd for President is shockingly groove-able and very easy to listen to without getting bogged down in anti-government angst which most albums of this kind are plagued with. The lyrics themselves are mostly constructive and effective. The album attempts to make people aware of the government’s scare tactics and societal pressures. While one or two songs lack that certain ontological element, the album inspires people to spring into action, starting with themselves.

Musically it is a flawless, necessary offering that does more than its duty in supporting these bold, powerful lyrics. On the whole, Boris Budd for President is a powerful, empowering collection that will change your life and the way you look at it!

Visit his MySpace site

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Newest Issue

December 2008 Cover

- What's Up!

"BEST of 2008 Nomination"

Best of 2008 | December 2008
Best Silver Platter
Best Up Close and Personal

Music From the Center of the Universe
Acorn Project - We'll Be Fine
The Love Lights - Young Lions
Boris Budd & The Waterboarders - Boris For President
Jenni Potts - Take This and Go
Black Eyes and Neckties
Sugar Sugar Sugar
Idiot Pilot
Lucky Brown
No Fi Soul Rebellion

Best Heavier Than Heaven
Best Booty Shakin' Music:

Piano Mover
Full Frontal Assault
Octagon Control
Our Fallen Heroes
The Contra
Yogoman Burning Band
Lucky Brown
Acorn Project
No Fi Soul Rebellion

Best Twilight Zone Soundtrack
Best Highway Americana

The Rooftops
Idiot Pilot
The All Nighters
10 Killing Hands
Bar Tabac
Chuckanut Drive
Felix Sonnyboy Wilson
Gallus Brothers
The Librarians
Big Sur

Best Moniker
Best Axes of Folk

Sugar Sugar Sugar
All Creatures of Good Heart
Police Teeth
Connecticut Four
Yogoman Burning Band
Jenni Potts
Robert Blake
Shawnee Kilgore
Kristin Allen Zito
I Love You Avalanche

Best Spinner
Best Rhyme and Beats

Ryan I
DJ Triple Crown
DJ Postal
DJ Booger
Yogoman's Wild Rumpus
Somebody Cares
Haunted Authors
Surge Spitable
The Productionists

Best Newby
Best Rock 'N' Roll Explosion

Sugar Sugar Sugar
Somebody Cares
Connecticut Four
Yes We Are
Sugar Sugar Sugar
Black Eyes and Neckties
Serious Black
Police Teeth
The Russians

Best Pop Will Rock Itself
Best Skin in What's Up!

The Love Lights
Connecticut Four
Go Slowpoke
Strait A Students
Yes We Are

- What's Up! Magazine

"Mission Accomplished Nov. 2006"

November 2006 Issue

Boris Budd and the WME's
Mission Accomplished

by Ian Chant

What's Up! November 2006

At Boris' website, you can download the full album version of his latest release, Mission Accomplished, or you can pick and choose which tracks you want to listen to. I'm gonna go ahead and recommend the latter process here, which will garner you some cool protest tunes to put you in a fighting mood for the November election and save you the time involved in hitting the skip button at the beginning of Budd's love songs.

At his best in tunes like the opener, "Duct Tape and Plastic," Budd sounds like Tom Lehrer with a surf punk bent, at once raging at and parodying the culture of fear and apathy perpetuated by the nightly news and talking heads of our fine airwaves. In another worthy cut, "Worldcom Blues," Budd channels the workaday lamentations of the white collar salary man to solid effect.

Boris and his band, the WME's, will be playing the Acoustic Tavern on November 7, and for your average Hamster, you couldn't ask for a better backdrop to watch the election.

- What's Up! Magazine!


My favorite rock ‘n’ roll patriot, Boris Budd, is putting the finishing touches on his new disc which will be released in September. Boris recorded it with Scott Greene, bassist for The Loyal Sinners who also held down the low end for the disc. Hitting the skins was Phil Carter, also of the Loyal Sinners. Look for a feature on Boris next month when we argue about how much the Yankees suck.

- What's Up! Magazine

"Homes For Our Troops II Benfit"

Speaking of great benefits, a huge one will be held on Sept. 13 at Boundary Bay. The 2nd annual Homes For Our Troops benefit is going to be a doozy with a line up including: Mysterious Chocolate, Serious Black, Big Sur, Slowly We Survive, J-Walk, Sugar Sugar Sugar, Boris & The Waterboarders, Jenni Potts, The Loyal Sinners and The Black Diamond Heavies. The show starts at around four in the afternoon and runs till closing. All the proceeds raised from the show go to Homes For Our Troops, an organization that provides specially adapted homes for our severely wounded troops. Even if you can’t come down, please support the show - the troops need the help.

- What's Up! Magazine

"Homes for Our Troops I"

Boris Budd has organized a great benefit for at the Wild Buffalo on June 30. Slated to play are Pirates R Us, The Loyal Sinners, Borris Budd and the WME, The Mark, The Love Lights, and Yogoman Burning Band. It's one hell of a line up for a hell of a cause. The group helps put together specially adapted homes for wounded soldiers who've returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. This is an extremely important cause and one I hope you all come out to support. If you can't make it, go to their website to donate some funds. Or just drop some dough at the door the night of the show.

- What's Up! Magazine

"What's Up! Awards Preview Jan 2007"

Happy New Year! Before I get into my normal love of the Bellingham music scene, I wanted to remind ya'll of the upcoming What's Up! Awards Show on Saturday, January 20. This year we've found a new home at the Nightlight and made the event FREE. That's right, FREE. No more excuses, just bring yer drinking liver and have a good time. Scheduled to appear are: The Trucks, The Mark, Yogoman Burning Band, The Russians, Feed and Seed as well as a very special appearance by Boris Budd and the Weapons of Mass Entertainment. If you haven't checked out Boris yes, he's an amazing blind man who writes some of today's best protest songs. Here's a hint: he's not a big fan of our current commander in chief.

- What's Up!


2008-Released on Sept 11, "Boris Budd for President" Boris Budd & The Waterboarders, See Boris & the band in the soon to be released documentary, "PROTEST NATION, Music available on snocap,, CD Baby, Western Washington Record Stores and soon all Electronic Record Stores.

2006-"Mission Accomplished" Boris Budd & The Weapons of Mass Entertainment. Record received airplay on KUGS FM 89.3 Bellingham and Internet Station The Corner Pocket, Seattle. Tracks "Missing" and "Golf Boys" spent 100 weeks in the top 200 on Neil Youngs list of 2800 protest songs at Availaboe on Sncap,



SEE Boris Budd & The Waterboarders at




If you like The Replacements, "Bastards of the Young" Video, you'll love this take-off on that classic!!!!

Check out Boris BUdd & The Waterboarders along with other great protest music and videos at NEIL YOUNG'S LIVING WITH WAR TODAY

Boris Budd is a blind punk folk poet and activist who has dedicated his life to helping people. He is the founder of Bellingham WA Homes For Our Troops Benefit, which has raised awareness and thousands of dollars for the retrofitting of injured Vets homes. He is currently spearheading a group that will actually build a PTSD retreat for Vets in NW Washington State. His group is also mobilizing to go do repairs for Vets with local volunteers being the ones who swing the hammers. Boris is also undertaking other projects related to helping those who have been hit especially hard by the global economic crisis by trying to ensure people are fed and housed.

The Waterboarders are the combination of Budd with Phil Carter and Scott Greene, the former rhythm section of legendary Estrus Records act, "The Dt's" and the great Loyal Sinners, for whom Greene is the frontman with partner Carter setting the beats. Together the Waterboarders provide a highy explosive, provocative experience. We will definately kick ass at any venue so don't hesitate to book us!!!!!!!


September 2008 Issue

Do ask, do tell
An interview with Boris Budd

by Brent Cole

Boris Budd is no longer an obscure political folk artist. Over the years, he's grown from writing songs to writing better songs, becoming a presidential candidate and coordinating an annual benefit to help U.S. troops with life-changing injuries. Whether he's playing music with his band the Waterboarders (which includes Scott Greene and Phil Carter of the Loyal Sinners), interviewing bands or hosting a radio talk show, Boris has become a man of the people. All while battling the loss of his eye sight.

This month, Boris and the Waterboarders will be releasing their new disc Boris Budd for President! The songs are filled with political protests over the current administration as well as his platform for the highest office. I had a chance to chat with him, and here's what he had to say.

What's Up!: Tell us about your start in music. What made you want to write songs?

Boris: When I was a young lad my Auntie F. bought me those red and blue vinyl Beatles compilations. In school, my friend Guy turned me on to the Dead Kennedys, Ramones, Clash, Blondie, XTC etc. The Clash had and still have a huge impact on me, they were truly geniuses. It wasn't until college that I started playing in bands. I idolized REM, The Smiths, The Cure, The Replacements, Husker Du... and scrimped for a Rickenbacker like Peter Buck and Johnny Marr. I mostly wrote meaningless pop punk songs, did dumb covers, played gigs, minor touring, and tried to meet girls (I guess it worked out because that's how I met my wife). Same old story, different players. The best part was we played awesome places like CBGB and The Black Cat in D.C., Rockafellas in Columbia S.C., some really cool venues.

That was then. A violent chain of events including the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections, chronic illness, chemotherapy, loss of sight, job lay-offs, illegal wars, and dealings with apathetic, selfish, savage people have laid the groundwork for my rebirth as a protest singer.

Otherwise, I'm quite a pleasant fellow.

WU: So where are you from and how did you get here?

Boris: I'm from Washington D.C. and moved to Bellingham seven years ago. I worked for investment banks on K St. for over a decade. I've infiltrated the enemy; mingled at their cocktail parties, smoked pot in the bathrooms of their country clubs, etc. They are a dangerous bunch for sure, desperate to keep what they have, and resistant to change. Since they are no match for the PEOPLE, they are forced to use a portion of their huge resources to ensure that the truth is withheld.

Bellingham seemed to be one of those rare places that allowed an escape from this materialistic, cut-throat environment. The move also allowed me to treat my eye disease and the effects of immunosuppressive chemotherapy with marijuana, le