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Born 2 Nothing


Of course most bands say that their music is different from everyone elses... but when you have your fans saying it too, its gotta be true. We strive for originality.

Biography's been a long journey over these last 6 years. All of us have been playing music most of our lives, and it's what we've always wanted to do. The band formed, nameless, in the summer of 2002. For a few months the music was headed in a completely different direction than where it is today. Then in that September, frontman and vocalist, Jonathan Whittaker joined what was soon after named Born 2 Nothing. The first couple of months were rough, but the first few songs were written. Then after a year of hard work and ups and downs we performed for the first time. Needless to say, the show was great. From that point forward we have played constantly, and have written new material .We hit the studio on December 3rd 2004 to record our first EP entitled "Do You Know My Name", after our most popular song. The EP included the songs; "Do You See", "Do You Know My Name", "Pain Perception", and "Bleed For Me". During its run we sold 200 copies, but then we decided to pull the EP due to changes in the songs. Since then it has been nonstop playing and writing. Having now played in venues all across Texas, and soon beyond, Born 2 Nothing is here to stay. With influences ranging from funk to nu metal, and a versatile sound, we try to create something that anyone can enjoy. This is what we love doing. True, there have been highs and lows, good days and bad ones, but we get through it. It seems that no matter what, we four are the heart and soul of this band. We all stick together in the end. This is our story so far. We can only hope that the journey continues for a long time to come.

Some of the bands we've shared the stage with:
Drowning Pool
5 Finger Death Punch
Fair to Midland
Within Chaos
The Exies
Element Eighty
Razorblade Dolls

Recent Activity:
Co-headline with Drowning Pool to a sold out show in Tyler Tx
Voted Top 10 in Battle for Ozzfest competition.


"Do You Know My Name" released in 2004 which included 4 of our fans favorite songs.

"Live for Something or Die for Nothing" is in its final stage of production and will be released later this year.

Streaming live on

Set List

Typical set list varies from 20 minutes to 45 minutes and includes songs such as:
Do You See
Me on the Inside
Hide (Curl up and Die)
No Redemption
Do You Know My Name
and More..

We play very few covers but they usually include songs such as:
War Pigs - Black Sabbath
Big Truck - Coal Chamber