Born Anchors

Born Anchors


“Born Anchors’ Sprezzatura is, so far, the local rock record of the year” - John Richards KEXP


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2008 was supposed to be their year, according to local music press and radio -- but Born Anchors was too busy crafting an enduring album to care about making the deadline.

I love the new songs! --John Richards, KEXP

Epic, earnestly impassioned rock, Born Anchors could take on Boy-era U2 in a barroom brawl with
a good chance of victory. --Hannah Levin, Seattle Weekly

Born Anchors play turbulent, raw rock with a post-hardcore edge that's reminiscent of Jawbox
(just a little) and Al Burian's Challenger (if Challenger were more aggressive).
--Megan Seling, The Stranger (Band Of The Week)

... upcoming album Sprezzatura is currently beating the sides of my face in ... by turns splatteringly
hard and seriously catchy on a level that mono would be jealous of.
--Larry Mizell Jr., The Stranger Line-Out,

Easily one of the best Seattle bands Ive heard in the last few months.
--Chris Travis, 107.7 The End

They're the kind of "new wave hard rock" band boyfriends are quite happy being dragged to by their girlfriends. The three musicians know how to play, and also how to write new kinds of the under-your-skin, throb-and-crackle songs that bands in the underground rock scene used to crank out before things got all sappy.

Born Anchors is Jason Parker, whose vigorous bass and galvanic snarl deliver his lustrous songs; spare and nimble drummer Justin Martinez, whose roots in the late-'90s post-hardcore, all-ages scene can be heard fully in his playing; and Gregory Scott, whose gentle, bearded indie-kid demeanor transforms on stage when he is torquing and tweaking a melodic language of noise out of his guitar.

"Sprezzatura" is Born Anchors' sultry and brittle full-length debut, following up a KEXP-spun and well-reviewed introductory EP released in late 2007. Songs like "In Disguise" and "Safe Sex" have bedazzling, evolved melodies and show how the band now has a less guitar-intricate and more rhythm-focused sound. "Blinding Light" ("Our Jesus Lizard song," Jason jokes) hints at the combination of brawn, sweat, and shrewd rock musicianship that people will exuberantly experience when they catch the band live. And if fans have romantic partners in tow who seem unconvinced, perhaps they'll be inspired to seek out new playmates then and there.

Born Anchors is keeping that soon-to-be-best-thing-on-pop-radio and anything-is-possible rock spirit alive.


Sprezzatura (2009)
Self titled EP (2007)

Radio play on 90.3 KEXP, and 107.7 KNDD

Set List

30-40 minute set, no covers