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"CD review"

CD Review-
Quebec Metal-English Version

BornBroken - The Healing Powers of Hate (2013)

The Group :

Mike Decker - Guitar
Simon Savard - Guitar
Tommy Vaillancourt - Basse
Jonathan Ménard - Percussion
Jesus Salazar - Vocals

The Songs :

1 - Can't Quiet the Riot
2 - Old News
3 - Anger of the Day
4 - I Will Rise
5 - Control
6 - It Has Begun
7 - Birth of the Broken
8 - Bleed the Sky
9 - Reborn from the Ashes
10 - The Healing Powers of Hate

BornBroken performs vocally in a «Thrash-like» register, with a strong «Core» base. Having toured the Quebec region over the last two years, BornBroken have earned them the distinction of being named Québec-Métal’s 2012 ‘Discovery of the Year’. They have also given this reviewer his second greatest concert of 2012. BornBroken has effectively demonstrated a profound strength of commitment in a live concert setting, but how good are they in a studio setting, as recorded on CD?

I have to admit being more than a little surprised. The Healing Powers of Hate is a breakthrough album for this group; and what a package it is! They’ve selected a “digipak" format, like those used for a DVD presentation, featuring a 28-page booklet, loaded with photographs, lyrics and even a strip cartoon. A group “sticker" is included in the package for the die-hards.

What should you expect, musically? The very first track of the album explodes with the vibes of "Can't Quiet the Riot", where The Broken break out their colours. Be forewarned not to expect the cottony softness of a paper towel; this is heavy stuff, featuring many riffs, followed by direct and uncompromising aggression, like real "Thrash" should be. "Old News" is even more direct and aggressive. I felt the forthright influence of Chimaira, with a trace of an 80’s guitar sound. "Anger of the Day" sounds like "old school Thrash" with the benefit of modern sound; vibrant and heavy. "I Will Rise" pulses like pure "Thrash", with very "Core" vocals, almost like "Deathcore", which isn’t unpleasant. "Control" is melodious, without compromising its direct and aggressive flavours. "It Has Begun" leads off with spoken vocals, though its resounding guitars are reminiscent of Sepultra and Soulfly’s "dark and heavy" daze, while sustaining the pace. "Birth of the Broken" also initiates with a light vocal intro, which is rapidly shadowed by the addition of percussion, effectively launching the piece, which then quickly returns to the source, thanks to its melodious guitars. "Bleed the Sky" is probably my pet song of the album, though the others are just as good and strong. Having often seen this group in concert, this particular piece always strikes a sensitive chord with its no-frills rhythmic cadence; always as intense. Its "Thrashy" influence cries out with the strength of its guitar solos. "Reborn from the Ashes" is just as strong. It is pure "Thrash core", with plenty of Pantera-style "riffs", which is ideal for a live performance. "The Healing Powers of Hate" is the title song of the album; very direct and without compromise. The "breaks" are well distributed, leading into better and heavier horizons.

BornBroken declares, through the release of their initial album, that they’re not looking to be pawns of the Quebec Metal Scene, but the main act. Their musical selections are very solid, and their production work is impeccable. Their guitars are as professional as their packaging is awe-inspiring. This album is sure to become a collector’s item for any fans that acquire it.

Though this album was self-produced, it’s a sure bet that the group will not have too long to wait before being signed into a recording contract, because they will no-doubt be going far… and I mean stellar. Their style is a good mixture of Thrash and Thrashcore, without denying their 80’s Heavy-Metal origin. Blessed with a truly modern sound, the talent is there, and must be recognized.

BornBroken is the future of Québec Metal, with 10 titles to discover, even on stage, since the group demonstrates an uncanny and totally uncommon, energetic stage presence. They have poured their guts into the making of this introductory album, their own monies and a wealth of professionalism, which must be recognized.

Bravo for an excellent album that one just doesn’t tire of listening to.

My Score 9/10

Alain Labonte (Québec-Métal) - Alain Labonté, Québec-Métal


CD singles-2012 (Control & Bleed the sky)

''The Healing Powers of Hate''-March 2013 (full lenght album)

Online radio airplays:
-Bleed the Sky
-I Will Rise
-It Has Begun
-The Healing Powers of Hate

FM radio airplays:
-Bleed the sky
-The Healing Powers of Hate



Out of the lack of self control from society's facade, Montreal's BornBroken was formed to let the masses have a voice, a face, an ''X'' marks the spot place in life in wich we, they can be heard.

It's not easy being pushed aside for something shinny and pretty, when you have something important to give; inspiration for a better world, a safer world. It comes to a point where there is only one outlet left to give...HATE!

We have to let our HATE work for us by HEALING, not hurting. Through the sounds of betting skins, metal strings and Broken chords, we have come to have our voice, our face, our ''X''.

Formed in 2008 through the mismanagment of life and now 5 strong, BornBroken plays out not only what life gives but also what they want to give back; Thruth, Intergity, Perseverance, Loyalty and Faith in humanity's struggle for Equality.