Our band is high energy rock centred on melody. It's memorable and catchy. We focus on writing songs that affect us and try to get them to affect the audience. Contact Jacqui Carroll : 0851682450.



Having all played previously in various bands the quartet of Aaron
Smyth, Ian Clarke, Tony Crowley and Dennis Cassidy finally came
together in early 2005. Most of the last 18 months has been spent
perfecting sound and live performances. This did not go to waste. Live
sets have gotten harder, better, faster, stronger. On stage, energy
and passion is everything.

Without depending on advertising or mailshots Borndays opted instead
to allow things to grow by word of mouth. Releasing an EP "White on
White". This resulted in a number of gigs in the UK,a show at the
prestigious Fringe Festival last year all the while picking up some
critical accliam from NME UK along the way........

2007 has seen the bands reputation grow larger with the surfacing of
the Miracle & Closer demo's, causing quite a stir underground amongst
fans, musos, men in suits and cris crossing on radio waves........

The Autumn will see Borndays release the first single from their
upcoming debut album, as yet to be titled

watch this space..........................................


We released our first EP last Summer (2006), 'White On White.'
Our current Demo cd's are doing the rounds in both the US and UK companies. The First contains the songs, Miracle and Turn It Off. The second, Closer and Couldn't Reach Her.

Set List

Sets usually are 50mins long and consist of 11 to 12 songs. If we get an encore we have plently of other songs to choose from. We play all orignal music.