Born Empty

Born Empty

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Born Empty- An organization conceived for the sole purpose of universally creating sound and melody beyond the normal capacity of any one genre of music.


Out of the depths of Music City, USA emerges the next evolutionary step of life on earth that is BORN EMPTY. Their new release, The Odyssey Chaoti-Pop Oddity, produced by Brian Virtue (Jane's Addiction, Deftones, 30 Seconds to Mars, Chevelle), is an unstoppable chaos machine that mercilessly levels all cynicism and anxiety in its path, and leaves only the positivity and big wide grins in its wake. They have been described as a mixture of The Foo Fighters and The Flaming Lips, with a dash of Incubus, HUM, and The Mars Volta. Touring relentlessly with a live show that simply must be seen to be believed, these Nashvillians have played over 200 shows in the last 18 months alone, building a loyal fan base in over 30 states along the way. Born Empty's infectious, explosive sound is impossible to resist - or forget.


Demography + or - (1999)
Guitardid (2003)
The Odyssey Chaoti-Pop Oddity (Nov 2009)

Set List

We fashion our setlists to adapt to every occasion.

typical set length: 30-45 minutes
minimum length: minutes
maximum length: days

The Truth
What's it Gonna BE?
The Severity of Misunderstanding
57 Lullabies
Goodness Gracious
Unconditional Love
Tooth Fairy

Queen "Under Pressure"
The Kranks "My Sherona"
Michael Jackson "Black or White"
Self "So Low"
Outkast "So fresh and So clean" "B.O.B."
Kush M.T. "Stormy Ridin'"
Roger Miller "Dang Me"
Refused "New Noise"