Born Enemies

Born Enemies


Born Enemies started in late may of 2007.With Adam Adkins,and Clay Smith,formerly with ballswag and drummer Luke Collie.Just over a year in now and we have just over an hour set of original music and we have played over 20 shows at various venues and 1 festival in Athens GA.Thanks for your time.


In May of 2007 four friends got together who had all played in some form of band at some point together but never all at once that was until then.And as the months went on we wrote songs with themes ranging from the everyday struggles of the working class to history our economy and the current flaws in our administration.Now over a year in and now a 3 piece our goal has remained the same and that is to get our message out there and open some eyes and have a great time doing it.



Written By: Born Enemies

it seems like we shield our eyes from the awful truth
but everywhere we look there is nothing but the proof
and running away just isnt good for anyone
so many days we work our fingers to the bone we stay full of fear

tomorrow we'll go to work and everythings the same, another day in paradise and no one is to blame

were screaming for some change we only get silence
and all these painful days we try to put behind us
were breaking our backs just to earn these fucking wages
and were not trying to bitch we only want some changes


Me v.s. Me EP 2007

Set List

perils of progress
wage slavery isn't justified
another direction same disappointment
my only wish
11 turning 12
were all born enemies
crimes of opportunity
days of the new world
writing on the wall
violent secrets
subversion or submission
in your clothes
the way the world sees you
a place to go
filler (minor threat)
i dont wanna hear it (minor threat)
i dont wanna work (the queers)
bob (NOFX)