Bornstein Experiment

Bornstein Experiment

 North Hollywood, California, USA

It’s a fun and playful, 21st Century "battle of the sexes" when Kimberly tells the men in the audience exactly what they're thinking!

Kimberly, blindfolded on stage calls out the personal items you are holding, like the amount of change in your pocket or a name and phone number on your personal cell phone and the serial number on any currency.


She is from Oklahoma and he is from Tijuana (ah, LA, actually) and together they are The Bornstein Experiment, a hilariously-outrageous comedic mind-reading duo!

Kimberly first realized she had a talent to read people when she was 10 years old after falling off of a tractor in Oklahoma and hitting her head. After that, she was able to finish someone's sentence in her mind… know who was calling on the phone or at the front door. Realizing it was time to leave the farm, and without knowing where to go or how to do it, she set out to utilize her AMAZING gift!

Jeff enlisted in the U.S. Army - serving both local and abroad where he was a Military Intelligence specialist with a TOP SECRET clearance. (Shhh! But don't tell anyone, otherwise…) Once out of the Army, he honed his craft as an actor, stuntman, comedian and magician. Though he has never been seriously hurt, he found it more gratifying (and sometimes more painful) to be on stage than to fly out of a seven-story window while on fire! Some of his credits include “The Specialist,” “JFK” and “Lethal Weapon III”, to name a few.

The Bornsteins are perfect for Corporate Events, Private Events, Cruise Ships and Colleges. They both volunteer on a monthly basis at VA hospitals performing for disabled vets. Their biggest passion is entertaining the troops overseas and will continue that “Tour of Duty” until they all come home safe.