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Bornstein Experiment

North Hollywood, California, United States

North Hollywood, California, United States
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Bornstein Experiment @ Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA

Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA

Bornstein Experiment @ Morningside College

Sioux City, Iowa, USA

Sioux City, Iowa, USA

Bornstein Experiment @ Camp Frank - US Army 5th Ranger Training Batallion

None, Georgia, USA

None, Georgia, USA


The best kept secret in music



You just FREAKED my mind... You were AMAZING! – Nicholas Cage

You do great magic! - Drew Carey

Kimberly was AMAZING... Jeff wasn’t so bad either! - Phyllis Diller

You two are amazing... I wish I had Kimberly’s gift! - Florence Henderson

One of the best I’ve ever seen! - Steve Martin

Loved your comedy & magic. - Gary Shandling

Thank you for making us laugh. - Stevie Wonder

FANASTIC 3-card Monty and funny... Hey where is my watch? - Buddy Epsen

It was a pleasure to share the stage with you! - David Brenner

WOW... WOW! - Jason Alexander


What the... how can she read my mind, IMPOSSIBLE! – Ashley, Concordia College

Dude, PLEASE tell me how she does that? – Dustin, Doane College

I don’t know how she does it, I bet it sucks to be you! - Patrick - Moraine Park Technical College

Please email me the winning lottery numbers, I’ll split it with you. – Erin, St. Cloud State University

You just blew me away, NO SERIOUSLY! - David, University of Nebraska at Omaha

You are an incredible woman, much success to the both of you! - Catherine, St. Olaf College

OMG... Can you teach me how to read my boyfriends mind? - Janissa, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Now that’s what I’m talking about... very impressive! - Paul, Waukesha County Technical College


Thank you for a job well done. – Mike Teilmann – Executive Director, USO

Your show will be long remembered. – LTC Peter A. Newell, Iraq, 2nd Infantry Division

Your actions reflect great credit yourself. – Colonel U.S. Army, Iraq - 3rd Brigade Combat Team

Your humor and wit took our minds off our environment – Robert Abrams, Colonel, Ironhorse Brigade

You and Kimberly were fantastic. Captain Frey, Commanding, USMC, Camp Hamilton

Thank you for bringing joy to our vets. Carrie Brandlin – Voluntary Services, Veteran Affairs

We can use you a guy like you! - LAPD


You kept them on the edge of their seat. - Dale Hindman - President Academy of Magical Arts, The Magic Castle

Jeff is one of the best... We recorded an INCREDIBLE number of qualified leads. - Motorola

What can I say… Outstanding! - Jessica Sandler - Paramount Studios

I highly recommend Jeff for any event! - Jeff Klein, Universal Studios,

You hit a hole in one… GREAT show! Mitch Bloom CHM, Nissan Open

You are a great entertainer. - EMI Records

- By Blindfold Entertainment

Jeff is a comedian, magician, actor and stuntman. Though he has never been seriously hurt, he found it more gratifying (and sometimes more painful) to be on stage than to fly out of a seven-story window while on fire! Some of his credits include “JFK”, “Lethal Weapon III” and “Star Trek VI” just to name a few and yes, he actually did get his butt kicked by Sylvester Stallone in “The Specialist”.

He is also an Army veteran and continues to serve with his lovely wife Kimberly and both are dedicated to bringing the highest quality of entertainment to the U.S. Armed Forces. Jeff was also part of the Operation Iraq Freedom tour where he performed 32 shows in 23 days and was shot at in a Blackhawk helicopter and when asked, “Would you go back” he replied, “In a heartbeat, that’s what I do; the show must go on, but more importantly, I’m a vet! I know what these men and women are going through and it’s an honor and my passion to serve again.”

Q: I understand you got shot at in Blackhawk helicopter while performing in Baghdad?
A: No big deal... okay it was a BIG deal, they just didn’t tell us we got shot at until after we landed.

Q: It kind of gives a new meaning to you bombed on stage doesn’t it?
A: Funny you say that! We were doing a show in Kuwait and the FOB went code RED and the comic who was on stage at the time, hit the deck, waited until the “all clear alarm” sounded then jumped to attention and went straight back into his jokes... it was AMAZING and he got a standing “O”... very cool!

Q: What about the GREEN ZONE?
A: What about it... pick a color... there is no “GREEN ZONE”. I think they just say that so the folks back home don’t freak out.

Q: How did OPERATION: MAGIC get started?
A: Well I first got the idea when I was stationed in Germany when the USO sent over the cast from the hit TV show Happy Days to play softball with us, it was very cool, and I remember thinking, one day I’m going to help bring joy and boost morale and in 2004, Operation Magic was born.

Q: What happens in the show?
A: Well, for 75 to 90 minutes, you will laugh, be amazed and laugh some more. It’s Comedy, Magic and Variety and it’s not your typical magic show. There is a lot of smart and clever humor along with adult content... nothing blue though and PACKED with tons of audience participation and it’s always fun to watch my wife Kimberly read minds... seriously, like right now she knows how much money you have in your pocket.

Q: That’s no secret my wife knows that too. Kimberly, how is it that you can read peoples minds?
A: Well most of it has to do with the person and their willingness to believe. I mean everyone is intuitive, I believe I have just taken mine to the next level which kind of freaks people out... sixteen dollars and two cents!

Q: What?
A: Kimberly: That’s how much money you have in your front left pocket. Am I correct?

(Checking my pocket) Holy... what the #@^* ... how did you know that? See now, okay that’s just wrong and people reading this will think this is contrived but I’m here to tell you... she actually knew how much money I had in my pocket. Jeff: I warned you!

Q: WOW... AMAZING! Where is your next performance?
A: We are at Fort Leavenworth on Thursday, Fort Riley on Saturday and McAlester Army Ammunition Plant the following Thursday... are you coming to the show?

Q: Wouldn’t miss it... maybe Kimberly can give me the winning lottery numbers.
A: Kimberly: You never know! Jeff: Put it this way, you will get a sneak peek how she gets into my mind and how she knew how much money I had in my pocket on our very first date... and no, it wasn’t because I took her to Dennys! Kimberly: Funny honey!

Q: You guys are too cute... Can’t wait to see your show... break a leg!
A: Thank you!
- By Jack Maxwell - The Actors Studio

Kimberly Bornstein, correctly guesses the contents of a volunteer’s wallet, demonstrating mind reading, during Operation Magic March 5 at Rally Point Bingo.

Fort Riley Families were treated to an evening of laughs and wonder.

A full house was in attendance for the Operation Magic comedy and magic variety show.

“The comedian was great, and the psychic was mind blowing,” said Spc. Rusty Morris, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division.

Their show combined mind-reading and comedy with audience participation.

At one point, the Bornsteins asked six audience members to think of a number. Then, Morris was called on stage to pop a balloon that contained a paper with all six numbers.

“I was kind of nervous, and I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Morris said.

“She called out everyone’s numbers, so I’m going to use those numbers for the lottery tonight.” - By Parker Rome 1st Inf. Div. Post - Fort Riley, KS

Bornstein, an actor and former Hollywood stuntman, performed action stunts in movies such as "JFK," "Lethal Weapon 3" and "Tango & Cash." He is a U.S. Army veteran who devotes himself to troops fighting overseas, having performed in Iraq... - By John Luttermoser, The Plain Dealer

In addition to his standup career, Bornstein is a longtime Hollywood stuntman... - By Cathalena E. Burch

Sylvester Stallone once kicked Jeffrey Steele aka Jeff Bornstein so hard in the chest that the comedian/ actor/magician/stuntman bounced off a bench in a city bus and out the window, glass and all. - By Cathalena E. Burch

MCCS Miramar

More than 200 service members and retirees were left smiling and laughing after the first Comedy Variety Show at the Bob Hope Theater here April 2.

The Comedians and performers of Operation Magic, featured dozens of props, mind reading and a ventriloquist during the two-hour event.

Mike & Mark Munoz, "The Amazing Race" contestants made a special guest appearance; Chipper Lowell, a comedy magician used props, magic and brought Marines on stage; Mallory Lewis, "Lambchop" enticed the crowd with ventriloquist jokes and Jeff and Kimberly Bornstein read the crowds minds.

The performers didn't disappoint as they had something for everyone. They gave the Miramar patrons more then the usual stand-up show as they had the crowd guessing on what shenanigans they were going to pull next.

The performers really kept the crowd involved and laughing, commented Lance Cpl. Kasey J. Goulet, a sea school student assigned with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, who was chosen to help Lowell on stage for one of his segments.

After the show, the performers stayed back to talk with the service members and sign autographs. Marine Corps Community plans to host another comedy show from Operation Proud Hearts this summer. - By Cpl. Manuel F. Guerrero, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar


Still working on that hot first release.



She is from Oklahoma and he is from Tijuana (ah, LA, actually) and together they are The Bornstein Experiment, a hilariously-outrageous comedic mind-reading duo!

Kimberly first realized she had a talent to read people when she was 10 years old after falling off of a tractor in Oklahoma and hitting her head. After that, she was able to finish someone's sentence in her mind… know who was calling on the phone or at the front door. Realizing it was time to leave the farm, and without knowing where to go or how to do it, she set out to utilize her AMAZING gift!

Jeff enlisted in the U.S. Army - serving both local and abroad where he was a Military Intelligence specialist with a TOP SECRET clearance. (Shhh! But don't tell anyone, otherwise…) Once out of the Army, he honed his craft as an actor, stuntman, comedian and magician. Though he has never been seriously hurt, he found it more gratifying (and sometimes more painful) to be on stage than to fly out of a seven-story window while on fire! Some of his credits include “The Specialist,” “JFK” and “Lethal Weapon III”, to name a few.

The Bornsteins are perfect for Corporate Events, Private Events, Cruise Ships and Colleges. They both volunteer on a monthly basis at VA hospitals performing for disabled vets. Their biggest passion is entertaining the troops overseas and will continue that “Tour of Duty” until they all come home safe.