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Say - Born To Oblivion. Power guitars, power vocals, power lyrics – just power-packed. Born To Oblivion, based in Florida, can also mix it up with some ballads, so when you feel the need to just sit back and chill for 3 or 4 minutes, they can do that too. Their debut CD has 2 handfulls of songs – all worth listening to. (Weekly podcasts at
- Al Mann, Upbeat Radio

Jerry Von Friend and Terry Lawrence are the duo known as Born To Oblivion. Either Lawrence has a strong David Bowie fixation, or his voice just naturally sounds like that British space oddity. Even with these vocal similarities, however, this group still makes high quality rock music.

There are many musical influences that don’t make you think immediately of Bowie at all, such as the dirty, grunge guitar of “Cry Wolf.” Then on “Spell,” the guitar playing brings to mind the darkly complicated arrangements of classic Blue Oyster Cult. "Say" even has a bit of a dance groove going for it. Born To Oblivion’s two musicians do everything themselves. Von Friend plays guitars, bass, drums, and sings. Lawrence, who writes all the words, also plays keyboards and saxophone.

Lyrically, Born To Oblivion has a strong progressive streak. During “Spell,” it mysteriously sings:

Out beneath the starry sky, under crescent moon,
spirits come alive again, chains will be removed ...

Furthermore, each track on this ten-song disc is illustrated with a specific logo to go along with its lyric.

This is good stuff. It would be foolish to remain oblivious to it.
- Dan MacIntosh, Indie-Music

" Born to Oblivion is the hellish metal child project of vocalist/lyricist/multi-instrumentalist, Terry Lawrence and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, bass), Jerry Von Friend. Good to have Friends like that. Their self-titled 2005 CD is an almost progressive metal collection of ten tunes that combine an 80's rock sense with an up-to-date production quality that works.... the music is the highlight here. The record has many moments that will send your head banging - most notably the Marshall thick crunch of tight power chords in "Cry Wolf" and "No One". The opening track, "Get It", is chaotic bliss. The guitars work in several directions and the arrangement includes gasps of space that tease a chance to catch a listener's breath before moving into another explosion of rock mortar. Overall the record is incredibly ambitious with arrangements that move away from the straight-ahead balls out metal genre - there's more here - kind of a thinking man's metal based in an intelligent approach to music and writing."


This track has a huge sound -it's almost unbelievable that Born To Oblivion is comprised of two members,
Though the listed influences can definitely be detected, this track has a sound all it's own. One second I felt like I was listening to a track that I would compare to classic rock, the next I was certain I was incorrect and was listening to alternative. I was right both times, and probably with every other inclination I had in between. It's definitely hard to classify this track because it almost intentionally defies classification to one genre, I've decided simply on modern rock with strong melodic vocals and impressively tight instrumentation and mixing.

Born To Oblivion has captured something special on this track, and there is most definitely a link to what we now call classic rock. Aside from sound the link is a feeling passed through the track to the listeners. Something familiar, but definitely unique. A mystique delivered via the poetic lyrics. Aside from all of that it's a very catchy track....
- Khiki Kavan--Indie Limelight Show

Terry Lawrence receives an Honor Award for Songwriting for his song "Wings".

"Everything about this song is a winner!"

- The Great American Song Contest


Released January, 2006
CD of 10 original songs



Born to Oblivion is the brain child of Terry Lawrence: singer, songwriter, keyboards, sax, flute and several other instruments. He has played all over the USA with various groups prior to focusing on the creation and development of his own unique modern rock sound. Born near Detroit, Michigan, he grew up listening to such rock icons as Led Zeppelin, Alice n Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots. His style is unique, incorporating threads of a classic rock sound into a tapestry of modern rock music, studded with the occasional sweet and soulful ballad.
In 2005, Terry teamed up with his long-time friend and lead guitarist, Jerry Von Friend, to bring his musical ideas to fruition in s rich and powerful compilation. Terry's vast and diverse experience is the foundation on which he has has begun to build his own musical legacy. He has written the strong and provocative lyrics and distinctive melodies of the ten songs that comprise this exciting CD.
Jerry Von Friend is a musical force in his own right and has played with various rock groups including his own band, "Gray By Mourning". He also gained acclaim with his distinctive style as guitarist with the Monsters of the Morning of Real Radio. On this CD, Jerry added his technical expertise on guitar, bass and drums to produce and to bring Terry's creative vision to reality.
Nick Torontali has been playing bass guitar for 5 years. His love for music and rhythm enable him to create an explosive, raw reaction when put in front of any type of musical instrument. His career goals solely revolve around music. In addition to his integral role with Born to Oblivion, Nick is also currently in a 4-piece rock band called Kiteline.
Bobby Gilatti plays superb lead guitar and adds depth with his vocals.
Jeff Thomas is a drummer with a wide range and great depth of musical experience.
From this collaboration has emerged a unique, provocative, sometimes intense--sometimes soothing but always exceptional and stimulating, power-packed modern rock sound!!!