born under punches

born under punches


Born Under Punches magnetizes the listener through melodic harmonies, catchy guitar voices, bass rythym's that drive you and beats ranging from trip hop to rock! Music of our personalities!!


Born Under Punches is an original act formed in late 2006/early 2007, Todd Langdon – Lead Guitars, Chad Longsworth aka ‘Cheetah’ – Drums and Jack Marble – Bass Guitar, brought together by the abstract minds of three individuals, evolving in our own melodic way. The music tends to challenge the mindset of our audience yet bringing them closer to ours with a side of playfullness. We classify into Rock, Alternative and tapping into the Progressive genres of the music industry.

After past experiences such as two “End of Summer Weenie Roast’s”, opening up for bands such as Faith No More, Sevendust, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Stuck Mojo (and more), working with Bill Aucoin (KISS founder) and Chris Kress (engineer for The Dave Matthews Band), our professional and dedicated levels of musicianship can be heard throughout each song. Working on 15+ songs in our repertoire, we have self-titled EP currently circulating the local markets and having already sold close to 250 units within the past five months, since the EP was released. Plans for a full length album are scheduled to take place in late 2008/early 2009. Each one of us has traveled the states and has touched a lot of fans throughout. Playing clubs like the 930 Club in DC, House of Blues in SC and as far as the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, including a variety of the in-between venues, we are currently developing a strong fan base in Charlotte NC.

Booking Information:

Chad Longsworth
3416 Crosswinds Rd.
Charlotte NC 28227
704.201.4935 -main
704.568.2280 –fax


born under punches - self titled EP

Songs 'Habit' and 'Shortbus', both have recieved airplay on 106.5 The END, Charlotte NC.

Set List

Set List varies, depending on venue and type of crowd. We have enough music to play just over 60 minutes if needed but stick to a 45-50 minute set. All songs produced and written by Born Under Punches are original and does not consist of covers at this time.