The Borracho Brothers
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The Borracho Brothers


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Heaven Waits
Nude female fire station
My Last Gig
Everything is easy
What Tomorrow Brings
What Happened To Desire



Ed Dewberry - Lead Guitar - Founding member of the band. I have to keep all the other Borrachos in line. California native here. Been playing for a thousand years. Used to gig with Metallica back in the early '80's, before they made it that is! Played many venues through the years in LA county, OC county and SD county.

Henree Suede - Backing Vocals - Mild mannered nerd by day, laid back couch po...tato by night, Henree is as smooth as his name. Just 28 yrs old, this fresh faced singer/songwriter hides behind a grizzled beard in an attempt to look much older and wiser. His musical beginnings began in grade school playing the recorder. Then it was on to the high school marching band and the coronet. Not satisfied with the big band sound of the day, Henree found rock n roll along with a myrid of other vices, but that's another story. Then one day, while lying on the couch and watching VH1 Behind the Music, Henree said, "I could do that, I could be a rock star". So he went out and bought 7 guitars, 2 amps & 14 pedals. And the rest is history.

Being a gear freak, Henree lives by the motto, "the more equipment and gadgets you have, the better you'll play". Still he plays a mean rhythm, even if it is to a different drummer than the rest of the band.

Tom Hicks - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals - From the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, I have been playing rock 'n' roll for decades - how many decades will remain a secret! I started with a garage band in Torrance, CA (right next to Hawthorne, where the Beach Boys started!) and have played gigs in a number of states (altered as well as geographic!). Started with the drums, but got tired of lugging them around everywhere, and realized that a guitar is much more portable and a bit more musical! (Plus, the chicks dug it!) After finishing college I joined a number of different bands, always looking for that elusive mix of talent, personality, and fun. Well, I found that with the Borracho Brothers. Kick ass rock 'n' roll, great times, and, above all, a love of the greatest music ever played - straight ahead rock!! Hoo-Ah!

Todd Ferguson - Drums - Todd Ferguson: With over 40 years rocking fans with his drum kit, twirling sticks and flashing a big smile he adds to the fun of any rock show. Todd's solid drumming has been part of the band for over 5 years. Described by many as "The Muppet'' 'Animal'; he's a little wild, zany and a force to be reckoned with on stage. His unique style is featured on DVDs and CDs with well-known artists such as: Warrant, W.A.S.P., and anthrax.

Keith Kehrer -Frontman/lead vocals-Keith is experienced in all aspects of the music and sound
industry having been in the industry for over twenty years. I bring a wide range of influences and skills to the table including composing and recording world-class music and sound quickly and on target. His experience includes: Thousands of hours in recording studios in New York City, Los Angeles and other cities in the United States and abroad.
Music composition, songwriting, orchestration, arranging, production, midi programming, sound design, re-mixing, mixing, recording engineering, mastering, vocal arranging, vocals, voice overs, piano, keyboards, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, saxophone, percussion, music supervision, software and hardware troubleshooting.