Jason Borys is an modular synthesist and audio engineer from Edmonton AB. Through modular synthesis Borys create deep listening environments that skirt the darkcorners of the dancefloor. performing live techno sets without the aid of a computer or backing tracks. This is live techno at the core!


Borys has been obsessed with dark electronic music since the early 90s when he would compose and perform industrial tracks on a Atari ST computer. Its was diving into modular synthesis a couple years ago that really started to inspire Borys to want to start releasing and performing live techno tracks. Without the aid of a computer or pre recorded tracks Borys patches modules together building tracks up from single waveforms, control voltage is used to sculpt rhythms and melodies that range from blissed out dub love to anxiety attack ridden bursts of harsh noise. UK label Jiaolong recently released a 12" EP of tracks Borys & Junior Boys main man Jeremy Greenspan. The record has been well received and is getting played by DJs all over the world.


Jeremy Greenspan & Borys "God Told Me To"
Jiaolong imprint
12" release 1000 copies sold as of September 1st.