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If you want to know where Broken On Site came from: if you want to know the roots to where their musical genius lies, you must start from the beginning... Despite all the controversy, the foundation for their music was built upon the simple dreams of two ignorant grade 8 band members in Greenbank Middle School. David Dimitroff was the aspiring young bassist who would undeniably form the perfect adhesive needed to hold Broken On Site together. Although unaware of the potential benefits and downfalls of starting a band, David asked Taso Pavlou; the would-be Greek dancer and singer, to start a band. They practiced in Room 109 in the music department after school. The first incarnation of the band was called "Suite 109". Their search and curiosity for music could only bring them so far... as their dreams were destined for a greater sound.

Meanwhile, across the city, there was a desperate handsome young man in dire need of a new hobby. After experimenting with story writing and other creative outlets, Daniel Freedman (known as Freeds) found the solution. A family friend made him a guitar from scratch in engineering class. As chance would have it, the three prodigies happen to meet while running laps during grade nine gym class. A would be athletic career in progress, was soon shattered with every discussion about punk rock bands and the possibilities about starting a band of their own. These discussions evolved into after school band practices in Davids basement. Taso's true passion was behind the drum set. The young boys spirits formed an unbreakable trio. Broken On Site was born.

The bands reputation was built by playing at various venues in Ottawa and Montreal. The groups unstoppable determination led to various shows where they performed with other popular bands. This unlikely trio had uphill battles right from the very beginning. Whenever they played, composed and performed their original songs, all their troubles melted away and the bond between them grew stronger. They never sold out. Then in August of 2006, the band asked long time close friend Jordan Gilman to fill in as a second guitarist. After playing a couple shows with the band, Jordan became an official member in Broken On Site. Several months later, Jordan took on the role as lead singer. Ever since, they have stuck together and created something beautiful. This would be the new Broken On Site.

They enjoy giving back to the community. They have performed at charity events such as The Canadian Mental Health Association, Canadian Cancer Society, Childrens Aid, Amnesty International, grand opening of local businesses. They were the main source of entertainment at Pierre Poilievre's (a member of parliament) victory party. They love composing and creating inspirational music that will help others in their lives. They share their own experiences in their songs. They love their fan base which is growing each day. Without their fans support, they could not have gotten where they are today.


Ten Cents Short A Dime

Written By: Broken On Site

I wouldnt watch idly by
wouldnt be the final guy
wouldnt want to see you do this to yourself and you
who always makes it through
cannot be the one to do this to yourself
oh no

why the fuck would you give up
when theres so much more to do
when theres so much more to see
when you want to be with me
think about the ones you love
think about the ones who care
think about the memories
the good times we all shared

It will always be the same
but do you want to be
the one who made the change
and eventually killed me
I dont know what to say
because if you do it will leave me with no one left to turn to

Still wanting to hold on
after all you put me through
I still want to be with you
I still want to since I
simply cant provide for us
we will have to make do
because I want to be the guy, and I know you want to try

It will always be the same
but do you want to be
the one who made the change
and eventually killed me
I dont know what to say
because if you do it will leave me with no one left to turn to.


Broken On Site (Independent) - 2003 (Ten Cents Short A Dime) - Recorded at Distortion Studios

Broken On Site (Independent) - 2004 - Ep (Ten Cents Short A Dime, Noises Next Door, Effects Songs, & Something To Look Down On) - Recorded at Studio 51

Broken On Site (Independent) - 2005 - Ep (Ten Cents Short A Dime) - Recorded at Pebble Studios

Broken On Site (Independent) - 2007 - Ep (Pain In Slow Motion, Faith, Loney Nights, & Something To Look Down On) - Recorded at Pebble Studios

Set List

Its In Her Eyes
Lonely Nights
Ten Cents Short A Dime
Something To Look Down On
Pain In Slow Motion
Make Believe
Noises Next Door
All That I Know