Bosc may at first remind you of a popular Brit rock band. Listen carefully. During their show, Bosc shows incredible vocal range with soothing piano melodies and seasonal lyrics. "A piano led rock group with great melodies and pleasant musical offerings" - Indie Vision Music (Sept 2006)


Bosc is a four-piece pop rock outfit from Lynchburg, Virginia that has been performing a little over a year since the band made their start in September 2005. The band members all met while in college.

Bosc has established itself in central Virginia playing for crowds where up to 5,000 people were in attendance. Outside of Lynchburg they have toured two times playing in North Carolina, Northern Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. The band's sounds consists of guitar, piano, bass guitar and drums depicting songs of human emotions, love relationships, and the changing of seasons. Bosc has been compared to the sounds of Coldplay, John Mayer, Maroon 5, and James Blunt. The band would tell you that their influences stem from David Gray, Sufjan Stevens, and Chris Martin.

Notables: Played Purple Door Music Festival in Lewisbury, PA in August 2006

Unsigned and Self Management
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"Bosc" (self-titled) featuring the tracks:
1. "Will It Ever End"
2. "Nobody Else"
3. "If Only"
4. "Evolve"

Set List

Bosc has played a wide range of shows and atmoshperes ranging from small, corner coffeehouses to restaurants to a national festival. Their set list is fit for an opening slot at 20-25 minutes or a typical 45 minute set. Their sets are filled to the brim with musical experiments with human emotion.

song 1
song 2
song 3
song 4
song 5
song 6
song 7