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BOS: "Straight Off the Spoon"
Big Chef: "Power Moves" (mix-album)
-"Black Bandana" Big Chef ft. Young Monk & Will P. (video)
-"I Love My Hood" (single)
-"Living Or Existing" (single)
-"So Long" (single)
Big Chef: "HUSH: Hustle Until Something Happens" (mix-album)
-"Full Throttle" Big Chef ft. Will P. (single & video)
-"Bout That Life" (single)
SMAY: "Scrape the Plate"
-"No Talking" (single & video)


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BOS Muzik Group (BOS International Music, Media, & Publishing Group.) is a Media & Entertainment production company that creates intellectual property that truly represents the Underclass Cultures of the Americas and abroad. The social strife and perpetual cycle of Ghetto poverty of the last three decades shapes and molds BOS artist in the fashion of past greats like Ice Cube & NWA, Chuck D & Public Enemy, UGK, 8ball & MJG, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and Tupac Shakur...just to name a few of the greats reflected in the New Movement BOS LION..."Brothers Of the Struggle...Leadership Is Ours Now"

"BOS STREET HISTORY & the Original BOS Members (Pontiac 17)"
The History of BOS begins with the Great African American migrations of the 1900's (1910-1970’s). With the rise against Jim Crow mounting and crashing over, African Americans across the country left the Deep-South in pursuit of liberty, justice, and happiness for all. We poured into the Western, Midwestern, and North Eastern regions of the country, creating thriving centers of African life in Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Harlem, L.A., San Francisco, and several others urban centers across the country. It was the destitute living conditions forced upon African Americans, that initially transformed the “Brothers & Sisters Of the Struggle”, (those who fled the south), into hubs of cultural creativity where Blacks banded together into tribes in order to survive.

BOS CULTURE, in short, can be understood as holding fast to righteousness, being self-sufficient, and not conforming to the will of oppressors. It was the initial and still present social conditions that led to the growth & development of the BOS culture that still permeates in the hearts of underclass American’s today.

By the mid 70's the people were restless and demanding nothing less than equal citizenship, both economic and political. What were once seen as mere street gangs, were validly growing into 40,000 member “nations” in Chicago alone, while the Nation Of Islam, founded in Detroit, was prevalent in ghettoes across the country. Organizations like the Black P. Stone Nation, Conservative Vice Lords Inc., and the Black Gangster Disciple Nation were following the intellectual and political lead of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and the Black Panther Party, while flexing their street muscle at the same time. These super street tribes even marched with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1967, two years after Malcom X's murder, acting as Dr. King's security force in Chicago. Later, Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Jr.(68) and Fred Hampton Sr. (69), the Black Panther Party’s Chicago Chairman and an emerging leader in the movement, were both assassinated. (Fred Hampton was proven to be killed by the Government). Founder of the Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad, died in 1975 and his son, Imam W. Deen Mohammad, converted the mass of the organization to Al-Islam in 76', thus following suit with Malcolm X. Shortly after, from the late 70's through the Mid 80's, the high ranking Chiefs and leadership of the mega tribes were all imprisoned... and most remain their today. #Free'EmALL

The ORIGINAL BOS Members were chiefs from all of the major street tribes of Chicago and the greater Midwest. After a prison riot in Pontiac Illinois, these leaders unified under the banner of "Brothers Of the Struggle" (BOS),defeated their charges stemming from the prison riot and broadcast a message of unity and peace back into the underclass communities of the nation. The members and their organizations were as follows:Benny Lee (Apache Vice Lord / Insane Vice Lord), John "Bay" Bailey (Gangster Disciple), Michael "Bosco" Evans (Black Soul), Anthony "Hop" Gilberry (Conservative Vice Lord), Robert "Wheaty" Harris (Original Gangster), Jessie Hill (Gangster Disciple), Larry "Chairman / King" Hoover (Gangster Disciple / Growth and Development), Albert "Omega" Jackson (Black P Stone / Black Nationalist), Ernest "Smokey EL" Jackson (EL RUKEN), Stephen "Tuffy" Mars (Unknown Vice Lord), David "Prince Dinky" McConnell (Conservative Vice Lord), Ronnie Newby (Black Gangster / New Breed) son of King Booney Black, William "Gaylord" Ozzie (Cobra / Insane Vice Lord),Angelo Robinson (Black Soul), Joe Smith (Black Soul),Kevin "Wolf" Tolbert (Black Soul), Ike "King Ike" Taylor (High Supreme Gangster / Gangster Disciple) he started Gangster Disciples on the West Side of Chicago.

The “struggle” has long spilled outside of the African American community, proliferated by a war on citizens ("drugs") that has turned underclass communities into "TRAPS". Since the fall of the BOS leaders, whom were blamed for the social economic decay of their communities, these social issues have not been resolved and the Struggle currently calls the “underclass” its home. With the entire Hip-Hop community and industry focusing on and rapping about who has the most money and excess, BOS Muzik Group represents and produces quality content for those trapped in the heart