Bosque Brown

Bosque Brown

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA



We’d like to introduce you to Bosque Brown, a band from Texas who are fronted by Mara Lee Miller, a female singer songwriter whose haunting winsome vocals have been compared to the likes of Cat Power and Joanna Newsome.

For the past 15 months, Bosque Brown has been quietly working on their sophomore full-length with producer Chris Flemmons (Baptist Generals). A dramatic step forward from their debut, Plays Mara Lee Miller, Baby features a fuller sound and more expansive instrumentation. This rich musicianship reflects Bosque Brown’s increasing stature as a live band. Whereas Plays Mara Lee Miller was recorded in just a few days, the group took their time with Baby so that they could find the perfect sounds -- adding things in, taking things away, they allowed the songs to grow under Flemmons' watchful guidance.

Baby's chief strength lies in the vocals. Principal songwriter Mara Lee Miller's voice is frequently doubled with her sister Gina's, allowing for a richer, more textured sound. Drummer Winston Chapman and Flemmons, himself a longtime drummer, experimented with prepared drums, mic placements and various recording techniques to colour the percussion. A cluster of a cappella tracks, treated with heavily-layered vocals and echoing reverberation, borrow from the sacred harp tradition and are arranged to break the record into four segments. Lush, soaring keyboards, organs and pedal steel blend with varying rhythms.

In her often personal lyrics, Miller reflects on her small-town Texas upbringing, coming to terms with her history. On "Oh River", references to old-time hymns mix with the imagery of a dark, cold, flowing river -- perhaps a subtle reference to Texas' Bosque River, for which the group is named. "White Dove" and "Soft Love" bookend Baby, opening the record with a sense of dark desperation and then gradually finding hope in love.

Burnt Toast Vinyl (Bosque Brown’s U.S. label) discovered Miller through folk singer Damien Jurado, who had met Miller on tour. At the time, Jurado was acting as a bit of an A&R rep, funnelling prospective acts and demos to the label. The band's live shows quickly captivated music fans in the Dallas/Denton/Ft. Worth area, owing largely to Miller's striking stage presence.

Their debut was released in 2005 and Plays Mara Lee Miller found its way onto many ‘Top 10 of 2005’ lists and was named the top release of 2005 by the Dallas Observer. A four song ep, Cerro Verde, was recorded in 2006 and released as a one-sided vinyl LP with an accompanying cd, it was a stripped-down effort, chronicling Miller's family experiences in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The track "Fire Fight" was featured on the soundtrack to the independent film ‘Jumping Off Bridges’, which debuted at 2007's SXSW film festival.

Bosque Brown have headlined their own shows and have played alongside such luminaries as Two Gallants, John Vanderslice, the Baptist Generals, Bobby Bare Jr., Damien Jurado, Jolie Holland,and The National.


2005-....plays Mara Lee Miller (Burnt Toast Vinyl US)
2006- Cerro Verde one-sided LP (Burnt Toast Vinyl US)
2009- Baby (Burnt Toast Vinyl US / Fargo Europe)

2010- West Country Night Session One also featuring Josh T. Pearson, H-Burns, Thousand, and Tom Cooney. (Europe only via Rough Trade)

New Album coming in 2011!