Bossa Nouveau is a diverse group of world class musicians creating music inspired from the Bossa Nova sounds of Brasil, American Jazz, Afro-Cuban and Flamenco.


Bossa Nouveau can be heard on radio stations throughout the Pacific Northwest. The music from their last CD, You're Not The Bossa Me! has been played on ESPN (Oh! The Beautiful Ball) and most recently the original song Tres Generaciones (written by son Jorge Airto) was selected for the PBS documentary Nuestra Familia, about corruption and politics surrounding Latino prison gangs in California. It is scheduled to debut at the LA Latino Film Festival and San Francisco Film Festival. In 2004 songs from their critically acclaimed Christmas Northwest I and II CD's was selected for a compilation CD of the Northwest's finest jazz artists. They had more songs than any other group.

The group was created by Jorge Zamorano, who is regarded by his peers, the press and Jazz fans as the Pacific Northwest's premier Brasilian and Latin Jazz guitarist. He plays in the style of Brasilian Jazz guitarists Romero Lubambo, Oscar Castro Neves, Bola Sete and Toninho Horta. In the last 20 years he has had extensive experience ranging from classical, jazz to Latin/Brasilian music. He has appeared many jazz and world music festivals around the country as a a side man and leader. He has performed with many jazz artists including Clark Terry, Milt Jackson, Charlie Byrd and Paul Horn. He has performed with Motown groups The Temptations, The Drifters, The Coasters and The Platters. Jorge has played inaugural balls for President's Reagan, Carter and Bush, Sr.

Bassist Thomas Williams, co-writer/arranger for the group's first four CDs, is a Washington DC resident. His musical experience is vast and varied. He has appeared with jazz legends Dizzy Gillespie, Louie Bellson, Slide Hampton, and such jazz notables as Diane Schurr, Claudio Roditi, Arturo Sanduval, and James Moody.

Drummer Joe Janiga studied classical and ethnic percussion and jazz drums at The University of Oregon in Eugene. He then moved to Brazil for a year where he studied brazilian percussion with the great Formigga in Sao Paulo. Upon returning he settled in Portland where he has played and recorded CD's with local musicians and groups 3 Leg Torso Sextet, and McKinley and Klezmocracy, of which two were on the Oregonians top 10 list for 2003. Joe is co-founder of the group Klezmocracy which is also the house band for the radio show Live Wire of which Joe is co-musical director.

Classically trained flutist Liberty is an amazing musician with an incredible sound and technique. She has performed in orchestras as principal flutist for the Portland Youth Philharmonic, Portland State University Wind Symphony, PSU Orchestra, Portland Festival Orchestra, Bel Canto North West Orchestra, and the Astoria Music Festival Orchestra

Dan Davis playing bass guitar at age 15, picking up his first upright and working professionally at age 18. Dan has worked performing in and around Portland with jazz artists, Salsa bands, Rock bands, and Blues groups backing such notables such as Paul Delay, Lloyd Jones, Duffy Bishop, Lee Blake, Robbie Laws, Boyd Small Band, Mel Brown, Gordon Lee amongst others.

Dan has traveled outside of the area working with Myron Floren, Joanne Castle, Steve March Torme, Tiny Tim, Ed Shaunessy, and others. Dan was recently nominated for the 2205 Muddy Awards by the Cascade Blues Association for the Bass Category.

Renato Caranto, sax man for the first 3 CDs, recently received Portland Blues Association Muddy award for best sax and was inducted to the "Hall of Fame" for receiving the award 3 times. Renato is one of those rare performers who can improvise with the best of them while taking a melody that can bring the listener to their knees. He is a regular member of the Mel Brown group, one of Portland's top jazz ensembles.

Jorge Tom and Renato have been recording and performing together for many years. They have shared stages with many notable performers, including Kevin Eubanks, the Yellowjackets and world music diva Cesaria Evora.

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Oh, The Beautiful Ball

Written By: Jorge Zamorano

My Beautiful Soccer Ball

She’s so alluring dressed in
black and white, so nice,
(she’s) telling you, come here,car-ess me, feel me, tease me,(And) just one man will put his hands wherever, and he’ll hold her, kiss her, squeeze her mind her, love her, please her,
My soccer ball

You want her near, but then
(She) gives herself so freely
to anyone who feels he needs her more than you
(sometimes)she lays there saying play with me, she flies, you hold her, kiss her, squeeze her, mind her, love her, please her,
My soccer ball

Hard To Say (Mal De Mim)

Written By: Djavan, English Lyrics - Cathy Zamorano

Hard to Say
If I’d Been More Kind
That You Might Have Stayed
I’ll Never Know B’Cause

Gone Away
How Insensitive
I Was to Have Strayed
You Were Deeply Pained And

So Betrayed
That I Could Hurt You
In This Thoughtless Way
How could I’ve been so cruel?

Now I Pray
You’ll Come Back To me
For I Long To Say
Those Few Simple Words I’ll

Love You Completely, Always(Each and) Every Day for You, Always, Trust Me, Never Again Will I Go Astray, Forever

To This Day
I Had Been So Blind
And Had Lost My Way
But Now I Clearly See

If I May…
take a one moment to explain &
Would You Say
You’d Forgive Me Someday


Bossa Nouveau is currently working on 2 new CD's scheduled for release in 2005. One with duos and trios featuring Jorge on guitar and Thomas on bass and flugelhorn. The second is a mix of original material by Jorge and Thomas that features the quintet; Joe Janiga, drums, Liberty Broillet, flute and Dan Davis, bass.

You're Not The Bossa Me! World Music, Samba, Bossa and Mambo for Gringo-2004

Musicians of various disciplines and cultures playing the music of Brasil, Spain and Cuba with guest artists from as far as India.

Jorge Zamorano: Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Thomas Williams: Upright Bass
Renato Caranto: Soprano & Tenor Sax
Jane Wright: Vocals
Alyssa Schwary: Vocals
Subash Chandran: Ghatam, Konokol
Jorge Jr: Guitar, Vocals (Rap on "Beautiful Ball")
John Wubbenhorst: Bansuri flute
Liberty Broillet: Western flute
Graham Lear: Drums ( "You're Not The Bossa Me!")
Caton Lyles: Bongos, Congas, Timbales, Pandeiro & Chekere ("You're Not The Bossa Me!)

Christmas Northwest II, 2002

Jorge Zamorano: Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Thomas Williams: Upright Bass
Renato Caranto: Soprano & Tenor Sax
Jane Wright: Vocals
Donny Osborne: Drums
Skip Von Kuske: Cello

Christmas Northwest I, 2001

Jorge Zamorano: Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Willy Barber: Upright Bass
Renato Caranto: Soprano & Tenor Sax
Jane Wright: Vocals
Donny Osborne: Drums
Israel Annoh: Drums
Jeff Uusitalo: Trombone

All CDs can be heard on KMHD, KBOO, KKJZ.

Set List

You're Not The Bossa Me!
1. Choro Orpheu (J. Zamorano)
2. Tombao (T. Williams)
3. Aguas de Marcos (A. C. Jobim)
4. Tres Generaciones* (J. A. Zamorano)
5. Passion Play (D. Grant, A. Schwary)
6. Hummingbird (T. Williams)
7. Beautiful Ball**((J. Zamorano)
8. Insensatez (A. C. Jobim)
9. Hard to Say (Djavan, English lyrics, C. Zamorano)
10. Catwalk (T. Williams)
11. Aqui Oh! (T. Horta)

It's All World Music Medley Big Country-Bela Fleck
Hoedown - Aaron Copeland
Black Bird - Lennon/McCartney
Cravo Y Canela - Milton Nascimento
Gabriela, Ramades Y Pele, Girl From Ipanema & Summer Samba - Antonio Carlos Jobim
Voce Bem Sabe, Mal De Mim & Oceano - Djavan
Linda, Oh Leazinho, Cucurucucu Paloma, & Lamento Borrincando - Caetano Veloso
Angel & Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix
Imagine - John Lennon