Boss Groove

Boss Groove

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High energy band featuring horns that does not play run of the mill stuff. Musicianship is second to none. Know for their "fun" shows. You don't just come to hear music you come to see a show!


Boss Groove has been around since the mid 90's. Although the line-up has changed from the original members, the idea of delivering great horn based music has not. We tip our hats to Earth, Wind & Fire; Chicago and a lot of the old school "horn" bands as well as Dave Matthews, Reel Big Fish, etc.... We cover material must bands cannot or will not cover. We pride ourselves on our uniqueness, but also being able to satisfy the taste of a wide audience base. What sets us apart from other bands besides the horns is our live show. A typical live show has lots of audience interaction with good-hearted silliness and laughter. Our synergy is somthing to experience. I could describe it but I wouldn't do it justice! One of our higher profile gigs that we do annually is the Honda Classic. We do lots of festivals in our region and have opened up for national artists on numerous occasions.


Boss Groove (Promo)- 2005
Boss Groove (Promo)-2009

*I only listed these as they are the most recent.

Set List

Here are a few songs:
Superstition-Stevie Wonder
Shining Star- EWF
10th Ave-Springsteen
China Grove-Doobie Bros
25 or 6 to4- Chicago
Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant
Dani California-Chilli Peppers
Semi-Charmed-3rd Eye Blind
Be My Girl- The Killers
Live Let Die- Wings
Word-up- Cameo
Go my Way-Lenny Kravitz

We also peform originals mixed into the set-list.
We typically play 3 sets, about an hour a piece for the first two and forty for the last.