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As we used to say in Italy: "La classe non e' acqua", meaning that Class is something you can't hide, when you have it. And you can't imitate it, when you don't. In your case, my opinion is that when the almighty distributed Class you went in the line twice.

Fulvio Romano, Brindisi, Italy

Heard it. Liked it. This stands up so well as it is. Demo or not it's bloody good.

Dick, South Hampton, UK

I can't remember the last time I heard folk like that. Classic.


I’m a fan Boss. Your vocal makes it, they're honest, natural and emotional.

James R. Jones, Portland, Oregon

I do love your sound. It's so well crafted and has this beautiful sheen to it. Anyway, excellent work.

Art Neuro, Sydney, Australia

Man you got some great stuff!!! Lots of hooks a grabber for sure.

Sean James, Quebec, Canada

Your songwriting would make great sound tracks for movies.
Not to mention the stories told in the songs would make great movies in themselves!

Pete Devers, Boston, MA

Great rock stuff, John. You know how to tell a story, no doubt.

Mirco Severini, Italy

Came back for more. Springsteen is smiling. I just know it. If only he did it as good.

Julian Dwyer, Gainseville, FL

A blast of Bruce! If they still had boardwalks this would be the anthem. Nah, this is all Boss (Hook, not Springsteen) and the Fro-tone. Power lyrics, well sung with heart and strength. Good swelling chorus.

Frank Battaglia, Oak Brook, IL

But I still think there's a lot of Springsteen in you. But even after all the comparisons -- it's STILL ALL YOU! Songwriting and story telling at its best.

Tom Celini, Bronx, NY

Your writing reminds me of early Bruce Springsteen, which is a good thing.

Matt Granz, San Francisco, CA

One of the things I absolutely love about your music is the timelessness of it. This would fit in perfectly in any of the last 3 or 4 decades because it is so well written, performed and produced. The subtle use of mandolin and accordion just makes the mood of these pieces wonderful.

Robert Fedori, Flint, MI

Your music really strikes a chord with me in a great combination of Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Leon Russell, John Prine, some Bruce Hornsby and the Band.

Ian Mantavich, Pittsburgh, PA

- Boss Hook Music Publishing


Performance Rights: BMI and ASCAP
Record Labels: Patch Records, Chicago

The Man That You Should Trust / John LaMantia - Patch Records
Clown Time is Over / John LaMantia & the Cook County Tone Ponies - Patch Records
Big Illusion / Claudia Clark Rossi and John LaMantia - Patch Records
Heart & Soul / Rain Kings - Denver Doc Records
You Are Here / Rain Kings - self release
Back to the River / John LaMantia - self release
Can't Stand Still / John LaMantia - self release

Radio Airplay: WXRT Chicago, WCBR Chicago, WFUV New York,



John grabbed a guitar at 10 years old and hasn't put it down yet. Selling his song writing craft in New York City and Chicago for the past several years, he is now based out of Chicago rocking with his new roots and Americana based outfit, Johnny 3:16.

A backdoor troubadour with hot sauce.