Johnny 3:16

Johnny 3:16


Johnny 3:16 plays a strong mix of original written songs and covers in the Americana, Alt Country, Roots and Rockabilly veins. Johnny's songwriting highlights comparisons ranging from Elvis Costello, early Springsteen, Van Morrison and Steve Earle.


John grabbed a guitar at 10 years old and hasn't put it down yet. Selling his song writing craft in New York City and Chicago for the past several years, he is now based out of Chicago rocking with his new roots and Americana based outfit, Johnny 3:16.

A backdoor troubadour with hot sauce.


She's the Saint

Written By: John LaMantia

She’s the Saint

© Boss Hook Music, 2007

Half the distance to my home,
I’ve been driving way too long.
Coming home to my Marie,
She’s the only one for me.

I’m the Sinner, she’s the Saint,
Told her that I’d try to change.
She’s believed me once before,
Still I’ve headed out that door.
Hope she wants to take me back,
And if she says it’s okay,
‘Cause I don’t think I can stand,
Another lonely day.

Coming home when she’s asleep,
And all those promises I couldn’t keep.
I miss my boy now he’s grown up,
He don’t talk to me too much.


Performance Rights: BMI and ASCAP
Record Labels: Patch Records, Chicago

The Man That You Should Trust / John LaMantia - Patch Records
Clown Time is Over / John LaMantia & the Cook County Tone Ponies - Patch Records
Big Illusion / Claudia Clark Rossi and John LaMantia - Patch Records
Heart & Soul / Rain Kings - Denver Doc Records
You Are Here / Rain Kings - self release
Back to the River / John LaMantia - self release
Can't Stand Still / John LaMantia - self release

Radio Airplay: WXRT Chicago, WCBR Chicago, WFUV New York,

Set List

She'll Feel Alone
The Man That You Should Trust
She's the Saint
Postcards from Brazil
Jenny & the Rough Terrain
Jimmy Got Married
No Such Thing (As Love)
Dark Clouds
Amanda's World
Breakin' All My Habits (Just to get me back to you)
Across the River
Cheater & Canary
...and other selections from 3 album releases and upcoming releases...

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Carmelita - Zevon
Caravan - Van Morrison
Promised Land - Chuck Berry
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My Gal is Red Hot (your gal is doodley squat)-Gordon
Marie, Marie - Alvin
I'll Cry Instead - Lennon/McCartney
I'm Only Sleeping - Lennon/McCartney
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...and anything that falls in between...