Boss Rude

Boss Rude

 Franklin, Wisconsin, USA

So for some reason does not believe in the genre of ska music...Boss Rude does. We play super energetic punk infused ska music and have loads of fun on stage. We've played the best and worst venues but it doesn't really matter to us if it's a basement or madison square.


The 2-Tone Bandits formed in 2007 and played music for years all around Wisconsin. In 2009 the band was dis-banded but Matt, Zack, and Ricky (rhythm section) along with Rich, Brandon and Little Matt (trumpet, bone, sax) wanted to keep on skanking, just with a slightly different approach. Zack took over lead vocals and started writing some energetic and catchy songs. Boss Rude shed its horn section last summer due to the changing sound of the band and so Matt, Zack, and Ricky remain as your current line up.


Scene X

Written By: Zack Biernat

Oh she didn't tell me
On Eharmony
That she didn't have a soul
I just can't believe her
She's like a punk rock girl that never put out
The kind of girl I can live without.

Cuz she's the scenest kid I know
She's like a hippie but she wont smoke dope
She never came to hear me play
But I'll sing about her anyways
She likes a hundred different bands
But I think they sound the same
She's way too trendy man I think it's kinda lame

No I've been down this road before
You care too much about your hair
you never let me in your underwear
Singing all the words to every shitty song
She never dances at the show but
she always sings along


No official releases but we do have a demo of 7 DIY recordings (+one live) available for download and listen via our soundcloud account (

Set List

Depends on the show...we wouldn't play the same set every time right?