BossTown Boys

BossTown Boys

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We're the greatest band that you've never heard of...


Close your eyes & Picture Sublime with The Reel Big Fish Standing behind The Beastie Boys.........We are nothing at all like that. Just a cool picture, isnt it?


Since the beginning of BTB, we have released 2 full length audio disasters and have offered up 12 single releases. 62 full length songs to date, but, continually writting and recording. No commercial radio airplay. Underground circulation. Have played the opening of envelopes. Crowds as big as 15,000 and as small as 10. From back yards to arenas. If there's a microphone in need of abuse...We'll be there!

Set List

A typical set usually consists of 6 to 10 original songs. Depending on the slot we receive. We are capable of playing a 2 hour set. Each of our songs average in length to be about 3:00 minutes each. It's all the witty banter that people crave..