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Tre-Dot shows that there is still hope in working with the music industry if you reach out to artists and keep true to your own disciplines and beliefs. His open minded personality and concerns for the human side of the music confirms many�s beliefs in his talent, skills, & career.


Tre-Dot is a New York City born and North Carolina representing emcee that is known for his grown man vision of hip-hop that some have labeled as Carolina Feel Good Music which is also the name of his current street album that is doing extremely well. His sound has been seen as a breath of fresh air within today's climate as the energy is pure and deep from the soul. This past year has seen Tre-Dot enjoy the following successes with no outside marketing or promotion...

* 5 solo street albums circulated online and in the streets (posted on and
Definition of a Boss � Carolina Edition hosted by DJ Nominal (over 1,000 downloads)
Carolina Boss hosted by DJ Prince once of G-Unit Dumout and now with Fleet DJs
Thru The Eyes of a Prisoner hosted by DJ Eeaazzee of the Fleet Djs (over 1,000 downloads)
Introducing Corey Bezel hosted by DJ Kuwsh (over 53,000 listens)
Carolina Feel Good Music - the Album (over 200,000 listens / 2,000 downloads...close to 1,000 sales digitally)
* 4 successful YouTube videos
Put Ya Hands Up directed by Smokin Jelli (first video)/(over 8,000 views)
In Love Again directed by Big Tyme Video (over 77,000 views)
F the World directed by Big Tyme Video (over 2,000 views)
Video Preview of Carolina Feel Good Music - the Album (over 12,000 views)

* over 300 mixtape features throughout the country in the past year

* internet and college airplay across the world to the tune of no less than 18 different songs receiving spins or mixtape placement

* Starring role in the indie film "1 Foot in and 1 Foot Out" as the character Lil Sin (2 songs featured in the film)

* Officially sponsored by Murder One Clothing

* Team of models entitled Tre's Angels showcased in videos and on stage led by Ms. Mysteria

* Featured in countless numbers of internet mags and blogs as well as several covers

* Nominated for the Grind Hard Award at the 2009 and 2010 NCUMA's and responsible for six awards at the upcoming Knoccdown Indie Awards - Out of Town Grind Hard Award, Mixtape Artist of the Year, Rap Artist of the Year, responsible for Out of State Bout to Blow Model - Ms Mysteria, Clothing Line of the Year - Murder One Clothing, Out of State Dj of the Year - DJ Nominal. Awards were in November and Tre-Dot won the Out of State � Grind Hard Award and was responsible for two others


Carolina Feel Good Music on, iTunes, etc...
Receiving airplay (singles) - In Love Again, Miss N Luv U, F the World, Yes Yes, Drunk Textin, Put Ya Hands Up, Just Like U, That's Dot, Can't Hold Me, Put that Iron On Em, It's Over, If I Love U, Sicker Than Ya

Set List

typical set as of feb 2010 - Yes Yes, Sicker Than Ya, (freestyle/random selection)...usually 8min or less