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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Sound and the Fury - June 2009"

When TONY used a decibel meter to measure the City's loudest bands for our Extreme Issues [TONY 659], we expected a few "Wha-wha-wha-what about us?" crybaby emails from area noisemongers, But one Brooklyn band - A stoner metal duo named Bot - didn't just complain. it demanded a recount.
"Ever have a dropped call on your cell phone?" bassist Bryan Gittleman asked us, "That's because our music destroys the fundamental waves of cell-phone technology. We're that loud"
A little suspicious, we traipsed down to a Bot rehearsal at Funkadelic Studios, Where Gittleman and drummer, Tracy Scott hit levels as high as 119dB. Though not as earsplitting as our winner, Black Dice [121dB], the effort was there and the music was decent, explains Gittleman "Our friends always say, "We need earplugs for your show? Why? Because you fucking suck?" and it's like "No, Because we're fucking loud." -Andrew Parks - Time Out NY


Blast Radius Vol II compilation Released October 2009, Track 7 - Rowena
Bot - Self titled three song EP
Bot - Currently finishing their first full length album



The musical collaboration that is now known as Bot started way back in the year 2006 in Brooklyn NY, They officially became a two-piece heavy metal instrumental band in the summer of 2007, thus spawning Bot. Bot is a hard band to categorize, everywhere from Stoner Rock to Death Metal and everything in between. Bot is a live band and known for their energetic live shows that captivate the audience and leave crowds wanting more. As they would say "We like to get the party started". In the year and half they've been playing out, and no official album, Bot went from playing open mic nights on long island and Manhattan, to headlining gigs in Brooklyn and around New York city. Deemed second loudest band in NYC by Time Out NY magazine, Many people question how a two-piece band can sound as loud and full as a five piece band. Bot is loud, and we mean LOUD. Bot is currently finishing their first full length album and can't wait to rock the world!