Both Sides of the Line

Both Sides of the Line

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My Animator

Written By: Glenda Rogers

My Animator
(2 May 2009)
By Glenda Rogers

Without you I’m just lines on the page
I’ve been drawn out, smudged, and erased
Flat and one-dimensional at best
You fill in the spaces and animate the rest

You make me see
You make me hear
You make me feel
Everything here
I’m just a stick figure
Without you

Cartoon bluebirds are singing nearby
Clouds are drifting through a Simpson’s pale-blue sky
Colourful and cheerful, they are nothing more
Where’s the third dimension that I’ve been looking for?


Now the lines of my world have grown wide
Since you drew me into your life
The frames of my story have extended past the lines
I’ve been rescued from the gutters of my narrow-panelled mind