Botox Party

Botox Party


Fast, energetic, melodic punk rock with hints of early 80's metal and hardcore.


2008 rva magazine - Botox Party would have thrived in the late 80s East Bay punk scene. The 13 new songs and three re-recorded songs from their debut EP land somewhere in the middle of Operation Ivy, Green Day and Crimpshine. After playing at 924 Gilman, however, the guys would have probably slipped out the back to catch a Testament show.
The foundations for most of Botox Party’s songs lie in Chuck’s complicated thrash riffs (see “Elitist Social Class” and “No Ambition,” which recall Slayer and Maiden respectively). Brian (drums) and Danny (bass) are more than capable of keeping up, integrating their melodic hardcore bounce that drives the songs fast-forward. It’s a fresh sound for punk rock that succeeds largely because they play as a single unit. -

Botox Party has been together since October of 2006 and have been steadily touring, playing around 200 shows from coast to coast.


Elitist Social Class

Written By: Chuck

Elitist Social Class: Elitist social class, you’re not an outcast anymore/I hate the way that people act, when social outcastes form a social caste, punk rock is a community, where you treat everybody equally, it’s not about the art it’s about the friends you make, everything is a carbon copy it all looks and sounds the same, it’s a shame you play the game, because your product is so lame, No activity in the brain drives me so fucking insane/Critical thinking, questioning of authority, the status quo is never safe in true punk community, don’t be cautious to criticize, your mind is greater with expression, you’ve got nothing to hide/there is a real cool club on the other side of town, and they might just let you in but they’ll always put you down, a punk rock frat, elitist social class, they might just let you in, but you better kiss some ass

Our Destiny

Written By: Chuck

Our Destiny: are we part of a cycle that never changes, spinning round and round, like a vcr tape that gets played and rewound? Destined to be a character in a movie, you know your lines perfectly but you are unaware/our behavior is determined by our genetics and our nurturing, when make decisions, is it caused by instinct? cause and effect, laid out step by step, just to live and die with the illusion that we control our lives

Reality Insubordination

Written By: Chuck

Reality Insubordination: Six o’clock am, my mind is gone but my body’s clocked in, it’s back to work again, by the time it starts I’m looking for an end, any place but here, I close my eyes and disappear, keep my conscience clear, like a hermit in the woods I seek complete seclusion/reality insubordination, your company is no consolation, I need to quit my occupation, for solitude and isolation/self-important people, soaking up the space, excessive population, trying to find a way to escape

Time And Money

Written By: Chuck

Time and money: I want to laugh and drink with my friends, I want to travel until I see no end, I want to scream for every single town, I want to live, work and be content/time and money, money and time
it’s always hard to find/for all the hard work I’ve done, I have a lot of memories that will last, an empty wallet, loose change in my pocket, at least I know that I had a blast


Bring In The Suck EP - 2006 UpChuck Recordz Productions

Botox Party self titled full-lentgh - 2008 Raise Your Fist Records -

Set List

Our set list is usually 12-13 songs, ranging from 20-30 minutes. We will play longer or shorter, depending on how long we are asked to perform. All of our songs are originals.